Thursday, August 29, 2019

Simone White’s revitalized version of “The Beep Beep Song” gets colorful new music video, following-up one million views of $30 original.

Newly NYC-based songwriter chats with Atwood Magazine about her hit song’s use in new Audi® campaign, upcoming album (out Oct. 18th.)


Simone White (Credit: Self-Portrait)


Simone White | In The Press

“Times change, but some things – like the power of love, or the magic of this 12-year-old song – stay the same. Dazzlingly fresh and unnervingly sweet, Simone White’s “The Beep Beep Song” is an irresistible outpouring of tenderness and vulnerability.”

Atwood Magazine chats with Simone White about the new version of her popular 2007 tune, which initially became known after its use in an Audi® car campaign, and has now been revitalized for 2019’s astounding “Audi® R8: The Slowest Art We’ve Ever Built” ad.

The beautiful music video for the song, directed by Elsa Grayson, draws inspiration from White’s love of the color palettes from Hilma af Klint’s paintings, and Grayson’s fond appreciation for the film title work of Saul Bass. The new clip is an endearing follow-up to the original, which White created on a budget of just $30, and has since surpassed over one million views.

Brightest Young Things comments, “The music itself is delicate and soft with a soothing clarity, it’s a refreshing gust of wintery air on a muggy D.C. day, and the lyric video takes its relaxing impulses to another dimension. The perfect complimentary colors, the calming shapes and the excellent timing are calming to the max.”


“A voice like ether. It’s sweetly airy and hypnotic.” — NPR

“Not just a pretty voice but a mesmerizing intelligence.” — MOJO

“Already one of the really great American songwriters.” — Rolling Stone (Germany)

“Brilliant whimsy.” — No Depression


MXDWN says, “Simone White deftly blends folk harmonies and dance beats” on “Don’t Turn Your Back on Love,” White’s just-released collaboration with Samuel Bing of Asthmatic Kitty recording artists, Fol Chen. “She blends the soothing, angelic vocals of folk music with a pulsating, danceable beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a nightclub.” Hear “Don’t Turn Your Back on Love,” now via MXDWN, Brooklyn Vegan, or the link below!


Simone White
Letter To The Last Generation
Oct. 18th, 2019

Track Listing:

01. This Is All You Felt (STREAM | MP3)
02. Letter to the Last Generation
03. Little Heaven Little Blue
04. So It Goes
05. Genuine Fake
06. Harvest
07. Tiny Drop (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
08. Rain
09. Shadow Pass
10. Letter to the Last Generation (Demo Version)


Simone White | About

Simone White’s masterful songwriting, built on “cathartic intimacy” and “mesmerizing intelligence” (MOJO) and sung with a “sweetly airy and hypnotic” voice “like ether” (NPR), will release her latest full-length album Letter To The Last Generation on Oct. 18th.

The album’s title track will soon be released as a single, which is how the album began.

“The song, ‘Letter To The Last Generation’ was originally going to be a one-off,” White says, “But that day of recording felt so right. It was so much fun, we were playing live, everyone in the room. I felt excited about making a record for the first time in ages and I only really heard the kind of album I wanted to make on that day.”

That particular group of musicians includes Jebin Bruni (Aimee Mann, Meshell Ndegeocello), producer Pete Min, who co-wrote three of the album’s songs with White, and adored multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Andrew Bird. Grammy®-nominated bassist Kaveh Rastegar (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green) also appears on the album.

While the press has rightly praised White’s vocals and lyrics throughout the years, it is arguably her melodies that keep companies like Audi ® coming back to use White’s songs in their ads.

“Melodies are ineffable work,” White says. “I often think ‘How did they come, from where?’ I can argue a lyric, why I think one phrase is better than another, but melodies feel mysterious. When they work, they feel like they couldn't be anything else, and even though I wasn't trained in music enough to define that process, I know how it makes me feel. It’s magic.”

Letter To The Last Generation, the sixth album by once again NYC-based (after 15 years in Los Angeles) singer-songwriter Simone White, arrives on October 18th. Simone White is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Simone White | Links


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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dreamy desert-based duo LANDROID drops cover of Plastic Bertrand’s new wave classic “Ça Plane Pour Moi,” taken from upcoming LP.

 “Beautifully melancholy” “paranormal punk” “kaleidoscope of sound” that falls “somewhere between Pink Floyd and Beach House.”


LANDROID (L-R): Cooper Gillespie, Greg Gordon. Photo credit: LANDROID.


