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Belgian composer Cabane collaborates with Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) on new LP, out Feb. 28th.

“Grande Est La Maison,” an album of “brittle beauty” (UNCUT) follows-up previous critically-praised (Pitchfork, Stereogum) single releases.


Thomas Jean Henri of Cabane as photographed by Elise Péroi.




Cabane exude chills on new song ‘Now, Winter Comes’ says the UK’s CLASH Magazine in its premiere coverage of the song, which goes on to call the track “a lush yet striking piece of work.”

CLASH continues, “Cabane is the work of Belgian songwriter Thomas Jean Henri, a potent individual who continually reaches outwards. An eager collaborator, he’s able to fuse his own, distinctly original work with the voices of others around him.”

As such, “Now, Winter Comes” features Kate Stables of This Is The Kit, along with vocal ensemble Bost Gehio. The song is from Cabane’s upcoming full-length Grande Est La Maison, out Feb. 28th, which also features vocals by Will Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Billy) and string arrangements by Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas).


Cabane | In The Press

Grande Est La Maison contains an updated version of Cabane’s 2015 single “Sangokaku”

“An incredibly melancholic number of layered vocals built upon a tangle of guitar and strings. The video sees the singer’s loved ones react to hearing the track for the first time. It’s emotional, humbling and, just like the track, there is more there than meets the eye.”The Line of Best Fit

“The track swoops between swathes of vocal harmonies, simple acoustic finger-picking, and string arrangements. For the video, Henri and director Jerome Guiot recorded the reactions of his loved ones listening to the song for the first time.”Stereogum

“The song plays out like a faint but cherished memory, perhaps of loved ones who provided a bit of warmth during a particularly cold time.”Pitchfork


Grande Est La Maison
Feb. 28th, 2020

Track Listing:

01. Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
02. Now, Winter Comes (feat. Kate Stables) (STREAM)
03. Easily, We’ll See (feat. Kate Stables)
04. Îlot (Part II)
05. By The Sea (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
06. Take Me Home (Part I) (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
07. Sangokaku (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
08. Îlot (Part III)
09. Cabane - Take Me Home (Part II) (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
10. Until The Summer Comes (feat. Kate Stables)


Cabane | About

Cabane’s first album is the outcome of Belgian composer Thomas Jean Henri bringing together the American Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and English musician Kate Stables (This Is The Kit), to perform some songs arranged by Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas); a dream line-up for this collection of tunes, bordering on both folk and orchestral pop. Far from the maddening sounds, Grande Est La Maison will be a warm shelter for lovers of Nick Drake or Vashti Bunyan.

Cabane is the latest project of musician and photographer Thomas Jean Henri, ex drummer of the Belgian group, Venus, with whom he released two albums, Welcome to the Modern Dancehall (1999) and The Man Who Was Already Dead (2000), before taking a more personal direction, which resulted in the solo album Soy Un Caballo, Les heures de raison (2007)

In 2015 Thomas Jean Henri laid the foundations for his Cabane, a multi-faceted project, blending music, photography and video. After two singles, (“Sangokaku” / “La Gomera”) released in 2015 and ”Wooden Home / Here in the Wind” in 2017, a dream collaboration started taking shape: Will Oldham (alias Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) on vocals, Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas) looking after the string arrangements of the songs composed by Henri. Lyrics were written with Caroline Gabard and Sam Genders (Tunng, The Diagrams). Ash Workman (Metronomy, Baxter Dury) was responsible for the mixing

And today, this splendid casting is to be found on Cabane’s first album release, Grande Est La Maison. A collection of ten songs whose echoes of folk and delicate orchestral pop, swing from a rhythmic section, wrapped comfortably in the voices of Will Oldham and Kate Stables, an acoustic guitar, a string quartet, a vibes and some choral sections, managed by an ensemble of five singers, Bost Gehio. These sections function as would a Greek choir

“During the work process a vibrant image of Will and Kate treading through the river waters, passing each other like ships in the night, never left me. Each one setting out from the opposing river bank, slightly uncomfortable and their meeting in the middle. The choir is on the river side, keeping their distance,” explains Henri. “Time and the slowness of oblivion are at the heart of the Cabane project. An essential question is asked : ‘What do we do with what we have in our hands?’

