Monday, December 21, 2009

The Octagon announces January tour in support of Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever album.

“…The Octagon re-imagines tight British pop (The Jam and The Libertines both come to mind) as smart, vivacious New York punk.” – Time Out New York
SUICIDE KINGS” is the first single from WARM LOVE AND COOL DREAMS FOREVER by THE OCTAGON. Download or stream below:




01/05 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
01/06 Baltimore, MD @ The Metro Gallery
01/07 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat
01/08 Charlottesville, VA @ The Southern
01/09 Richmond, VA @ Plaza Bowl
01/10 Ashville, NC @ Bobo Gallery
01/11 Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light
01/12 Nashville, TN @ The Basement
01/13 Little Rock, AR @ Whitewater Tavern
01/14 St. Louis, MO @ Antartica
01/15 Champaign, IL @ Mike and Molly’s
01/16 Chicago, IL @ Elbo Room
01/17 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern
01/18 Columbus, OH @ The Carabar
01/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Bruar Falls


The Octagon’s Will Glass and Zachary Mexico met as kids in boarding when Glass made fun of Mexico’s Green Day t-shirt. The guys huddled together in dorm rooms, late at night, drinking from warm 40’s of St. Ides and handles of Captain Morgan, listening to Motown, Astral Weeks, Guided by Voices, Dead Kennedys, and The Grateful Dead. Eventually landing in NYC, Glass and Mexico met up with bass player The Bunny, forming The Octagon and touring behind two albums.

Other pursuits came calling and Mexico relocated to China - where he spent part of the year - to write his first book, “China Underground” (Soft Skull Press, 2009) which became a bestseller in Singapore. Glass went on the road as the touring drummer for Dirty Projectors and The Bunny languished in Williamsburg, spending his days begging for money outside the Bedford Avenue L stop to support his gourmet sandwich habit.

And then, in the dark winter days of February 2009, the members of The Octagon found themselves back together and working on a new batch of songs in their dimly lit practice space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Led by the lo-fi recording expertise of Glass, the band spent three days laying down thirty tunes to analog cassette tape on two Tascam four-track recorders. The result is Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever, an album full of Mexico’s warm Fender Mustang, Bunny’s full bass tones, and the clean and crisp jazz-inflected drumming of Glass.

The songs are concise bursts of energy – short and to the point -- showing off the band’s gift for penning simple, catchy melodies mixed with sonic and structural experimentation. It’s a cool enough sound to be represented on a boarding school kid’s t-shirt... and catchy enough for another one to make fun of him for.










Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Classically trained vocalist, Sarah Elizabeth Foster, summons the spirit and sound of Dusty Springfield on debut single.

Singer cites Sam Cooke, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf as influences. "GARDENING..." EP to be released January 12, 2010.







Houston native Sarah Elizabeth Foster began studying music at the age of four. A classically trained vocalist, pianist and ballerina, she grew up performing in church and school choirs, winning numerous awards. But along the way, Sarah found it was other genres of music that truly inspired her. After perfecting her vocal technique with a degree in music, singing in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, Sarah embarked on extensive travels throughout Asia and Europe expanding her cultural horizons. All this being an irrepressible quest to turn towards the music that inspired her and to fulfill her ultimate dream of a life as a singer/songwriter in New York City. Where now, for the first time, Sarah unearths words and melodies that are all her own.

Gardening From The Ground Up Part 1 (January 12th, 2010 [Studio Sarah Records]) is Sarah’s first collection of deeply charged tunes. Filled with raw emotion and wistful reflection, the record hints liberally at Sarah’s stated influences which are rare for a singer-songwriter (Dusty Springfield, Sam Cooke, Judy Garland, and Edith Piaf) and her exceptionally broad vocal range -- moving effortlessly from crystal clear purity to shuttering vibrato -- places her in a league with contemporaries such as Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones and Feist.

The record is an unusual acoustic blend of 60‘s-inspired pop, fresh folk and classical motifs wrapped around Sarah’s deep, pure vocals and emotionally rich, informed lyrics. Sarah says, “The process I went through to write these early songs made me realize I had so much more to learn about myself and life; it was truly humbling. That is how I began the journey to become a student of life, a beautiful adventure that I continue to this day.”











Monday, December 7, 2009

New Videos posted from Heroes of Popular Wars and Boy Without God (Plus a new Boy Without God EP!)


IT’S A DOOZY” is the new single and video from CHURCH AND MCDONALD by HEROES OF POPULAR WARS out now!

“Sparsely atmospheric Eno-ish ambient electro pop... reminds me of the coolest British band of the early 80’s: Japan.” - The Devil Has The Best Tuna


For the “It’s A Doozy” video, Director Rob McKittrick (the feature-film “Waiting”) sought to visually show “time” in this clip without a lot of cuts. The clip uses both in time lapse (fast motion) AND slow motion effects. Humorously, Stephe Sykes of Heroes of Popular Wars says the clip is “merely a video of me running so fast, I've torn a whole in the time/space continuum.” Want to know how it was done? Click HERE.


IF YOU” is the new single and video from YOUR BODY IS YOUR SOUL by BOY WITHOUT GOD out now!



