Monday, June 29, 2009

Divisible unleashes its addictive brand of Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads influenced afro-punk.

Check out lead single and video “Love Is The Cost” from the upcoming album Less Than Lion. “…smart, complex and catchy...” - LA Record
“…doesn’t have a bad song on it… fantastic.” - Berkeley Place

Listen. Watch. Repost!

Love Is The Cost”: [MP3]
Love Is The Cost”: [VIDEO]

Los Angeles-based band Divisible, consisting of singer Shola and drummer Albert Sadia, is pleased to present its debut album Less Than Lion, a collection of songs (including a reinterpretation of Radiohead’s “Exit Music [For A Film]),” that explores Shola’s journey from the halls of Harvard to a West African reconciliation with her father, who lives in Ghana via a propulsive mixture of rock, electronica, and world music sounds.

After meeting in downtown Los Angeles, Shola and Sadia set out to make songs that were moody, atmospheric, and accessible. Divisible recorded its first demo in the confines of Shola and Sadia’s rehearsal room. Divisible’s debut release, The Alchemy EP, quickly garnered local attention from Filter Magazine, ABC Television, and L.A.’s Indie 103.

Divisible upcoming full-length was produced by Tommy Walter (Eels) and mixed by Ryan Freeland (Aimee Mann, Loudon Wainwright III). Less Than Lion, is a blend of Peter Gabriel, PJ Harvey, and TV On The Radio-style sounds. It’s worldly, primal music that speaks to the band’s African ancestry.

Artist: Divisible
Title: Less Than Lion
Label: Self-Released
Release: August 18, 2009

“Love Is The Cost”: [MP3]
“Love Is The Cost”: [VIDEO]
“Exit Music (For A Film)” [Radiohead Cover]: [MP3]

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stay “Cool” this summer with San Francisco shakers, My First Earthquake.

Listen over and over to the irresistible single “Cool In The Cool Way” (MP3). RIYL: Blondie, Prince, Fiona Apple, ABBA, New Order, The Cure, ELO, T-Rex, Chicks on Speed, Luscious Jackson, David Bowie.

Some quick facts about San Francisco’s My First Earthquake:

The band wrote, recorded and shot a video for a holiday Hanukkah song that has now racked up an “indie-famous” quarter-million plays on YouTube (VIDEO).

Singer/Lyricist Rebecca Bortman used to be in a “could-have-been-famous” psych-metal band called Ice Queen.

Bassist Chad Thornton chose to stay behind when the band he was in with Keith Murray of We Are Scientists moved to NYC and became “hipster-famous.”

Guitarist Dave Lean helped develop essential components of the iPod and is also an “internet-famous” music blogger (but enough about that.)

Drummer Andre Salcido played in a “trucker punk” band who once shared a stage with “metal-famous” band GWAR. Whoa.

And what is it that will make My First Earthquakeactually-famous”? The tight, punchy synths, Cure-ish keys, P-bass, dance rock grooves, handclaps, gang vocals, cowbells, tambourines, hip-hop beats and lyrics that reference mermaids in love with humans, crossword puzzles, and getting kicked outta the band.

My First Earthquake’s debut album Downstairs will be released June 20th, 2009. And that’s the facts.

Artist: My First Earthquake
Title: Downstairs
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: June 20th, 2009

01. Cool In The Cool Way (MP3)
02. Vow To Vowels
03. Clean Clean
04. In The Forest With Frenemies
05. Mad Tight
06. Radio
07. Outta The Band
08. Meat Pies
09. Sweet Frown
10. Sleep In The Sea

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Domino drops Shunda K. Shunda K drops 42 hits.

“I know who I am and know dat God loves me, man, straight up. Stress free, y’all...” – Shunda K

Shunda K of Yo! Majesty has parted ways with Domino Records and is marking the occasion with the release of 42 new tracks via two very special mix tapes – and all for free. “Domino didn’t move quickly enough for me,” she says, relieved to be able to make this material available immediately.


The first collection, The Best Eva Written… Outkast, is the beginning of the thematic “Best Eva Written” series which appropriates existing work (in this case, Outkast instrumentals) to illustrate a new overarching album concept (in this case, being a societal outkast.) 20 new tracks… hosted by France’s DJ Keshkoon.

Shunda explains, “I’ve been da outcast all my damn life. Being gay & being raised in a religious household is not a great match. It’s God HISSELF dats blessing me with everything I have from da knowledge to da wisdom, to da woman in my life & my career. Da devil is a liar!!!”

REPOST THE FULLBest Eva Written...OutkastMIXTAPE!

The second group of songs, Shunda K: Kollaborations, is just that. Listen as Shunda shares the spotlight with 22 emerging artists, giving ‘em all a chance to shine. Mixed by Tampa’s DJ ChangBang.

Twenty-two new Shunda K collabs with artists such as Peaches, WeHaveLove, Caspa Codina, Tha Pumpsta, Raspberry Cocaine, Rosetta Stoned, Blaque Pop, DJ Orion, DJ Deekline, Cindy Wonderful & Scream Club, Killola, A1 Baseline, and more!


See Shunda K live:
Jul 03, 2009 Tampa, Florida 3rd Annual Hot Dog Show @ Crowbar
Jul 10, 2009 Cocoa Beach, Florida @ The Chili Pepper Club
Jul 17, 2009 Orlando, Florida @ Wills Pub
Jul 24, 2009 Jacksonville, Florida @ TSI

Peaches recently invited Shunda K on tour with her to perform their hit collaboration "Billionaire" (VIDEO) from the new Peaches album I Feel Cream. The Los Angeles crowd roared as Shunda appeared in real life instead of on a screen (VIDEO).

