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L.A. foursome The Black Watch bows “I Don’t Feel The Same” single from “Led Zeppelin Five” follow-up.

Latest track from band’s new “The End of When” double–CD set makes its premiere via Rolling Stone.


The Black Watch (clockwise from upper left):

John Andrew Fredrick, Steven Schayer, Rick Woodard, Chris Rackard. Photos by Steve Keros.


Download “I Don’t Feel The Same” by The Black Watch via Rolling Stone

See the video for “Meg” by The Black Watch via USA Today

Hear “Meg” by The Black Watch via The A.V. Club


San Francisco!  See The Black Watch live w/ Tommy Keene at the Red Devil Lounge on Nov. 7th!  More details here.



“I Don’t Feel The Same” is the latest single from The End of When by The Black Watch


“L.A. has not produced a band as capable of both My Bloody Valentine miasma and Nick Drake quietness.” — Andy Gill, Gang of Four

The Black Watch is a band that writes kiss-off songs par excellence - as well as melodies about “altered states.” “I Don’t Feel The Same,” the latest single from the band’s The End of When album (premiered via Rolling Stone) is, as its ambiguous chorus suggests, both: the speaker doesn’t feel the same vibe or trip or feeling he felt before, and he doesn’t feel the same way about the addressee of the song.  In other words, he’d “rather quiz a Siamese cat!” than deal with what “mercurially, from yesterday” his kiss-off’d one has “said in passing or in jest.” But mostly, guitarist Steven Schayer’s otherworldly Telecaster says all of the above with sonic kiss-off love and mad abandon!

Referred to as “a national treasure” by the L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles-based veteran indie pop band The Black Watch formed in the late 1980’s and has released “17-and-counting CDs of remarkable consistency” in that time, according to the paper.  After a relatively short three-year break between albums, the band has returned with the follow-up to its cheekily titled Led Zeppelin Five full-length.  The new record The End of When comes accompanied by a second CD collecting some of the band’s best and brightest tunes from its catalog.  The album is the first release for Austin’s Pop Culture Press Records, an offshoot of the well-respected indie zine of the same name.

Also available from the album is the lead single and video “Meg,” which band leader John Andrew Frederick describes as “revolving around the singer’s appreciation of a woman’s uniqueness and beauty and how he goes all ‘ice cream inside’ when he thinks of her looking at him ‘green-eyed-shyly’ through ‘imperfect bangs.’”  The track recently premiered via The Onion’s A.V. Club and the video for the song has made its debut via USA Today.  The animated clip, co-created by Schayer, was produced under duress.  As he explains, “We’d previously gone through a truly hideous and soul-demolishing experience paying someone to do a video that was unusable. In a Scotch-fueled frenzy, I decided to do it myself and drew a caricature of John playing guitar.  It sort of snowballed from there.”

Members of The Black Watch are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information, guest list needs, etc.


The Black Watch
The End of When
(Pop Culture Press, Out Now)

Disc 1 (The End of When)

01. I Don’t Feel The Same (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
03. Hardly Nothing Never Ending
04. Oh Oh
05. Sum
06. Always Honey
07. The End of When
08. Of Lovely Surprises
09. The Spare Side
10. A Pleasing Dream / That’s You and Me All Over
11. Unlistening

Disc 2 (Best Of)

01. How Much About Love
02. Emily, Are You Sleeping?
03. Like In The Movies
04. Kinda Sorta
05. On Another Plane (Scott Campbell Remix)
06. Come Inside
07. Quasi Stellar Radio Source
08. Williamsburg
09. Innercity Garden
10. All These Shivers
11. Tear The Sky
12. The Wrong People
13. Caroline
14. Christopher Smart
15. Whatever You Need
16. The Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said


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