GRAB and RE-POST the all-new digital EP by BOY WITHOUT GOD: Eight Delicate Olives Slowly Chewed at Midnight

“He’s one of the most promising new talents in town.” - The Boston Phoenix


Eight Delicate Olives… is a collection of home recordings composed of intimately recorded instrumental one-offs and songs written and recorded by Gabriel Birnbaum in Copenhagen last fall. Featured track, “R. Frank & Son,” was written about the photographer Robert Frank and cobbled together out of actual Frank quotes and pieces of a Vanity Fair article about him by Charlie LeDuff. The zip file comes complete with eight lovely original artworks by Ty Williams (








Monday, November 30, 2009

Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo launches heavy psych side project - Thee American Revolution.










Lo-fi heavy psych-pop acid rockers Thee American Revolution began as a home-recording collaboration between Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider and brother-in-law Craig Morris. Schneider is best known as front-man of The Apples in stereo, and producer of many beloved records, including both Neutral Milk Hotel albums.

According to legend, Thee American Revolution came together under the tutelage of W. Shears, a secretive British musician primarily active during the 1960’s who relocated to Kentucky (where the band lives). Joined onstage by a rotating cast of friends, including drummer Otto Helmuth (Blueberries), Bill Doss (Olivia Tremor Control) and John Ferguson (Big Fresh/The Apples in stereo), Thee American Revolution shred with chaotic exuberance.

The band’s highly anticipated debut album is built upon slabs of fuzz guitar and reckless troglodyte drumming, soaked in Mellotron seas, bright harmonies and bursts of pure noise. The record joyfully explores the terrain between Blue Cheer and The Beatles, with songs ranging from druggy pop to sloppy biker-rock anthems. Featuring album artwork by W. Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System) and bearing the classic Elephant 6 logo, Buddha Electrostorm is certain to turn on fans of garage rock and psychedelic pop.










Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Loud is “Too Loud!” Band travels from Milwaukee to NYC to get shut down by cops during CMJ.

Undeterred, group issues "Don't Dance" single from forthcoming Can't Stop Not Knowing EP. Listen & Post

"Don't Dance" is the lead single from Can't Stop Not Knowing by The New Loud out FEBRUARY 23rd, 2010.


“Part weirdness of Sparks, part killer dance of The Bravery and part insistent hook craftsmanship of XTC.” – Amplifier

The New Loud is apparently too loud for NYC. The band was cut short only four songs into their set at CMJ 2009 when New York’s finest showed up in response to a noise complaint during the band’s second song. The New Loud, bypassing the club’s PA, pressed on at full volume for two more songs before the club pulled the plug. All in a day’s work for a band simply living up to its name!

The New Loud is a three-piece electro/punk/new wave band from the blue collar city of Milwaukee, WI. Its debut EP, Can’t Stop Not Knowing consists of six tracks including an intense, frenetic cover of Radiohead’s “2 + 2 = 5.” The EP was produced by band member Shane Olivo and displays a tight mixture of electronic elements and natural sounds, layered obsessively with some songs using up to 80 tracks in the mix.

Five of Can’t Stop Not Knowing’s tracks were mixed by Mark Trombino. “Mark Trombino was the band’s first choice, as all of us greatly admire him from his earlier work with Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From The Crypt, all the way up to his more modern productions such as Jimmy Eat World and Finch,” says The New Loud’s Olivo.

The New Loud will continue its collaboration with Trombino as they begin to record a debut full-length for release during the first half of 2010. For now, check out The New Loud’s single “Don’t Dance” [MP3]. And please, try to keep the noise down. Just try.

The New Loud
Can't Stop Not Knowing

Release Date : February 23, 2010


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

David Williams, “...the only person who could credibly write tracks for Terry Riley and Teddy Riley” introduces his Beautifiul Supermachines.

MP3s from Shut Up by Beautiful Supermachines out November 24th on Chicken Ranch Records.
“Oakland 2008”:

From The Onion's interview with David Williams of Beautiful Supermachines:

David Williams has had a Zelig-like presence in music, turning up in the background of some of its most epochal movements—and often just before its time.

Over a career that spans more than three decades, he’s been at the leading edge of various watershed moments of punk, post-punk, noise-rock, and hip-hop, rubbed elbows with Ice-T and Dr. Dre, played “the secret white dude” behind the scenes of The Jungle Brothers’ seminal J. Beez Wit The Remedy, and more recently settled into an in-demand role as a local producer.

“I just like hooks,” Williams says of his Jackson Pollock-like palette. “A hook to me can be in a fucking [Karlheinz] Stockhausen piece.” While Williams’ blend of the avant-garde and bubblegum often makes for a good sound bite (Jeff Salamon at the Austin American-Statesman once noted that he was the only person who could “credibly write tracks for Terry Riley and Teddy Riley”), it makes it awfully difficult—and pointless—to delineate the myriad musical influences comprising Shut Up, the debut release from Williams’ new project, Beautiful Supermachines.

The Onion asked Williams—a voracious reader, avid gearhead, and deep thinker—to trace all the various technological, literary, and philosophical strands running through his career. Read the full article HERE.

Beautiful Supermachines
Shut Up
Chicken Ranch Records
Release Date: November 23, 2009

MP3: “OAKLAND 2008

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pariah Piranha drops video for “Green Rooms” single, announces more tour dates, offers up another track from new People People album.