Grande Est La Maison is an album that slowly, but surely seduces, whose beauty is revealed more and more, as each day goes by. Melodies, vocals, arrangements, each element is at once elegant and moving, retained, but generous.  It’s a large, welcoming home, as were those shelters built by Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, Sufjan Stevens, or Cardinal

It is also a refuge for Henri, who offers up a profoundly personal, yet eminently collaborative album. It is signs of friendship put to music, a warm embrace with Caroline Gabard and Englishman Sam Genders (Tuung), who co-wrote the texts. Tu ne joueras plus à l’amour and By The Sea were composed with Sean O’Hagan

This sense of friendship is also expressed visually – in motion and pictures. Firstly, a 26-minute documentary, directed by Jérôme Guiot and Thomas Jean Henri, in which 20 or so artists, close friends and family open up and discuss the issues of creation, an artist’s expectations, letting go, and the importance of releasing records in 2020. Amongst them - Kate Stables, Elise Peroi, Victoire de Changy, Veence Hanao, Vincent Théval, Charles Berberian, Nicolas Michaux, Sylvain Chauveau, Myriam Pruvot and François Atlas

And two series of candid photos, taken by Thomas, which will be part of the Cabane album: “Qu’as-tu gardé de notre amour?” was presented in February 2018 at the 10/12 Gallery in Brussels; J’ai toujours cherché à fuir ceux que j’aimais,” will be presented in April 2020, also in Brussels. Text by Vincent Théval

Thomas Jean Henri of Cabane is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fawns of Love set to release Part Time Punks session re-imagining tracks from “Permanent,” its 2019 LA Weekly “Album of The Week.”

Married dreampop duo plays Zebulon in Los Angeles tomorrow; All-new full-length by 2020 “Band To Watch” currently in pre-production.


Fawns of Love (L-R): Jenny Andreotti, Joseph Andreotti. Photo credit: Jenny Andreotti.


Fawns of Love | In The Press

“A dreampop gem.” — Paste

“Would fit right in at David Lynch’s Roadhouse” — MAGNET

“The soft gauze of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Perfectly woozy.” — FLOOD

“There is obsessive joy in the Fawns of Love’s take on shoegaze.” — The Big Takeover

“Psychedelic dream pop.” — MXDWN


Fawns of Love | Live

01/16/2020: Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon (w/ Cold Showers, Fearing)


Fawns of Love named an LA Weekly “Album of The Week” and a one of the Grimy Goods “20 Los Angeles Bands To Watch In 2020”

Joseph creates gorgeous swathes of moody, melancholic music — one layer on another, all designed to swim through the consciousness while also framing the beautifully understated vocals of Jenny.” — LA Weekly

“Bathed in all manner of sublime synth and guitar-murmuring dreaminess.” — Grimy Goods


Fawns of Love
(Test Pattern Records)
Out Now

Streaming Link:

Track Listing:

01. Someday (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. December (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Horoscope
04. Permanent
05. Mournful Eyes (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
06. Divine
07. Anarchy & Kisses
08. Wasted Days


“Built upon the shoulders of The Cure and Slowdive with its swimming guitar lines and washes of hazy, bright synths. –

Married Bakersfield, California-based shoegaze / dreampop duo Fawns of Love (Jenny and Joseph Andreotti) wrapped up 2019 on several “best of” lists, along with the distinctions of being named an “Album of The Week” by its hometown tabloid LA Weekly, and also a “Los Angeles Band To Watch in 2020” by locally based, internationally recognized music discovery website, Grimy Goods.

The praise was for the band’s second album Permanent, out now via Test Pattern Records. Fawns of Love is currently putting finishing touches on a release of a new vinyl EP of re-imagined tracks from Permanent, recorded as part of the band’s second session for the Los Angeles-based “Part Time Punks” radio show.

