Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gregory Ackerman shares “We’ve Got A Runner” music video; “It will hook you in from start to finish. Outstanding.” – Folk Radio UK

Tune taken from L.A. songwriter’s latest EP, produced by Pierre de Reeder (Jenny Lewis, She & Him), out Oct. 4th via Munich Records.


Gregory Ackerman as photographed by Andrew Wofford



Gregory Ackerman“We’ve Got A Runner”

“I’ve had this song going around my head since I first heard it…despite the subject of break-up the song is bright and beautiful, a reflection maybe on the mad world of love and life – it could be a summer anthem; it will hook you in from start to finish. Outstanding.” – Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK (LINK)

“A gentle tale of breakup, over highlighted, ethereal marimba, shakers and even handclaps in the mix.  It’s a stirring percussive ensemble, over moving vocals and guitar, and an enticing harbinger of the upcoming EP.” – Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways (LINK)


Gregory Ackerman
“Stresslove” EP
Oct. 4th, 2019
(Munich Records)

Track Listing:

01. Dawg
02. Follow Through (STREAM | VIDEO | LYRIC VIDEO)
03. We’ve Got A Runner
04. Future


Gregory Ackerman | Live

08/10/2019: San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar


Gregory Ackerman | About

“We’ve Got a Runner” was a song I wrote after a break up,” explains Los Angeles-based songwriter, Gregory Ackerman. “I recorded it in my room and posted a demo on Soundcloud in 2015, but I always wanted to resurrect it in the studio.”

The song is now the first single from “Stresslove” (Oct. 4th, Munich Records), Ackerman’s upcoming EP of tunes that were written as “love songs meant for those who had fallen out of love.”

As with his 2018 debut album And Friends, the “Stresslove” EP was produced by Pierre de Reeder, former bassist with Rilo Kiley, and the engineer of recent recordings with bandmate Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, She & Him, and other notable songwriters.

de Reeder adds some sonic hypnotic mysticism to Ackerman’s sunny 70’s-era California sunset melodies, as well as a foil to the expertly navigated lyrical turns that helped Ackerman’s single “Ten Little Indians / And The There Were None” to catch the attention of American Songwriter in 2018. The song also became a top ten finalist out of nearly 20,000 submissions in the latest International Songwriting Competition.

In addition to “We’ve Got a Runner,” the “Stresslove” EP contains the tunes “Dawg,” “Follow Through,” and “Future”.

“I had the song “Love of the Loveless” by Eels in my head while I was writing these,” Ackerman explains. “I was thinking a lot about my relationship to love at the time. I had been going through some flings, but nothing that was sticking.”

“The EP follows the arc of a failed relationship,” Ackerman continues. “It’s like a sonic version of 19th century painter, Thomas Cole’s series ‘The Course of Empire,’ but for the stages of love.”

“Stresslove” is the upcoming four-song EP by Gregory Ackerman, out Oct. 4th from Munich Records. The “We’ve Got a Runner” single is out now. “Stresslove” is the follow-up to Ackerman’s 2018 debut album And Friends. Gregory Ackerman is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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Monday, July 15, 2019

Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym? Los Angeles native’s upcoming “Wild Places” album rides late 70s / early 80s time when pop became new wave.

Inspired by landmark 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ The Late Innings channels energy, intensity of the era. Hear “Our Secret”single now.


Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings as photographed by Daniel Lennox.


About | “Our Secret” by The Late Innings

 “Glistening synths waves, grounded by sonorous trumpets. Irresistibly catchy,” says Glamglare in its premiere coverage of “Our Secret,” the lead single from the upcoming new album by The Late Innings. Listen here or at the link below!


“Our Secret,” the first single from the upcoming new album by The Late Innings, sounds straight out of the era of high-waisted pants, even higher hair, and Day-Glo-decorated keytars, but the message is darker. “Our Secret” is a song about a guy who returns to his favorite vacation spot, only to find that it is now overrun by tourists.

“I think of this track less like a ‘song of the summer’ and more like a ‘song of the bummer,” Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings half-jokes. Sinex recalls, “We went to a beach that seemingly no one knew about, and we had the whole place to ourselves that afternoon. After that trip, I thought, ‘The next time I want to go back there, will it still be a secret, especially since in the age of social media, nothing is a secret anymore?”


The Late Innings
Wild Places
Sept. 6th, 2019
(The Late Innings Company)

Track Listing:

01. Last Resort
02. Our Secret (STREAM | MP3)
03. The Name Above The Door
04. Tonight
05. It’s Not Over
06. Stand By My Side
07. Slip Out Of Your Fingers
08. Long Way From Home
09. You Got Me All Wrong
10. Blue Skies Every Day


About | The Late Innings

Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym?

It may be hard to convince you otherwise after listening to Wild Places, Sinex’s upcoming new solo album as The Late Innings, out Sept. 6th. The album’s lead single “Our Secret” is streaming everywhere now. The Los Angeles native’s music sounds like his name. It rides that edge of time when the late 1970s became the early 1980s. When pop became new wave. When AM became FM.