Click HERE to listen to Pariah Piranha’s “Role Model” from the album People People out now on San Francisco’s LGBT focused label, Queer Control. “...a sound you can’t put your finger on and can’t stop listening to.” - Curve Magazine

York, Pennsylvania-based band, Pariah Piranha is a product of the 90’s and will remain forever nostalgic. “When we were in high school, people called some music ‘alternative.’ It was a genre. It actually meant something. I think Pariah Piranha sounds like that,” says vocalist Tara Gordon. The chemistry between the three members of Pariah Piranha is obvious, and the dancing and hand claps will happen, whether you like it or not.

Check out the new Pariah Piranha VIDEO for “Green Rooms” from the band’s latest album People People

Pariah Piranha’s latest album People People, produced by Pere Ubu and They Might Be Giants bassist Tony Maimone, is out now. The record is the band’s latest for the San Francisco-based label Queer Control Records. Emerging from the Riot Grrl movement, the Queercore music scene, and DIY culture in general, Queer Control Records exists to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning musicians and artists.

Play and post “Role Model” from Pariah Piranha’s People People! Grab the track right HERE

As an additional show of solidarity among the Queer Control and Pariah Piranha families, the band has dedicated the cover art of People People to dedication itself, with the names of the band’s supporters covering the front and back of the album. Gordon explains, “Basically we are so grateful to our family and friends and everyone involved who made this/us possible that we decided to put our ‘thank you’s’ on the cover.”

Pariah Piranha Live:
11/19 Harrisonburg, VA @ Live on WXJM
11/20 Harrisonburg, VA @ The Artful Dodger
11/21 Greenville, NC @ Backdoor Skatepark
11/22 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
11/23 Washington, DC @ The Red And The Black
12/06 Baltimore, MD @ OttoBar

Pariah Piranha
People People
Queer Control Records
Release Date: 09/24/2009

Play and post Pariah Piranha’s “Role Model”: mp3

Play and post Pariah Piranha’s “Green Rooms”: mp3

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Queer Control

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spooky animals deeply dreaming: check out Washington, DC band, Bellflur. New single now, CMJ show TODAY.

Listen to the Bellflur single “Grey Sparkle Finnish Pig” here: “There was an old upright piano in the backyard of the farmhouse I lived in. When I would drive away at night, a piano with deer around it would appear out of nowhere. The spooky image of animals in suits using abandoned instruments to make music stuck with me.” - Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez, Bellflur.

“…at times reminiscent of Sigur Ros and Pink Floyd, the group manages to impart a unique intimacy and vulnerability.” - The Big Takeover

Scores of DC-based bands touted as “the next big thing” have rapidly sprung up and dissipated just as quickly, but since its inception in 2001, Bellflur has been one of the few constants on the DC scene. Bellflur challenges genre-specificity, but it does thrive in the lush space and musical grandeur that might make one call its music “dreamy” tho the odd time signatures, bare-boned harmonies and reticence speak to the dark side.

See Bellflur live at CMJ on Thursday, October 22nd at Local 269 at 7PM!

Fans of Sparklehorse, Pink Floyd, Sigus Ros and Tortoise should dig the band's latest EP (a predecessor to its upcoming sophomore full-length in 2010), Bellflur draws upon countless musical influences to convey that mood of loneliness and social bewilderment that occurs in us all. As regional website, DCist, described Bellflur, the “band has a knack for making things cold and detached sound pretty…”

Artist: Bellflur
Title: Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues
Label: Self-Released
Release: November 17, 2009

Play and post Bellflur’s “Grey Sparkle Finnish Pig”: mp3



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miami-based Old Wives Tale, to play [TIME*] festival in Paris; Offers up more free music from Younger Limbs EP.

French auteur, Michel Gondry, presents Video Award for brotherly duo’s “[15] Amphetamine” clip. Listen, Watch, Post

[MP3] “Royal Fresh”:

[MP3] “[15] Amphetamine”:

[VIDEO] “[15] Amphetamine”:

“...amped-up, high-focus, twitchy, and sweaty. This is late-night music -- churning synths, funky basslines, and DFA Records-style cowbell create a roiling, speed-paranoia vibe that still stays danceable. …sounds piped directly in from downtown New York or east London -- first-class!” – Miami New Times

It’ll take just one listen to the debut recording from Miami duo Old Wives’ Tale to understand why brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia have coined it “amphetamine music.” Songs from the band’s Younger Limbs release such as “Royal Fresh,” and the stand out single “[15]Amphetamine” all live up to the assertions made above by the Miami New Times. The impressive "[15] Amphetamine" Video was recently selected by celebrated French auteur Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind) as the “Audience Choice Award” winner in the Video Music Awards. Now the duo will venture to Paris where it will perform two nights at the [TIME*] festival to take place at venues throughout the city.

The Valencia brothers formed Old Wives’ Tale in 2006 shortly after making the decision to relegate their biology, chemistry, music and audio engineering diplomas to mere wall decorations. Infected by an angst that resonated in every indie club in Miami’s design district, Jaime and Felipe joined their contrasting music personalities to create a fresh sound composed of distorted bass lines, disco beats, ripping guitars, and lyrics referencing alter-egos, heart-breaking love affairs, and one-night stands.