Additionally, the Andreotti’s are now in full pre-production mode on a third full-length, with additional details forthcoming.

Both full-time educators – Joseph teaches middle school, Jenny is a full-time instructor at CSU-Bakersfield – the Andreottis have been performing together for 16 years, recording, touring and releasing music throughout that time under various names and labels. In 2013, they began a break when Jenny enrolled in a history graduate program, but by 2017, it was time to begin being a band again, including choosing a new name.

“One of our favorite records is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush,” Joseph says. “We wanted a name that would pay homage to that.”

 In addition to Kate Bush, additional influences on Fawns of Love include familiar names such as Cocteau Twins and New Order.

 Fawns of Love take these legendary sounds and make them pop with the warmth that comes from the Andreotti’s many years of making music together.

Permanent, the second full-length by Fawns of Love, is out now from Test Pattern Records. Jenny and Joseph Andreotti are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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Monday, January 13, 2020

Released when he was just 17-years-old, Taiwanese-American songwriter Chance Emerson’s debut EP has earned a million Spotify plays to date.

Still a teenager attending college in Providence, Rhode Island, Emerson’s accomplished debut album “The Raspberry Men,” arrives March 6th


Chance Emerson as photographed in Hong Kong by Manisha Shah



“Wandering Mind,” released when Chance Emerson was just 17-years-old, is taken from his “The Indigo Tapes” EP which has earned him a million Spotify plays to date. Emerson’s debut album The Raspberry Men arrives on March 6th, 2020.


Chance Emerson
The Raspberry Men
March 6th, 2020

Track Listing:

01. How Can I
02. A Different Dark
03. Annabelle
04. In My Way
05. Coming to Japan
06. Incredible
07. It Won’t Be Pretty
08. Never Been In Love
09. The Raspberry Men


Chance Emerson | Live

03/06/2020: Providence, RI @ Dream Hau5 (Record Release Show, 1030PM, $8)
04/08/2020: Providence, RI @ AS220 (w/ Breachway)


Chance Emerson | About

“My Mandarin is pretty bad at this point,” says 19-year-old songwriter, Chance Emerson.

Still just a teenager currently attending college in Rhode Island, Emerson's rusty Mandarin is the result of being away from his homeland for nearly two thirds of his life now. Born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and American father, Emerson moved to Hong Kong at seven-years-old.

“The concept of home has been very fluid for me,” he confesses. “Music has ended up being a huge part of how I ground myself in a place.”

The songs on Emerson’s upcoming debut album The Raspberry Men (March 6th) will ground you, too.

They speak to the most relatable aspects of the human condition in a manner that is empathic and world-traveler wise. Even so, the humor, high-energy, and edge of a youthful artist with baked-in chops are ultimately uplifting.

In other words, Chance takes chances.

In 2017, Emerson posted his self-produced EP, recorded in his high school music building’s attic, to his Facebook and Instagram.

“I thought maybe four people would listen to it, and I have an immediate family of five,” he jokes.

But as things go with music that moves, a few more than four listened in.

The word spread, local radio got on board, the EP ascended the iTunes charts, and over the past couple of years, songs from the “The Indigo Tapes” have racked up nearly a million Spotify plays.

“All of my friends shared it,” Emerson says, still seemingly surprised by the response.

They’ll likely share the new collection, too, though being his own best critic, Emerson doesn’t let all of his tunes see the light of day. More songs were cut from The Raspberry Men than made it on to the final, nine-track album.

“I cut 11,” he says. “They didn’t say enough. They weren’t honest enough.”

Emerson plays almost everything you hear on The Raspberry Men, mostly recorded in a wooden shed on his grandparent’s property in Maine.

“The songs maintain a lot of summer imagery because Maine is where I find my sense of place,” he says. “It's humid, too hot, and smells like pine.”

The Raspberry Men by Chance Emerson is scheduled for release on March 6th preceded by the single “How Can I” on Jan. 24th.

Chance Emerson is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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