LANDROID | “Yellow Sea”


LANDROID | In The Press

“Haunting croons… Otherworldly melodics… somewhere between Pink Floyd and Beach House.” —  Grimy Goods

“Beautifully melancholy... inspired by the desolation and isolation of the desert.” — MXDWN

“It’s easy to imagine ‘Yellow Sea’ being performed during a dreamlike lounge scene in, say, Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive.” — PopMatters

“A kaleidoscope of sound… Meshes an array of styles from the ethereal to shoegaze... percussive power… astounding.” — Ghettoblaster

“Dark, throbbing... and dream-like.” — The Department of Tangents

“Paranormal punk.” — Aupium


LANDROID | “Ça Plane Pour Moi”

The Big Takeover with the premiere of “this fun cover of the 1977 classic by Plastic Bertrand. Already a sweeping and up-beat track, LANDROID add a bit of warmth and sweetness to it with Gillespie’s softer vocals and a post-punk touch.” Check it out here or at the link below!


Imperial Dunes
Sept. 13th, 2019
(Mojave Beach Records)

Track Listing:

01. So Say We All (STREAM | MP3)
02. Yellow Sea (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Don’t Be Cruel
04. Closing Doors
05. Ça Plane Pour Moi (STREAM | MP3)
06. Wishbone Machine
07. Automatic
08. A Cloud Goes By
09. Set On Fire



09/20/2019: Landers, CA @ Landers Brew Co
10/22/2019: Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
10/26/2019: Twentynine Palms, CA @ The Palms



Cooper Gillespie (vocals, guitar, bass) and Greg Gordon (drums, sequences) of LANDROID are veteran performers that have traveled the world as professional musicians. Now they live in the California town of Landers. Population: 2,632.

The music that Gillespie and Gordon are making as LANDROID, so named as a reference to their new home, is as vast as the environment in which it was created. Following years of playing variations on the Los Angeles-based punk and rock hybrid, Gillespie and Gordon settled in a desert land and became a desert band. The duo’s debut album Imperial Dunes arrives on Sept. 13th via their own Mojave Beach Records label.

“They are the largest mass of sand dunes in California,” Gillespie says of the actual Imperial Dunes, another real-life location that contributed to the name game. Turns out the “DROID” in LANDROID has a connection, too: “In Return of the Jedi, the Imperial Sand Dunes are the location of Jabba’s Palace,” Gillespie adds.

This bit of connect-the-dots finds its way back to the deeper substance that makes LANDROID’s songs stick. Giant production makes Gordon’s thudding kick drum sound as huge as the nearby Giant Rock Vortex, where it is believed that Earth’s magnetic energy lines intersect.

“They say it channels psychic energy,” Gordon says. “We know it sounds hippie-dippy, but we swear we can feel it.” Believe the mystical hype or not, Gordon’s drum sounds arrive from another planet.

“The dunes feel like an appropriate metaphor for life,” Gillespie observes, grounding her lyrical themes. “Nature is the ultimate power and just as the dunes change day-to-day, everything in life is constantly changing. We like to think we are in control, but nature reclaims us.”

LANDROID’s “Recommended If You Like” is more like a “Recommended If You’ve Lived.” It’s a list of inspirations and influences that read like whole lifestyles unto themselves.

Imperial Dunes sounds just like ‘em:

David Lynch, David Bowie, outer space, X, Cocteau Twins, William Blake, Blade Runner, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich, scuba diving, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Angela Carter, the ocean.

The album’s first single and music video “Yellow Sea,” proves the concept. Lush, but not lost in itself, the song is otherworldly and familiar at the same time.

“Yellow Sea” is a meditation on the hereafter,” Gillespie states.

Imperial Dunes by LANDROID arrives on Sept. 13th, 2019, preceded by the single and video “Yellow Sea,” out now. LANDROID is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.




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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BLUNDERBUSST back from five-year break with six-song double 7-inch. “Monarch of the Mountain” out now; Fall tour launches Sept. 5th.

Noisy shoegaze pop trio drops “their best material to date. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another five years to hear more,” says Pure Grain Audio.


BLUNDERBUSST (L-R): Jen Scaffidi, Carson Cessna, Carolyn Gates. Photo credit: Chris Carnel.