Watch Old Wives’ Tale perform live in Madrid:


10/17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Cinema Paradiso celebrating the premiere of the film “Death Print” w/ Otto Von Shirach
10/24 Miami, FL @ Electric Pickle
10/31 West Palm Beach, FL @ Respectable Street for Moonfest 2009
11/20 Paris, FRANCE @ Le Gibus for [TIME*] 2009
11/21 Paris, FRANCE @ Espace Kiron for [TIME*] 2009
Artist: Old Wives’ Tale
Title: Younger Limbs
Label: The Creative Motel, Inc.
Release: OUT NOW!!, 9/8/2009

“[15] Amphetamine”: mp3
“Royal Fresh”: mp3

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Former members of La Makita Soma regroup as Lee & Willbee. Releases debut album today.

Recorded between Chicago, Seattle and Salt Lake City, acoustics and synths make a happy marriage in (on) North Carolina.
Listen & Post

[MP3] “Love’s Not Worth It”:

[MP3] “Day of Sunshine”:

“There is real sorrow here. Beautiful, catchy and sad. Lee’s glassy voice is sincere beyond most, and the songwriting is near perfect. I’ve spent days of my life listening to this on repeat.” - Chris Eichenseer (Some Odd Pilot)

Lee & Willbee began as a collaboration between Lee Chameleon and Markus Willbee. In the beginning they formed a strong bond as the rhythm section for La Makita Soma, criss-crossing the country playing rock clubs, raves and music festivals showcasing their energetic blend of psychedelic rock and electronic dance music. La Makita Soma made multiple appearances at SXSW and after both of their releases charted in the CMJ Top 100, the band also played the annual CMJ festival. After La Makita Soma, the musical bond and friendship formed by years of forging rhythms together continued.

Both were eager to venture outside their previous musical roles and decided to start a new project, hiding away with their instruments and recording songs that had thematic and melodic integrity and sounded sweet like candy. A tonic for troubled souls who are not afraid of a catchy melody. The two spent many hours their Chicago studio crafting the songs until one fateful day Markus was called away to the mountains of Utah.

Lee & Willbee continued their endeavor via the web and during these long months of isolation an able bodied soul came to the aid and assistance of the hermits. Seattle’s Patrick Roche joined the boys and delivered a breath of fresh air to the project. Manning his guitar and savvy attention to detail he coaxed the two young men from their solitary existences and encouraged them to reassert themselves and peddle their musical elixir. It didn’t take long till the three were thick as thieves. North Carolina is the threesome’s debut album on its own Lost In The Woods label.

Artist: Lee & Willbee
Title: North Carolina
Label: Lost In The Woods
Release: October 13, 2009

“Love’s Not Worth It”: mp3
“Day of Sunshine”: mp3

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Laughing combines new-wave hooks, art-school neurosis and cues from Harry Nilsson and Roxy Music on FEVER.

See the Austin-based band that The Onion calls “this year’s hottest ticket” at Fun Fun Fun Fest next month.
Listen & Re-Post!

[MP3] The Laughing - “Runner”:

Recorded over the course of a near year, FEVER is the debut album by Austin band, The Laughing. With an aural aesthetic pulling from somewhere between early Roxy Music and the stretches of contemporaries such as Animal Collective, The Laughing has quickly attracted the attention of audiences looking for a little dance in their rock as well as a little art in their pop.

“An enticing smorgasbord of sounds with a distinct exotic feel.” – Austinist

Though grounded in a traditional rock line up of guitar/vocals (Logan Middleton), bass (Sean Neesely), drums (Grant Van Amburgh), and organ (performed on FEVER by Austin Jenkins and Middleton), The Laughing also utilizes a vast array of percussion, bells, dulcimers, ukuleles, synths, clarinets, flutes, blankets of noise and lush harmonies. Varied instrumentation and ornamental arrangements adorn core song structures and melodies that take cues from the likes of Harry Nilsson, Os Mutantes, Jorge Bem, Silver Apples, Love, Roxy Music, Sonic Youth, 13th Floor Elevators and more.

Join The Laughing at Red 7 in Austin to celebrate the release of FEVER on October 15th

Borrowing from some of the production tactics of classic dub recordings, with a small dose of noise rock, The Laughing has constructed an album of songs that bears only slight resemblance to its broad spectrum of influences, in turn creating something special and unique. Of the album title, band leader Logan Middleton explains, 'Fever' was the title of a book I discovered as a child that had extensive accounts of my now deceased grandfather’s work as a missionary doctor in West Africa and his discovery and treatment of highly fatal disease known as Lassa Fever.”

See The Laughing perform at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 7th with Of Montreal, Ratatat, Crystal Castles and more

FEVER was co-produced by Middleton with Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Explosions In The Sky, Okkervil River). The Laughing has previously performed with MGMT, Yeasayer, The Ting Tings, Monotonix, and Tokyo Police Club among others.

Artist: The Laughing
Title: FEVER
Label: Self-Released
Release: October 27, 2009

“Runner”: mp3
“Elevators”: mp3

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Portland’s System and Station launches three-week tour today. Band slays with new EP, I’m Here To Kill.

Listen & Re-Post!

