Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Pinx turn the Atlanta heat into Look What You Made Me Do, one of 2009’s best rock records.

Grab the MP3 of “Impatience” by The Pinx at:
Watch The Pinx perform “Impatience” at:

“…like your favorite garage band all grown up... You can hear it all: Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, The Who and The Kinks.” - Rebecca Ledford (

“They actually sound like a cross between Brother Cane and the more frenzied moments of Big Star’s Radio City LP.” - Connect Savannah

As The Pinx stand facing a sold-out crowd of 1800 at the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta’s hardest-working power trio have little time to dissect how they've reached this moment in one short year.

After proving themselves in dives and at festivals across the country and living on the road, The Pinx now find themselves collecting accolades from a certain Grammy-award winning band that chooses to remain anonymous (but is identified as any of several very large, extinct proboscidian mammals of the genus Mammut) and debuting an album that led Ben Harper to personally book them on his tour.

On stage, The Pinx are known for their violent performances, opening veins, pushing limits and reassuring the crowd that Rock and Roll at its best is sexy, snarky, dark and sweet. All of these philosophies are apparent in the grooves of the band’s debut album, Look What You Made Me Do. One listen and you’ll be glad they did what they did.

See The Pinx live in the deep south:

Sept 4 Atlanta, Georgia @ The Star Bar
Sept 17 Birmingham, Alabama @ The Nick,
Sept 18 Tuscaloosa, Alabama @ Egan’s Bar

Artist: The Pinx
Title: Look What You Made Me Do
Label: Self-Released
Release: August 25, 2009

“Impatience”: [MP3]
“Change Me”: [MP3]

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Israeli army vet lands in LA, produces perfect piano pop, takes tunes to TV. Roy Shakked is Holmes.

See Holmes in LA at The Hotel Café on August 13th; hear “Not A Political Song” now:
“Seek this music out and your soul will be shakked and baked” -PowerPopaholic

“…humor, wistfulness and universality that would compare well with some of the best of Ben Folds or Beck.” -Los Angeles Times

If you go to the movies or watch TV, you've heard the music of Roy Shakked, who also answers to the nickname of Holmes. Heavily influenced by the standards (and that means The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Prince, ELO, Queen, and, OK, Harry Nilsson), it's not surprising that Hollywood has picked up on Roy’s tunes, placing them in programs and features such as CSI Miami, Sex and The City, The OC, Nip/Tuck, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Holmes’ road to Hollywood has been a windy one. Born in Israel, Roy started playing piano at the age of six. A family move to Boston opened up a new world of sounds and young Roy soon became a mix-tape junkie. By the end of high school, Roy knew there would be no turning back from a music career. But, there would be quite a long pause.

See Holmes Live on August 13th at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles (w/ band members Chris Bruce [Seal, Meshell Ndegeocello] and Brett Simons [Brian Wilson]).

Right before Roy turned 18 the family decided to move back to Israel and Roy came along -- a huge decision as it meant a mandatory three-year stint in the Israeli army. Roy only had his old Walkman to get him through. As a lover, not a fighter, Roy soon headed back to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music.

Now, transplanted to Los Angeles and working in the cozy studio located in his Silverlake house, stacked with just enough vintage recording gear to please his ears, Holmes thanks his lucky stars for good friends. Musicians Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting), Chris Bruce (Meshell Ndegeocello, Seal), Michael Jerome (Blind Boys of Alabama, Better Than Ezra) Brett Simons (Brian Wilson) and Zak Schaffer (Pete Yorn), to name a few, all participated in the creation of Holmes.

Now, with the Holmes record complete and ready for the world, Roy has been spending some time producing and mixing other people’s records including those of Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy McGriff, McCoy Tyner, Carmen McRae, Shihan and Ursula Rucker. He also spends time taking care of his aging dog Jazz, staying up late, and listening for himself on the TV.

Artist: Holmes
Title: Holmes
Label: Groove Gravy Records
Release: August 11, 2009

“Not A Political Song”: mp3
“Let Go”: mp3

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pomegranates continue to cast a spell as singer Joey Cook releases new album as Firs.