* = Jen Scaffidi solo, w/ The March Divide

09/05/2019: San Francisco, CA @ El Rio
09/06/2019: Davis, CA @ Armadillo Music
09/12/2019: Reno, NV @ Dead Ringer Analog Bar
09/13/2019: Medford, OR @ Johnny B’s
09/14/2019: Salem, OR @ Space Concert Club
09/15/2019: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Hideaway
09/20/2019: Nevada City, CA @ Miners Foundry Cultural Center
09/27/2019: Reno, NV @ Holland
10/14/2019: Albuquerque, NM @ Red Velvet Underground (Jen Scaffidi solo)
10/16/2019: Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar*
10/17/2019: Wichita, KS @ Kirby's Beer Store*
10/18/2019: Lawrence, KS @ Gaslight Gardens*
10/19/2019: Kansas City, MO @ KC House*


“Monarch of the Mountain” EP
(Slow Start Records)
Out Now

Streaming Link:

Track Listing:

01. James Alex Chilton
02. Monarch of the Mountain (STREAM | MP3)
03. Two to Grow Small
04. Wicked (STREAM | MP3)
05. You Get One
06. In Plain Sight



BLUNDERBUSST | “James Alex Chilton”

“Their best material to date. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another five years to hear more from this refreshingly unique band,” says Pure Grain Audio about James Alex Chilton by BLUNDERBUSST. Click to hear it now.



“Ruminative, burgeoning, but airy. Floating synths expansion, winding guitar lines, a pronounced drum beat, and rich, bittersweet vocals.” The Big Takeover weighs in on “Wicked,” the latest single from BLUNDERBUSST and the upcoming “Monarch of the Mountain” EP. Listen here.


BLUNDERBUSST | “Monarch of the Mountain”

“Imagine if Aimee Mann decided to pick up Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver)’s guitar. Couple that with clever songwriting that digs much deeper and one will already be able to imagine the sound.” Click to hear “Monarch of the Mountain” by BLUNDERBUSST at Ghettoblaster Magazine.



The 15-year career of the noisy, Reno, Nevada-based shoegaze-pop band BLUNDERBUSST has included more time off than on.

The group sticks to an edict of not only letting the songs be what they want, but also when they want. Essentially, BLUNDERBUSST makes music when the time is right, and that time has arrived again as the band, consisting of songwriter Jen Scaffidi (vocals, guitar), Carolyn Gates (drums), and Carson Cessna (guitars/synths), returns from a five-year hiatus with a new EP this summer, issued as a four-sided double 7-inch by San Antonio-based Slow Start Records.

“This phase of the band started as, ‘Hey guys, I wrote a few new songs,’” Scaffidi explains. “I wondered what it would be like to get in the room with the band and play them. And I thought we should probably play them in front of people before we went into the studio.”

Scaffidi continues, “Being in rooms with our friends playing music again felt like such a gift, like a small oasis of community in an increasingly hostile world. We felt so lucky to still be part of Reno’s incredibly active and vibrant music scene after such a long break.”

Suddenly BLUNDERBUSST was a band again.

“With ‘Monarch of the Mountain,’ we wanted to make something beautiful, something that might be more than just ‘Here’s our new EP,’ something we could give to our friends and the community that nurtured and embraced us, the people who made us what we are.”

The EP is the keepsake that the band intended.

“Monarch of the Mountain” sounds like the artists on the playlists that Scaffidi and Cessna made to inspire them during its creation (Aimee Mann, Neko Case, Brandi Carlile) meeting the trio’s stated influences (My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Swervedriver) head on. Picture a singer‐songwriter strumming an acoustic guitar and then breaking it over your head at the end of the set. Scaffidi translates this description of physical pain into cathartic, sometimes unsettlingly candid lyrics.

“Go now, write it down, because I’ve seen the end and it comes too soon,” she sings on “Monarch of the Mountain,” the EP’s title track and first single, recently premiered via Ghettoblaster Magazine, and now streaming everywhere.

“Monarch of the Mountain,” the latest EP by BLUNDERBUSST is out now from Slow Start Records. Members of BLUNDERBUSST are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.




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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings channels love of topographical maps into music video for “song of the bummer” single “Our Secret.”

“Connecting the glistening AM radio pop of the late ‘70s to the shivering synth atmospheres of new wave,” says The Southern Sounding.


Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings as photographed by Dan Battista.



“Our Secret” (Music Video) & “Tonight” (Single) by The Late Innings


“I think of this track less like a ‘song of the summer’ and more like a ‘song of the bummer,” jokes Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings about “Our Secret” from his upcoming Wild Places album. “The song is about a guy who returns to his favorite vacation spot, only to find that it is now overrun by tourists.”