[MP3]Love, Etc.”:

[MP3] “Patterns”:

System and Station On Tour:

10/02 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
10/03 Boise, ID @ Visual Arts Collective
10/05 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Woodshed
10/06 Denver, CO @ Kings Tavern
10/07 Sioux Falls, SD @ Club David
10/08 Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon
10/09 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
10/10 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
10/11 Madison, WI @ The Frequency
10/13 Iowa City, IA @ The Mill
10/14 Omaha, NE @ The Sydney
10/15 Lawrence, KS @ The Tap Room
10/16 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar
10/17 Oklahoma, OK @ The Conservatory
10/18 Austin, TX @ Emo’s
10/20 Bisbee, AZ @ The Stock Exchange
10/21 Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malone
10/22 San Diego, CA @ Radio Room
10/23 San Francisco, CA @ Retox Lounge
10/24 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock Bar

“What’s not possible... is you being able to resist the hook-laden guitar rock that System and Station lays down.” - Portland Mercury

2009 marks System and Station's tenth year as a touring band. It’s latest release, to be followed by a fifth full-length in early 2010, shows off a broader musical palette for the band, yet maintains its core sound of angular, melodic, and soaring rock and roll. Following a recent performance with Sunny Day Real Estate at Musicfest Northwest, System and Station launches a three-week tour today in support of I’m Here To Kill.

“Now here is a record that’s so refreshingly professional it’ll make you realize how truly amateurish most indie releases are.” - Detroit Metro Times

This short-playing EP is lyrically based on the true story of a woman living in the Pacific Northwest, her struggle with abusive relationships and the loss of her child at the hands of her then husband. System and Station leader, RFK Heise, explains, “The title I’m Here To Kill comes from the stories she told me of revenge. Waking up next to her husband, watching him sleep and thinking ‘I love you but I’m going to kill you.’”

Artist: System & Station
Title: I’m Here To Kill
Label: Latest Flame Records
Release: October 27, 2009

Love, Etc.”: mp3
Patterns”: mp3

System and Station Links:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Third album from Canadian singer-songwriter Barzin is the best break up record since Sea Change.

Notes To An Absent Lover already acclaimed by Mojo, Uncut, and Q. Album to see US release this month.Watch. Listen. Re-post.

[MP3]Nobody Told Me”:

[VIDEO] “Nobody Told Me”:

Reflecting the highs and lows experienced by the human heart in the aftermath of a break-up, Barzin’s third album, Notes To An Absent Lover, balances the introspection of his earlier work with up-tempo orchestral arrangements that provide a richly melodic heartbeat to these glowing confessionals.

“Four Stars. Rarely does sorrow get to sound quite so entrancing or cathartic.” – Q

Personal but never indulgent, the raw honesty of the lyrics details universal themes of sorrow, regret and anger, evoking all the vulnerability and shifting emotions of a failed relationship. From the gentle, grieving steel guitar of “Soft Summer Girls” to the defiant drumbeats of “Look What Love Has Turned Us Into,” Notes To An Absent Lover brings new textures and colours to Barzin’s palette.

“…an intimate, chillingly beautiful reflection on a lost love and its aftermath.” - Mojo

In addition to Karen Graves’ string arrangements, splashes of vibraphone, pedal steel and banjo surface amid the traditional guitars, bass and drums. In harmony with the sentiment guiding them, the musicians display a graceful empathy while Barzin’s voice and words take centre stage. Just as the lyrics eschew symbolism in favour of candour, gone too is the sonic experimentation employed in 2006’s My Life In Rooms, replaced with a more direct style of music and a greater ‘pop’ sensibility.

Notes To An Absent Lover was recorded by Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith) and Jeremy Darby (Pink Floyd, Lou Reed), and mixed by Chad Irschick and Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, New Pornographers).

Artist: Barzin
Title: Notes To An Absent Lover
Label: Monotreme Records
Release: October 13, 2009

Nobody Told Me”: mp3 video

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apples leader, Robert Schneider, calls Athens, GA band, Laminated Cat, “the best young psychedelic band in years.”

The second release for Schneider and family’s new Garden Gate label features cover art by Hart and Doss of Olivia Tremor Control.Listen & Re-Post!

[MP3] Laminated Cat - “Aquamarine”:

Umbrella Weather: Ornate psychedelia pours from the loudspeakers, ranging from delicate to druggy. Acoustic guitars give way to flourishes of orchestrated static. Fuzz pedals filter exotic riffs. A ghostly voice conjures dreams in pop song format. One experimental composer, one multi-instrumentalist, and two identical twins add up to layers of epic, psychedelic bliss. While we are engaged in numerology, let us note that no member was over 21 as of the recording of the album. Singer/guitarist Tanner Smith graduated with a degree in experimental composition. Smith’s younger brothers, twins Camden and Cooper, play drums and bass like a steam-powered ocean liner. Singer/multi-instrumentalist AJ Griffin’s songs lean more toward Americana than Smith’s—plaintive, yearning, soaked in layers of soulful psychedelia. Umbrella Weather is the second release on Garden Gate, the psychedelic label operated by brother-sister team Craig Morris and Marci Schneider, wife of Robert Schneider, with input from the Apples (in stereo) leader. The album features cover art by W. Cullen Hart and Bill Doss (Olivia Tremor Control) and was engineered by Craig Morris in the Garden Gate studio, where much of the gear is hand-built by Morris himself.

Artist: Laminated Cat
Title: Umbrella Weather
Label: Garden Gate Records
Release: Available now

Aquamarine”: mp3

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Members of Vagina Panther become juicy, pulsating, gyrating crotch monsters in debut video.