You’ll love “Corriander” and Poms performing for Daytrotter and My Old Kentucky Blog’s Laundromatinee.

“…ceiling-less imagination, ragged guitars, and songwriting chops for days.” (SPIN)

“Sweet, sweet sounds are pop honey to my ears.” (My Old Kentucky Blog)

“…a suspenseful novel in lush art-pop form…” (NPR “Song of The Day”)

Listen! Post! Watch!

Firs: “Welcome Home”: [MP3]
Pomegranates: Live on Laundromatinee: [VIDEO]
Pomegranates: Live on Daytrotter: [MP3]

Scroll down for more Pomegranates & Firs MP3s.

RIYL: Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Kinks, Modest Mouse & Death Cab For Cutie.

Have you heard the brilliance that is Cincinnati-based pop band Pomegranates? Since the release of the band’s debut album Everything Is Alive in April of 2008 through to the follow-up Everybody, Come Outside a year later, the group has been steadily building a loyal following for doing what any great band does: writing great songs, making great recordings and playing memorable shows. Seems easy enough, eh? Pomegranates sure do make it seem that way with songs that get stuck in your head and spark your imagination.

Now, Pomegranates lead singer Joey Cook presents his latest work – this time teaming up with friend Sophia Cunningham and coming out as a solo artist with his first full-length as Firs. The debut album Man In Space is an unabashedly avant-garde record teeming with raw energy. It follows-up two underground Firs EPs and will be released on the Pomegranates’ long-time label home, Lujo Records. Check out tracks from the Pomegranates latest album Everybody, Come Outside and the debut album by Firs below.

See Pomegranates live in a town near you:

Jul 22 Covington, Kentucky @ Mad Hatter (w/ The Walkmen)
Jul 30 Indianapolis, Indiana @ Vollrath Tavern
Jul 31 St. Paul, Minnesota @ Turf Club
Aug 1 Chicago, Illinois @ Subterranean.

Artist: Pomegranates
Title: Everybody, Come Outside
Label: Lujo

“Corriander”: mp3 (repost!)
“Everybody, Come Outside”: mp3 (repost!)
“Beachcomber”: mp3 (repost!)

Artist: Firs
Title: Man In Space
Label: Lujo

“Welcome Home”: mp3 (repost!)
“Destroyer of Worlds”: mp3 (repost!)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just like Moby, Salme Dahlstrom licenses every track from her landmark album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade.

Follow the links below to hear new single “Hello California” and remixes by Quadrat Beat, DJ Phunkae, and Saint Victim.

Listen! Post!: Salme Dahlstrom “Hello California” (Quadrat Beat Remix): MP3

“That Quadrat mix knocked the roof off the club last night!” (DJ Sonic Bee Bad - Bwoy Bass Recordings)
“Monster tune!” (Farace - Kick It Recordings/Discoveri)
“Typical Quadrat perfection.” (Chunk N Attack - Real Hype Records)
“This is on the right side of sickly sweet.” (Dave No Hands – Mixmag)

Apparently some Lady is Gaga for Salme Dahlstrom and it’s no wonder. Dahlstrom is a music biz vet who has been up, down and around the major label system for many years, scoring a few dozen placements in huge television commercials and TV shows and steadily building an audience for her infectious pop songs that easily merge brains, brawn, femininity and fun.

Like Moby did with his hugely popular album Play, Dahlstrom has managed to license every track from The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade including syncs with companies such as Suave, Vodafone, Nike, MTV, Chips Ahoy, Miller Lite, Subaru, Quiznos, Ford Models, Bank of America and television programs and films such as One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County, The Hills, and Ice Age 3.

“Hello California,” the third single off of Salme’s critically acclaimed album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade gets the make over galore by some of the biggest names in break beat today. From party rockers to beach cruisers, these new mixes will leave you happy and out of breath!

One of the featured mixes is by Latvian duo, Quadrat Beat. The pair is no stranger to success with its most recent release “Rush Hour” hitting #1 on the Beatport sales charts where it was lodged for two months. Quadrat Beat’s take on “Hello California” is nothing short of magical -- hard banging beats, nasty synth harmonies and filtered out vocals make this mix a peak time party rocker!