Imperfect Fifth says the song is “packed with entertaining lyrics” in its coverage of the music video, which Sinex made using screen captures from United States Geological Survey topographical maps that illustrate not only the lyrics of the song, but also the types of places (beaches, coves and bays) the traveler encounters in the tune.

Also out now ahead of the full Wild Places release on Sept. 6th is latest single “Tonight,” which The Southern Sounding calls “a brilliant blend of synth-pop and indie rock instincts.” The music discovery site goes on to say that “Sinex creates this noise as a way to explore the lines connecting the glistening AM radio pop of the late ‘70s to the shivering synth atmospheres of new wave.”

For his part, Sinex explains, “‘Tonight’ is about being willing to exposing your secrets. In it, a reclusive film director, lured out of seclusion to receive a lifetime achievement award in front of a room full of Hollywood luminaries (and a giant television audience at home) throws away his prepared speech, and instead pours out his heart to tell a story about a lost love.”


The Late Innings | In The Press

Venerable music criticism website Babysue raves about the upcoming Wild Places by The Late Innings!

“Recording and releasing music under the moniker The Late Innings, Sinex comes up with a whole slew of songs that should be hits. Wild Places spins like a best of collection. And by many other artists, it would be. The tracks on this album have an overall light and airy feel. And the songs are immediately catchy and friendly.”

“This talented fellow uses ideas and sounds from his favorite bands as a diving board to create his own upbeat feelgood musical universe. Sinex has an incredible knack for coming up with cool melodies. The more we spin this one the more absorbing it becomes.”


The Late Innings
Wild Places
Sept. 6th, 2019
(The Late Innings Company)

Track Listing:

01. Last Resort (STREAM | MP3)
02. Our Secret (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. The Name Above The Door
04. Tonight (STREAM | MP3)
05. It’s Not Over
06. Stand By My Side
07. Slip Out Of Your Fingers
08. Long Way From Home
09. You Got Me All Wrong
10. Blue Skies Every Day


The Late Innings | About

Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym?

It may be hard to convince you otherwise after listening to Wild Places, Sinex’s upcoming new solo album as The Late Innings, out Sept. 6th. The album’s lead single “Our Secret” is streaming everywhere now. The Los Angeles native’s music sounds like his name. It rides that edge of time when the late 1970s became the early 1980s. When pop became new wave. When AM became FM.

“I have been recording since my early 20’s when I first got a four-track cassette recorder, a couple of guitars and a drum machine,” Sinex says. “I was inspired by the performances in the 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ which captured the energy, intensity, and diverse sounds of 80’s new wave bands.  When I saw groups like XTC, Magazine, and Echo and The Bunnymen in that film, it made me want to pick up a guitar and try to make that kind of music myself.”

Based on those incredible influences, Sinex went on to teach himself some recording basics, knock out a few cover tunes, write and record some songs of his own, and ultimately form a short-lived band. Then, a ten-year detour into a more institutional type of education followed, earning Sinex a Master’s degree in Computer Science, but keeping him from music, and the march of technology.

“Once I had my degree, I returned to working on music, but technology had changed a lot,” he remembers. “Even though I had new gear, I initially struggled to write any new material.”

The dedicated science student that he is, Sinex decided to take an analytical approach to writer’s block.

“I had to teach myself the craft of song construction, so I got a bunch of songbooks by people I admired, and I started studying how their songs were put together,” he explains. This exercise led Sinex out of his slump and to the writing and recording of his debut album Arrived and Departed, released in 2015.

For Wild Places, Sinex performs everything you’ll hear, including the meticulously layered background vocals. The album explores themes that are particular to today’s cultural challenges, mostly relating to privacy in a society where almost nothing is private anymore.

Well, almost nothing. Because if Vincent Sinex really is a pseudonym, that secret is still safe.

Wild Places, the latest album by The Late Innings arrives on Sept. 6th, preceded by the singles “Our Secret,” “Last Resort,” and “Tonight.” Vincent Sinex of The Late Innings is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Queer vocalist Samantha Sidley wins with “I Like Girls” music video; Song is from debut recorded in L.A.-raised artist’s childhood bedroom.

“Interior Person” album arrives Sept. 13th; Currently on US tour with The Bird and The Bee; Hometown record release show set for Sept. 14th 


Samantha Sidley as photographed by Logan White



See the video for “I Like Girls” and read an interview with Samantha Sidley at Refinery29 or check out the song at Grimy Goods or the links below!


