Monday, April 8, 2013

Metal Mother lands on cover of San Francisco Bay Guardian ahead of new album, out next week.

Download the latest single “Tactillium,” available now courtesy of Under The Radar and Spinner.


 Taara Tati of Metal Mother on the cover of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Read the story by Emily Savage here.  Photo Credit: Leo Volk Matis.



“Tactillium” is the latest single from the upcoming Ionika by Metal Mother


Download “Tactillium” by Metal Mother via Under The Radar or Spinner!

See Metal Mother live at record release show for Ionika on May 2nd at The Public Works in San Francisco!

“…the clearest running thread throughout Ionika is fascination with Druids,” notes the San Francisco Bay Guardian in its cover story on Taara Tati aka Metal Mother.  The feature, published in the paper’s current issue, arrives a week before the release of the sophomore Metal Mother album, due April 16th on the artist’s own Post Primal label.

Tati elaborates, saying, “This inspiration was reinforced by my recent travels to the UK, entertainment like ‘Lord of The Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ and an obsession with my own Celtic ancestry.”  Have a listen to what this sounds like on “Tactillium,” the latest single from Ionika, now available via Under The Radar and Spinner.

“‘Tactillium’ pays homage to the alchemical love story of ‘The Terrible Mother’ (prima materia) and Aether (light),” Tati explains.  “The crushing analog bass conjures a cathedral event, while the syrupy vocals and thick blend of classic 80’s drum samples enclose the aural ritual of chaos worship in a warm and hauntingly maternal experience.”

“One of the main intentions of Ionika is to get energy up when the songs are performed live,” Tati says of how the new album differs from her debut album, 2011’s Bonfire Diaries.  Fans can see for themselves when Metal Mother performs at a record release show for Ionika on May 2nd at The Public Works in San Francisco.

Taara Tati of Metal Mother is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Metal Mother
(Post Primal – April 16th, 2013)

Track Listing:

01. Mind_off
02. Windexx’d
03. Prism (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
04. Tactillium (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
05. Little Ghost
06. Omens
07. Hungers
08. Doomdome
09. Enetar
10. Cardiac Blossom
11. IONA


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