Additional interpretations of “Hello California” come from DJ Phunkae and Saint Victim. The Real Hype Records boss man (DJ Phunkae) comes through with his trademark break beat pop on this one. Dirty guitars and bass lines make way to the lush vocals laid down by Dahlstrom. Three minutes and thirty seconds of pop joy! Saint Victim aka DC comes through with an electro jammie. Dirty pounding beats and bass makes this a must have for the electro DJ.

Artist: Salme Dahlstrom
Title: Hello California – The Remixes
Label: Kontainer Music/Real Hype Records
Release: July 14, 2009

“Hello California” (DJ Phunkae Radio Edit): mp3
“Hello California” (Quadrat Beat Mix): mp3
“Hello California” (Saint Victim Mix): mp3

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Earthquake fends off an invasion of the hipster body snatchers in its video for “Cool In The Cool Way.”

Also: New clips from Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat's "Awfully Confusing" and Luke Jackson's “Goodbye London”.

“…it's a meta-hipster statement that will make the universe implode upon repeated viewing.” - SFist

My First Earthquake! Watch. Listen. Re-post.

Cool In The Cool Way”: [VIDEO]
Cool In The Cool Way”: [MP3]
Vow To Vowels”: [MP3]

San Francisco’s My First Earthquake has completed the video for the anthemic single, “Cool In The Cool Way,” from its debut album, Downstairs. Following a sold-out record release show at local spot Café Du Nord, the up and coming culture website Lost At E-Minor debuted the clip which has now been seen over 22,000 times over at YouTube.

Subtitled “Invasion of the Hipster Body Snatchers,” the Katie Gillum-directed video is akin to “She's All That” meeting “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” in the era of hipsters, with a nod to “Thriller.” The clip was filmed around San Francisco’s Mission District, the epicenter of SF hipsterhood and includes footage shot at SF landmarks such as Dolores Park and The Makeout Room.

My First Earthquake’s debut album Downstairs is available now. Need it??? Ask Josh!!!

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More new videos from Fanatic! Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat!

Awfully Confusing” is the second video (see: “Grey”) from Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat’s debut CD, Take That! and continues the same tongue-in-cheek theme the duo has been receiving accolades for (…an entertaining romp from beginning to end - Curve) since late last year. “Awfully Confusing” was directed by award-winning filmmaker P.J. Raval, who most recently received an Oscar nomination for the documentary Trouble The Water, on which he served as director of photography.

Inspired by 30’s Dadaist German film and 80’s new wave glamour, add it up and it’s about a year ahead of its time. “Awfully Confusing” celebrates co-dependence, power-struggles and other horrors of relationships in a playful, mostly black and white techno romp. It is a sexy miasma of wordplay, role-playing, and pig-spanking for almost the whole family.

Awfully Confusing”: [VIDEO]
Awfully Confusing”: [MP3]
Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat: [EPK]

More new videos from Fanatic! Luke Jackson!

The latest video from Luke Jackson’s …And Then Some album is for the catchy-as-hell song “Goodbye London”. The video was directed by Londoner Murray John whose animation work has been seen by millions on recent AC/DC and Rolling Stones world tours. Murray and Jackson never actually met in person but collaborated on this project via email to develop the video’s concept. The clip captures the bittersweet lyrical sentiment of “Goodbye London” in an original and surprising way.

Luke Jackson manages to bring together two of his most beloved musical worlds on …And Then Some: the pop sensibilities of his friends in Sweden and the distinctive eloquence of collaborator Robert Kirby’s (Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, Elton John) arrangements. Densely layered guitars and vocal harmonies fuse with sweeping string lines, none of which ever draw the ear too far from what lies at the heart of Luke’s music... gorgeous, expressive, unpretentious songs. Listen to Luke Jackson’s “All I Can Do” to hear one of Robert Kirby’s contributions to …And Then Some.

Goodbye London”: [VIDEO]
Goodbye London”: [MP3]
All I Can Do”: [MP3]

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