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Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings channels love of topographical maps into music video for “song of the bummer” single “Our Secret.”

“Connecting the glistening AM radio pop of the late ‘70s to the shivering synth atmospheres of new wave,” says The Southern Sounding.


Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings as photographed by Dan Battista.



“Our Secret” (Music Video) & “Tonight” (Single) by The Late Innings


“I think of this track less like a ‘song of the summer’ and more like a ‘song of the bummer,” jokes Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings about “Our Secret” from his upcoming Wild Places album. “The song is about a guy who returns to his favorite vacation spot, only to find that it is now overrun by tourists.”

Imperfect Fifth says the song is “packed with entertaining lyrics” in its coverage of the music video, which Sinex made using screen captures from United States Geological Survey topographical maps that illustrate not only the lyrics of the song, but also the types of places (beaches, coves and bays) the traveler encounters in the tune.

Also out now ahead of the full Wild Places release on Sept. 6th is latest single “Tonight,” which The Southern Sounding calls “a brilliant blend of synth-pop and indie rock instincts.” The music discovery site goes on to say that “Sinex creates this noise as a way to explore the lines connecting the glistening AM radio pop of the late ‘70s to the shivering synth atmospheres of new wave.”

For his part, Sinex explains, “‘Tonight’ is about being willing to exposing your secrets. In it, a reclusive film director, lured out of seclusion to receive a lifetime achievement award in front of a room full of Hollywood luminaries (and a giant television audience at home) throws away his prepared speech, and instead pours out his heart to tell a story about a lost love.”


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Venerable music criticism website Babysue raves about the upcoming Wild Places by The Late Innings!

“Recording and releasing music under the moniker The Late Innings, Sinex comes up with a whole slew of songs that should be hits. Wild Places spins like a best of collection. And by many other artists, it would be. The tracks on this album have an overall light and airy feel. And the songs are immediately catchy and friendly.”

“This talented fellow uses ideas and sounds from his favorite bands as a diving board to create his own upbeat feelgood musical universe. Sinex has an incredible knack for coming up with cool melodies. The more we spin this one the more absorbing it becomes.”


The Late Innings
Wild Places
Sept. 6th, 2019
(The Late Innings Company)

Track Listing:

01. Last Resort (STREAM | MP3)
02. Our Secret (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. The Name Above The Door
04. Tonight (STREAM | MP3)
05. It’s Not Over
06. Stand By My Side
07. Slip Out Of Your Fingers
08. Long Way From Home
09. You Got Me All Wrong
10. Blue Skies Every Day


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Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym?

It may be hard to convince you otherwise after listening to Wild Places, Sinex’s upcoming new solo album as The Late Innings, out Sept. 6th. The album’s lead single “Our Secret” is streaming everywhere now. The Los Angeles native’s music sounds like his name. It rides that edge of time when the late 1970s became the early 1980s. When pop became new wave. When AM became FM.

“I have been recording since my early 20’s when I first got a four-track cassette recorder, a couple of guitars and a drum machine,” Sinex says. “I was inspired by the performances in the 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ which captured the energy, intensity, and diverse sounds of 80’s new wave bands.  When I saw groups like XTC, Magazine, and Echo and The Bunnymen in that film, it made me want to pick up a guitar and try to make that kind of music myself.”

Based on those incredible influences, Sinex went on to teach himself some recording basics, knock out a few cover tunes, write and record some songs of his own, and ultimately form a short-lived band. Then, a ten-year detour into a more institutional type of education followed, earning Sinex a Master’s degree in Computer Science, but keeping him from music, and the march of technology.

“Once I had my degree, I returned to working on music, but technology had changed a lot,” he remembers. “Even though I had new gear, I initially struggled to write any new material.”

The dedicated science student that he is, Sinex decided to take an analytical approach to writer’s block.

“I had to teach myself the craft of song construction, so I got a bunch of songbooks by people I admired, and I started studying how their songs were put together,” he explains. This exercise led Sinex out of his slump and to the writing and recording of his debut album Arrived and Departed, released in 2015.

For Wild Places, Sinex performs everything you’ll hear, including the meticulously layered background vocals. The album explores themes that are particular to today’s cultural challenges, mostly relating to privacy in a society where almost nothing is private anymore.

Well, almost nothing. Because if Vincent Sinex really is a pseudonym, that secret is still safe.

Wild Places, the latest album by The Late Innings arrives on Sept. 6th, preceded by the singles “Our Secret,” “Last Resort,” and “Tonight.” Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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