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Son of 14-time Grammy award winner brings meticulous song construction to debut Mount Pressmore album “Enjoy,” out December 3rd.

“Dry Land” single straddles the jazz-rock line with a level of proficiency that brings to mind an indie-rock Steely Dan. Hear it now via Relix.


Mount Pressmore (L-R): Kris Studebaker, Danny Anderson, Thomas Shaw, Alexei Sefchick. Photo by: Vanessa Reiser Shaw.



“Dry Land” is the first single from Enjoy by Mount Pressmore



Check out the premiere of “Dry Land” by Mount Pressmore exclusively via Relix!

“Music was his religion,” Mount Pressmore vocalist and keyboardist Thomas Shaw says of his father Robert Shaw, a famed conductor with 14 Grammy awards to his name. “His obsessions were Bach’s ‘Mass in B minor,’ Mozart’s ‘Requiem,’ and Beethoven’s ‘Missa Solemnis.’  This was the music I heard most frequently as a child.”  Raised amid technical exercises, music theory, and classical recitals, the young Shaw was none-the-less eventually drawn to more popular sounds.

“I heard Oscar Peterson and I was blown away,” he recalls of the development of his own obsessions. “Then I listened to B.B. King, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, and Fela Kuti.” Relocating to Austin after school, Shaw formed Mount Pressmore in late 2011 with drummer and fellow New York Collective School of Music classmate, Kris Studebaker. Bassist Alexei Sefchick and guitarist Danny Anderson, both graduates of Boston’s Berklee School of Music, complete the quartet.

Owing to the deep history, education, and influences of its players, Mount Pressmore’s music is a technical revelation.  Its music straddles the jazz-rock line with a level of proficiency that brings to mind an indie-rock Steely Dan on the debut album Enjoy, scheduled for release on Mount Pressmore’s own Pressmore Records on December 3rd , 2013.

“It takes time for all of us to adopt and memorize this material, but I’m hopeful that we can release an album annually.  If we could, I’d like to release a record every six months.”  For now, Mount Pressmore can enjoy the completion of Enjoy and its first single “Dry Land” streaming now via Relix.

Thomas Shaw of Mount Pressmore is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Mount Pressmore
(Pressmore Records, Dec. 3rd, 2013)

01. Here We Go
02. The New Regional Branch Manager
03. Dry Land (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
04. Trampoline
05. A Place in the Sun
06. Vice-Presidential Material
07. Interchange
08. Dawn, Bingham
09. Agnostic
10. Dakota


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