Clip for “Dave, You Are Killing Me” provides a killer introduction to this white-hot guitar sludge band from Brooklyn. Listen, Watch & Re-Post!

Dave, You Are Killing Me”: [MP3]

Dave, You Are Killing Me”: [VIDEO]

Vagina Panther (VP if yer sensitive) is an illegal rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Illegal for sure in a world where Bon Scott, Glenn Danzig and GG Allin can’t wed one another, but should. In a world of end times where getting hammered and throwing a brick through a window is a righteous reaction to the ticking clock. It’s the Black Flag-Led-Zeppelin-Slayer-influenced sound of breaking laws born of cheap hooch and raw riffs. A band imagining Chrissie Hynde as an Asian ex-sex slave -- a woman-of-the-night surrounded by three burly white dudes flogging instruments -- the sonic equivalent of a gang bang. Vagina Panther is for all of the punks who got “real” jobs... and then realized they needed to BURN IT ALL DOWN.

See Vagina Panther live in NYC at Lit Lounge on Friday, September 25th

In that tradition, Vagina Panther recorded 11 tracks of white hot guitar sludge with producer/engineer Mario “J” McNulty (Ravonettes, Anti-Flag, David Bowie) at New York City’s infamous Looking Glass Studios right before it was shuttered. The band’s self-titled debut is made to be played LOUD and to disturb the neighbors. From the stoner pop of “Dave, You Are Killing Me” (MP3), to the garage rock sound of “So How We Gonna Do This?” and the anthemic closing track “Beast” this music is meant for the real, the raw and the reckless. Claiming influences such as signs written in poor English, bands that think they’re Jesus and fucked up train rides, Vagina Panther makes magic out of these touchstones. Vagina Panther is Dead June on vocals, Kit Days on Guitar, Johnathan Swass on Bass and Trent Good on Drums.

See the amazing new video for Vagina Panther’s “Dave, You Are Killing Me” HERE.

The new Vagina Panther video, “Dave You are Killing Me” (MP3 VIDEO) was conceived and directed by the reclusive New York directorial collective: Satan’s Pearl Horses (LINK). Shot over two months, in a magical closet at a Greenpoint, Brooklyn townhouse, the team used state of the art-tron robots to animate the video. “Dave, You’re Killing Me,” finds the band frolicking in an enchanted forest and through using the power of film, magic, mirrors, awesome, peace, war, love, hate, and stop-motion –their alter-egos come to life, turning the members of Vagina Panther into juicy, pulsating, dancing, gyrating crotch monsters. This is some serious shit.

Artist: Vagina Panther
Title: Vagina Panther
Label: Self-Released
Release: Nov. 3, 2009

Dave, You Are Killing Me”: mp3 video

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” gets a lush piano and cello cover by Los Angelino, HOLMES.

Also: video for sober breakup tune “Not With You” debuts; featured plant succumbs to special effects. Listen, Watch & Re-Post!

Let’s Dance”: [MP3]

Not With You”: [VIDEO]

“…humor, wistfulness and universality that would compare well with some of the best of Ben Folds or Beck.” - Los Angeles Times

If you go to the movies or watch TV, you've heard the music of Roy Shakked, who answers to the nickname of HOLMES. Heavily influenced by the standards (and that means The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Prince, ELO, Queen, and, OK, Harry Nilsson), it's not surprising that Hollywood has picked up on Roy’s tunes, placing them in programs and features such as CSI Miami, Sex and The City, The OC, Nip/Tuck, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Before all of that, Shakked graduated as a piano performance major from Berklee College of Music in Boston and later delved into heavy sequencing using synths and plug-ins, becoming an accomplished electronica producer and remixing classic tracks by Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy McGriff, McCoy Tyner and Carmen McRae. Shakked later made the move back to piano and band arrangements to write the HOLMES records.

The latest self-titled HOLMES album contains one of Shakked’s signature lush arrangements – this time for his cover of the David Bowie classic, “Let’s Dance” (MP3). Additionally, Shakked has completed the latest video from the album, for the sober breakup song, “Not With You” (VIDEO). The video documents a couple moving in together, breaking up and moving out – all in under three minutes. Half way through the clip, all of the couple’s actions up to that point reverse, leaving Shakked all alone in his house at the clip’s close. Shakked extends apologies to the plant that was killed over three days of still camera time-lapse capture.

Artist: Holmes
Title: Holmes
Label: Groove Gravy Records

Let’s Dance” (David Bowie): mp3
Not With You”: mp3 video

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ghana comes to Los Angeles – PJ Harvey and Peter Gabriel influence duo Divisible’s tribal afro-punk.

Grab new single “Everybody” now; Remix and Radiohead cover also available; L.A. release show soon!

“…smart, complex and catchy...” - LA Record
“…doesn’t have a bad song on it… fantastic.” - Berkeley Place

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“Everybody (Public Remix)”:

Los Angeles-based band Divisible, consisting of singer Shola Akinshemoyin Vaughn and drummer Albert Sadia, is pleased to present its debut album Less Than Lion, a collection of songs (including a reinterpretation of Radiohead’s “Exit Music [For A Film]") (MP3),” that explores Shola’s journey from the halls of Harvard to a West African reconciliation with her father (who lives in Ghana) via a propulsive mixture of rock, electronica, and world music sounds.