“I have been recording since my early 20’s when I first got a four-track cassette recorder, a couple of guitars and a drum machine,” Sinex says. “I was inspired by the performances in the 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ which captured the energy, intensity, and diverse sounds of 80’s new wave bands.  When I saw groups like XTC, Magazine, and Echo and The Bunnymen in that film, it made me want to pick up a guitar and try to make that kind of music myself.”

Based on those incredible influences, Sinex went on to teach himself some recording basics, knock out a few cover tunes, write and record some songs of his own, and ultimately form a short-lived band. Then, a ten-year detour into a more institutional type of education followed, earning Sinex a Master’s degree in Computer Science, but keeping him from music, and the march of technology.

“Once I had my degree, I returned to working on music, but technology had changed a lot,” he remembers. “Even though I had new gear, I initially struggled to write any new material.”

The dedicated science student that he is, Sinex decided to take an analytical approach to writer’s block.

“I had to teach myself the craft of song construction, so I got a bunch of songbooks by people I admired, and I started studying how their songs were put together,” he explains. This exercise led Sinex out of his slump and to the writing and recording of his debut album Arrived and Departed, released in 2015.

For Wild Places, Sinex performs everything you’ll hear, including the meticulously layered background vocals. The album explores themes that are particular to today’s cultural challenges, mostly relating to privacy in a society where almost nothing is private anymore.

Well, almost nothing. Because if Vincent Sinex really is a pseudonym, that secret is still safe.

Wild Places, the latest album by The Late Innings arrives on Sept. 6th, preceded by the single “Our Secret,” streaming now. Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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Friday, July 12, 2019

Brooklyn-based Phil and the Osophers shares whimsical tribute to space program with “Endeavour” music video.

Phil Radiotes, “one of pop’s great sonic adventurers” (Stereo Embers), plays hometown release show this Tuesday.


Phil Radiotes of Phil and the Osophers as photographed by Kenneth Anderson.


Phil and the Osophers | Live

Brooklyn! See Phil and the Osophers live on Tues., July 16th at Sunnyvale! RSVP HERE.


Listen to “Endeavour” by Phil and the Osophers here, watch the music video here, or follow the links below!


The “Bee Liner” video by Phil and the Osophers features the long-lost 80’s video synthesizer, the Fairlight CVI, which Phil Radiotes first discovered at five-years-old performing a karaoke cover of “Bad” at the local mall. Watch the “Bee Liner” video and five-year-old Phil’s “Bad” cover at Relix Magazine or the links below!


Phil and the Osophers | In The Press

“Green New Deal” by Phil and the Osophers was recently featured by Democracy Now! Listen to the song here.

“Crafting catchy, literate songs that blend musical genres from folk rock to world beat.” — Relix

“The music he creates doesn’t fall within cookie-cutter patterns and avoids current trends, instead creating music with psychedelic elements into structures that are pop-oriented. But he’s not just another pop songwriter.”Ghettoblaster

“Grafting breezy psychedelia, dub, surf rock, indie pop and folk all together, Radiotes is one of pop’s great sonic adventurers.”Stereo Embers

“Greek tragedy in pop form.” — Aupium


Phil and the Osophers | About “Endeavour” and “Bee Liner”

‘Endeavour’ is a different type of song,” Phil Radiotes of Phil and the Osophers says. “It’s my attempt to write in Greek mythological terms. The central character is a banished mythological figure, who still sees his love up in the sky in constellation form, as he once was. Like in a Greek tragedy, he is hopeless, without chance to ascend back to what he sees as his rightful place in the sky.  He can only watch as Orion moves into his place and opine about how he has fallen from the gods’ favor.”

About the music video for the song, Radiotes explains, “The space shuttles were iconic emblems of the 80s and 90s, and to me, they represented a freshness of technology and hopeful presence to explore beyond. The shuttles seemed like science fiction toys in real life and made outer space feel achievable to all of us.  There is a simple how-to video within the ‘Endeavour’ video on how to make a paper mache plane. I felt it was an apt medium to create an Endeavour replica, since the song is about constellations that predate history. The whole thing began to turn into something like a science project. It may look simple enough, but I’d never done anything like that before.”

“The vibe I want to get across with the ‘Bee Liner’ video is a cross between the ‘Once In A Lifetime’ and ‘New Light’ videos,” Radiotes says. “My dad spent some years as a bus driver, so I knew the look and attitude I wanted the bus driver to have, kinda cool and sweet. The bus in the song arrives offering some kind of deliverance.” The “Bee Liner” video was made using the long lost video synthesizer from the 1980s, the Fairlight CVI.

“I was first unknowingly introduced to the Fairlight at five-years-old when I performed a karaoke version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ at a music service shop at the Fashion Island Mall in San Mateo, CA,” Radiotes explains. “I showed the ‘Bad’ video to (‘Bee Liner’ director) Ken (Anderson), he posted a sample of it to a few video forums, and found out it was a Fairlight CVI. We then tracked down what, to my knowledge, is the only working Fairlight CVI still available to use, and we convinced the guy who owns it to run our footage through it.”

Phil Radiotes is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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