Later at the Echoplex, Shunda was joined on stage by R.A.I.D. to perform the Yo! Majesty / Depeche Mode / Enya mash-up, “Just Can’t Get Enough Club Action” (VIDEO) (MP3). Shunda invited R.A.I.D to back her up the following evening during her second LA show with Peaches (VIDEO).

“So I just want you to add something in da press release stating dat I’m looking to spread da awareness of who I am and what I’m about by touring the world in what I will call ‘The Real Love Tour’ and dat I’m looking for promoters and bookers to assist me with dis vision. They can contact me at” - Shunda K

Artist: Shunda K
Title: Shunda K Presents: The Best Eva Written… Outkast
Release: June 16, 2009
Full Album Download: LINK (YES, REPOST!)
“The Message (feat. Jerzy)" : MP3
“Thee Woman’s Perspective” : MP3

Artist: Shunda K
Title: Shunda K: Kollaborations
Release: June 16, 2009
Full Album Download: LINK (YES, REPOST!)

“Who’s Gona Stop Us Now” (w/ Raspberry Cocaine): MP3
“Stand” (w/ Rosetta Stoned): MP3

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Loop 2.4.3 makes the most hypnotic record of the year… by banging on stuff.

Push Zodiac Dust on fans of Steve Reich, Konono N°1, Mike Oldfield, and Brian Eno.

“Absorbing.” - Time Out New York
“Transportive…” - Boston Phoenix
“Mesmerizing…” - Time Out Chicago
“Reinvents percussion...” -Fresh Air

Listen to “Zodiac Dust”: MP3

The music of Brooklyn’s Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson employs a gamut of percussion instruments, from marimba and steel drum to tom-toms, bongos and snares, temple bowls and wood blocks, opera gongs and electronics. The group introduces two new instruments, the eLog and Rose Echo, and utilizes cello, violin, piano, and voice, along with their standard barrage of percussion.

As active figures in a cross-world of musical genres, they have performed with Clogs, The Books, Willie McBlind (Jon Catler), Evan Ziporyn, Sufjan Stevens, Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond / The Decemberists), Belle Orchestre, Newband, their late mentor Robert Hohner, and as soloists with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at the BAM Opera House.

Loop 2.4.3 Live:
06/16 Alma, MI @ Alma College
06/18 Chicago, IL @ Brown Rice
06/21 New York, NY @ Straus Park - Make Music New York
06/25 Montpelier, VT @ Langdon Street Cafe
06/26 Biddeford, ME @ Hog Farm Studios - Annex
06/27 Salem, MA @ Gulu-Gulu Cafe
07/10 New Haven, CT @ Neighborhood Music School Recital Hall
07/11 Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery

Artist: Loop 2.4.3
Title: Zodiac Dust
Label: Music Starts From Silence/Analog Arts
Release: June 16, 2009
“Zodiac Dust”: MP3
“Dark Matter”: MP3
“Underground”: MP3

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kanye West might not like books, but might read the new video by Nite Club – a cover of his “Good Life.”

“Imagine Tangerine Dream’s younger, more rambunctious sibling… a lullaby we keep playing over and over again.” – Wired Nite Club’s My Tronic is much funkier than a bedroom indietronica album has any right to be. …a surprisingly cohesive collection of tunes… free of the musical monotony that drags down most electronic records.” - URB

When Kanye West recently proclaimed that he didn’t like books much, he didn’t know that big time design firm Poolsidesign (clients include Garnier and Maybelline) and director Yuichi Uchida were busy finishing up a text-heavy video for Nite Club’s cover of his tune “Good Life.” The clip, from the point of view of Nite Clubber Richard Spitzer’s cat named Techno, also stars the feline.

Watch the video for Nite Club’s cover of Kanye West’s “Good LifeHERE.

“We came up with this vision of dream chasing through the eyes of a cat,” says Spitzer. “We follow his journey to create music that communicates with the universe. Like this video, remaking ‘Good Life’ took me on a path that starts out on the street corner then ends up high in the cosmos.” - Richard Spitzer.

Good Life” is the latest track sprung from Nite Club’s ultra-popular debut album My Tronic which recently spent a couple months on the CMJ college radio charts and earned high marks from high profile publications such as Wired and URB.

Grab the MP3 of Nite Club’s cover of Kanye West’s “Good LifeHERE.

In other Nite Club news, the My Tronic track “Cape Navril” recently received a remix IDM-style by up-n’-coming Japanese duo, Mold. Nite Club’s Richard Spitzer also recently remixed the new single from UltraChorus, the duo formerly known as Sukpatch.

Check out the Mold’s remix of Nite Club’s “Cape NavrilHERE.
Also, Nite Club’s remix of the UltraChorus track “Words Kept Talking” right HERE.

Nite Club’s latest My Tronic is out now on Tape Theory Music.

Artist: Nite Club
Title: My Tronic
Label: Tape Theory

01. Compose
02. Left Right (MP3)
03. National
04. Good Life (Kanye West Cover) (MP3 VIDEO)
05. Time Fighter
06. No Matter Which Way (MP3 VIDEO)
07. Collection Agency (Reebok Pump Mix)
08. License Control
09. BK Nights
10. Electric Cycle
11. Cape Navril (Frost Mix) (MP3 [Mold Remix])
12. Change Your Love
13. Down Days
14. Aquarell
15. Eff$
16. Burma

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