See Divisible live when they celebrate the release of Less Than Lion with a performance in Los Angeles at Spaceland on September 14th.

Less Than Lion was produced by Tommy Walter (Eels) and mixed by Ryan Freeland (Aimee Mann, Loudon Wainwright III). Less Than Lion, is a blend of Peter Gabriel, PJ Harvey, and TV On The Radio-style sounds. It’s worldly, primal music that speaks to the band’s African ancestry.

Divisible – “Love Is The Cost”

Love Is The Cost” (MP3):

Love Is The Cost” (Video):

Artist: Divisible
Title: Less Than Lion
Label: Self-Released
Release: Out Now!

Everybodymp3 remix
Love Is The Cost”: mp3 video
Exit Music (For A Film)” [Radiohead Cover]: mp3

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

San Francisco-based LGBT label, Queer Control Records, set to release new Pariah Piranha album this week.

Band’s People People produced by Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants, The Shondes); Features “thank you’s” for cover art.
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[MP3] “Green Rooms”:

“...a sound you can’t put your finger on and can’t stop listening to.” - Curve Magazine

York, Pennsylvania-based band, Pariah Piranha is a product of the 90’s and will remain forever nostalgic. “When we were in high school, people called some music ‘alternative.’ It was a genre. It actually meant something. I think Pariah Piranha sounds like that,” says vocalist Tara Gordon. The chemistry between the three members of Pariah Piranha is obvious, and the dancing and hand claps will happen, whether you like it or not.

Pariah Piranha’s latest album People People, produced by Pere Ubu and They Might Be Giants bassist Tony Maimone, is set for release this week on September 1st, 2009. The record is the band’s latest for the San Francisco-based label Queer Control Records. Emerging from the Riot Grrl movement, the Queercore music scene, and DIY culture in general, Queer Control Records exists to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning musicians and artists.

As an additional show of solidarity among the Queer Control and Pariah Piranha families, the band has dedicated the cover art of People People to dedication itself, with the names of the band’s supporters covering the front and back of the album. Gordon explains, “Basically we are so grateful to our family and friends and everyone involved who made this/us possible that we decided to put our ‘thank you’s’ on the cover.”

Pariah Piranha Live:
09/12 Harrisburg, PA @ Lower Paxton Youth Center
09/26 Harrisburg, PA @ Appalachian Brewing Company
10/03 Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar
10/10 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery

Artist: Pariah Piranha
Title: People People
Label: Queer Control Records
Release: September 1st, 2009

“Green Rooms”: mp3

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Siblings Frank and Anna Carey + a million overdubs = the orchestral goodness of The Ams.

Check out the Chicago duo’s Dennis Wilson-inspired ballad “Your Mere Presence” by clicking here.
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[MP3] “Your Mere Presence”:

The Ams is an orchestral pop duo from Chicago consisting of siblings Frank (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Anna Carey (keyboards, vocals). The Ams debut album, The Release of An American Soul, a collection of thirteen tracks that showcases the siblings’ knack for crafting deeply-layered tunes, is set for release on October 6th via the their own Shields Records.

Frank, in the role of producer, draws heavily from the influences of producers like Joe Meek, Phil Spector, and Jeff Lynne, composing and arranging all of the album’s string and horn parts himself. The countless overdubs set to two-inch tape at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios, are all the work of Frank and Anna alone, as well.

Frank’s songwriting also represents a wide variety of influences, seen with the Dennis Wilson-inspired ballad “Your Mere Presence,” (MP3) the Brazilian samba sound of “Godspeed Your Safe Return,” and the swinging sixties London vibe of “Saturday Afternoon.” The Ams’ desire to learn from the past but also move into new territories can perhaps best be seen on the album’s final track, “The Death of an American.” Here the band creates an experimental opus that runs longer than thirteen minutes, showing that The Ams have an affinity for the musique concrete leanings of bands like Spiritualized, and fellow Chicagoans, Wilco.

And while the melodies of the album overall reflect a hopeful and positive spirit, the lyrics, often, are anything but. Lyrically speaking, The Release of An American Soul is a dark, brooding album that dwells upon recurring themes of death, despair, and failed love. These apparent obsessions are not what one would expect from two single siblings in their mid-twenties!

The songs constitute a concept album that loosely tells the story of a fictional sixties icon who obsesses over the themes of aging, dealing with broken relationships, an unfulfilled past, and an imminent death. Ultimately, the identity of who this sixties icon is based on is left open although vague references are scattered throughout the album -- California is mentioned, England, various places in Europe… but ultimately the death proclaimed in the last song is only explained as “the release of an American soul.”

Artist: The Ams
Title: The Release of An American Soul
Label: Shields Records
Release: October 6th, 2009

“Your Mere Presence”: MP3

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Austin’s My Milky Way Arms releases album of Star Wars-ian “crystal operas”; Launches tour.

Check out the addictive, layered pop of “Fillenium Malcon” (MP3) from Lightsaber Circuit Breaker.
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[MP3] “Fillenium Malcon”:

Chase Hill is Space Kill is My Milky Way Arms. About Lightsaber Circuit Breaker:

In the summer of 2008, Space Kill set out on a dangerous yet spiritual quest to Earth to find his true inner self, and the secret of his newly acquired yet strange super powers that began developing in his adolescence. As he entered Earth’s atmosphere, he lost control of his ship and crashed into the northern arctic icy tundra. Having traveled for weeks, lost in the freezing wind and snow, and on the brink of insanity, he happened upon a massive castle of ice and snow. Once inside, Space Kill stumbled upon a pile of elaborate glistening crystals, each one producing a specific frequency.