Samantha Sidley | On Tour | * = w/ The Bird and The Bee

08/21/2019: Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5 (TIX)*
08/22/2019: Birmingham, AL @ The Saturn (TIX) *
08/24/2019: Dallas, TX @ Trees (TIX) *
08/25/2019: Austin, TX @ Parish (TIX) *
08/28/2019: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom (TIX) *
08/29/2019: San Diego, CA @ Casbah (TIX) *
08/30/2919: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop (TIX) *
09/14/2019: Los Angeles, CA @ Gardenia Restaurant & Lounge (Record Release Show)


Samantha Sidley
Interior Person
Sept. 13th, 2019
(Release Me Records)

Track Listing:

01. I Like Girls (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. Only You Can Break My Heart
03. Naked To Love
04. Butterfly In My Ass
05. I Can’t Listen
06. Listen!! (STREAM | MP3)
07. Rose Without Thorns
08. Busy Doin’ Nothin’ (STREAM | MP3)
09. Easy To Be True
10. Interior Person



“We really wanted a song with a ‘refrain,’ a rubato intro that I could play with, like a classic early jazz song,” explains Samantha Sidley of the latest single from her upcoming debut album.

‘Listen!!’ is what came out! I think originally when I was performing this song, I was thinking about all the mansplaining I’ve had to endure over the years, or just turning on the radio and having the unfortunate experience of hearing our current president, but now when I sing it, I’m often just talking to myself, telling my brain to quiet down.”

Hear Samantha Sidley singing “Listen!!” at All About Jazz or at the link above!



Cover Me says Samantha Sidley “digs deep for this Beach Boys tribute, eschewing the oft-covered classics for a true deep cut... It seems impossible to record a version that betters Brian Wilson’s... I’d argue Sidley’s jazzy version surpasses the original.”

“This song is from one of my favorite Beach Boys records, Friends,” Sidley says. “I was on a leisurely walk in my neighborhood listening to it and realized that the song is a story I pretty much live every day. I knew it especially when Brian Wilson says, ‘I get a lot of thoughts in the morning, I write them all down, if it wasn’t for that, I’d forget them in a while.’

Listen to Samantha Sidley covering “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” by The Beach Boys at Cover Me or at the link above!


Samantha Sidley | About

Samantha Sidley is a jazz vocalist, born-and-raised in Los Angeles, and she likes girls.

The words “I like girls” are the first thing you’ll hear when Sidley’s debut album Interior Person (Sept. 13th, Release Me Records) opens. The song is an unassuming anthem, a future standard for an evolving culture. It’s also a fun and funny ice-breaker that you’ll sing along with.

“I Like Girls” is a peek into what plays out as a meticulously crafted debut album featuring Sidley’s beautifully trained voice taking confident ownership of songs written for her to sing by some of the most important women in her life.

These other “girls” include fellow musicians Inara George, Alex Lilly, and Sidley’s “Top One” favorite musician of all-time, her wife, Barbara Gruska.

Inara and Alex and Barbara wrote songs that are all very personal to my story – they literally are my story – and from my lesbian perspective, which I appreciate so much,” Sidley says. In addition to co-writing many of the songs here, and playing drums (masterfully) on many of the tracks, Gruska also produced Interior Person in a studio constructed in Sidley’s childhood bedroom.

“My whole life was a song,” Sidley says of her childhood. “If I looked at a tree, it was a song. If I felt happy, sad, joy, it was a song. When I first heard Judy Garland in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ I remember thinking: ‘I understand.’ I’ve always considered myself an interpreter, which is sort of an undervalued art form. I like to take a song and make the story true for me.”

Sidley soon discovered Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, soul music in general, and her own personal “soulfulness” itself. You know, like all seven-year-olds do. Later, considering how annoyed 11-year-old Sidley was when her vocal instructor wouldn’t allow her to sing Holiday’s “Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)” at her first recital, it all made perfect sense.

A decade later, Sidley got to sing whatever she wanted, performing at NYC’s legendary Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel, where she lived in Dorothy Parker’s room, listened to a lot of Anita O’Day and Ella Fitzgerald, and landed a rave review in The New York Times.

“She knows exactly how I express myself and what my intentions are,” Sidley says of her working relationship with Gruska. “Collaborating on this record has actually been a much longer collaboration of us getting to know each other.”

Interior Person, the debut album from Samantha Sidley, arrives Sept. 13th, preceded by the single “I Like Girls,” out now.  Samantha Sidley is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Samantha Sidley | Links


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