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One Finger Riot releases first of four-EP “Boredinaire” series. Hear the first single via USA Today’s Pop Candy column now.

 “Lifted Off” is “the unintentional result of having listened to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’ about a million times.”


Faris McReynolds as photographed by Andre Vippolis



“Lifted Off” is the featured track from the “Boredinaire (Pt. 1)” EP by One Finger Riot


“Complex and dreamlike.” – USA Today

“Like Air? Yah, me too. Cool. So you'll probably love One Finger Riot.” – MTV Buzzworthy

Los Angeles-based visual artist Faris McReynolds (see here for some of his gallery work) is also a prolific songwriter and musician. McReynolds toured in a punk band as far back as his early teens and in 2012, he  released a total of four full-length albums (two as One Finger Riot and two as ExDetectives), gaining the attention of tastemakers such as MTV Buzzworthy, KEXP, and My Old Kentucky Blog along the way.  McReynolds is now on to “Boredinaire,” a series of four EPs that will comprise the next One Finger Riot project.

The first of the series “Boredinaire (Pt.1)” was released yesterday and USA Today’s Pop Candy column has the exclusive premiere of the “Lifted Off” single here.  Columnist Whitney Matheson astutely compares the tune to the sound of Folk Implosion, while McReynolds himself says the song is “the unintentional result of having listened to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’ about a million times each throughout my life.”

Of the new project, McReynolds explains, “I’ve been working on a dozen new songs for a few months and ended up renting a garage in Joshua Tree for a couple of weeks to do some live tracking,” he explains. “I’m not done with everything yet, but I’m going to start by giving away ‘Lifted Off’ because it’s done.”

Of the progression of his work, McReynolds says “I’m not really feeling cleaner sounds and sadder songs anymore. ‘Lifted Off’ sounds pretty different from the other One Finger Riot songs. A lot more raw color. It’s the sound I’ve been hearing all along, so now it’s a matter of taking my time to do it right by my own standards.”

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One Finger Riot
“Boredinaire (Pt. 1)” EP
(Post Planetary – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Lifted Off (STREAM | DOWNLOAD)
02. Rabbit Hole
03. Sunlite Lullaby


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