To Space Kill’s utter surprise, these crystals were simple in nature to manipulate, and when one crystal was struck against another, the oddest of sounds was produced. Space Kill was soon arranging and composing symphonies in the comfort of his newly discovered fortress of solitude. Once he felt comfortable with his knowledge of these bizarre crystals, he began transposing these songs into super tweaked electronic versions of the original crystal operas. Having found the meaning behind his powers, Space Kill realized his purpose to share these melodies with all of mankind.

My Milky Way Arms Live:

09/03 Austin, TX @ Carousel Lounge
09/04 Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
09/05 Mobile, AL @ The Blind Mule
09/06 Birmingham, AL @ Greencup Books
09/07 Athens, GA @ Go Bar
09/08 Richmond, VA @ The Camel
09/09 Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger Gallery
09/10 Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar
09/11 Ashville, NC @ The Garage at Biltmore
09/12 Atlanta, GA @ Graveyard Tavern
09/13 New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar

Artist: My Milky Way Arms
Title: Lightsaber Circuit Breaker
Label: Milky Syndication
Release: September 8th, 2009

“Fillenium Malcon”: MP3

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Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Earthquake drops “Outta The Band,” the second video from its Downstairs debut.

West coast tour starts this weekend; Video for “Cool In The Cool Way” racks up 40,000 YouTube views.

Watch. Listen. Re-post.

“I went to the bathroom / Just to check my hair/ During practice for a band / I joined on a dare”

[VIDEO] “Outta The Band”:

[MP3] “Outta The Band”:

After racking up a cool 40,000+ views of “Cool In The Cool Way,” its ode to hipster body snatchers, San Francisco’s My First Earthquake has dropped “Outta The Band” the latest single and video from its popular full-length debut, Downstairs, produced by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev. The clip (directed and edited by Eric Slatkin) is a two-minute, furious and in your face performance piece that amps up the band’s unbridled energy and star-turning moves of lead singer, Rebecca Bortman.

If you haven’t already checked out My First Earthquake, now’s your chance. The album is a collection of ten electro-pop-rock-dance songs that you might like it if you're a fan of Metric, The Ting Tings, New Young Pony Club, Ladyhawke, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or Blondie. See below for links to “Cool In The Cool Way” and click here to see the new video for “Outta The Band” to get into My First Earthquake.

My First Earthquake Live:

08/24 Eugene, OR @ Samuri Duck
08/25 Portland, OR @ Dunes
08/26 Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern
08/28 Burlington, WA @ Common Ground
08/29 Bellingham, WA @ The Rogue Hero
09/17 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
10/18 San Francisco, CA @ Bernal Height's Fiesta on the Hill

To further support the recent release of the Downstairs album, My First Earthquake will begin a series of west coast tour dates tonight. The band’s live show has earned the group a loyal following in San Francisco where it recently sold out its record release show at local hotspot Café du Nord. Now, My First Earthquake’s growing legion of fans out west will get to see the show for themselves for the very first time.

My First Earthquake – “Cool In The Cool Way”

“…it's a meta-hipster statement that will make the universe implode upon repeated viewing.” - SFist

[VIDEO] “Cool In The Cool Way”:

[MP3] “Cool In The Cool Way”:

Artist: My First Earthquake
Title: Downstairs
Label: Self-Released

“Outta The Band”: mp3 video
“Cool In The Cool Way”: mp3 video

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Fans of Echo, Siouxsie, and Killing Joke will be attracted to The Opposite Sex.

Check out “Frozen Heart/Frozen Mind” (MP3) from the band’s upcoming Live + Burn EP.
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[MP3] “Frozen Heart/Frozen Mind”:

“If you're like us and you're still culturally camped out in 1985, we have a band for you: D.C. natives The Opposite Sex.” -The Washington Post

The Opposite Sex has been described as majestic, powerful, dramatic, intense and unhinged. Apt verbiage considering a handful of the band’s influences which include Echo & The Bunnymen, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Killing Joke, New Model Army, T.S.O.L and other 80s-era legends with beautiful hair.

Live + Burn is the follow-up to The Opposite Sex’s 2007 full-length Violent Heartstrings and breathes bigger life into the group’s dark, post punk sound, heightening its elements of pop and 60's psych.

Leave It All Behind” begins with an icy, emotional verse that breaks into a catchy, unforgettable chorus. Songs like “Another Big Bang” and “Frozen Heart/ Frozen Mind” (MP3) depict a strange anxiety, over layered textures of aggressive guitars and drums.

Check out tracks from The Opposite Sex’s Live + Burn via the links below and see the band live in Philly and Brooklyn in September. Stay tuned for more dates with The Opposite Sex this fall.

“The fondest affections are reserved for those new and exciting bands that seem to appear out of thin air… The Opposite Sex is that sort of band…”

Artist: The Opposite Sex
Title: Live + Burn
Label: Self-Released
Release: September 1st, 2009

“Frozen Heart/Frozen Mind”: mp3
“Is That You?”: mp3

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