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Oakland-based trio Mortar & Pestle triumphs over tragedy on “synth-pop scorcher” single “U.V.,” streaming now via SPIN.

“It’s about the effect love has.  Warm at first, but like sun’s rays, it ages us,” says singer Janaysa Lambert. EP arrives May 7th.


Mortar & Pestle (L-R): Sean Paul Duke, Janaysa Lambert, Paul Shinichi. Photo Credit: Sequoia Emmanuelle.



“U.V.” is the first single from the upcoming self-titled debut EP by Mortar & Pestle


Check out the exclusive premiere of “U.V.” by Mortar & Pestle via SPIN!

See the trailer for the upcoming “U.V.” music video streaming now.

Oakland, California–based trio Mortar & Pestle is set to release its debut EP on May 7th via the local label Post Primal.  The arresting first single “U.V.” recently premiered via SPIN.  “‘U.V. is about the effect love has,” says lead singer Janaysa Lambert. “It’s warm at first, and fills us with expansive joy, but not unlike the rays of the sun, it can age us quickly.”

The sounds of a pinball machine in the opening of the tune might say fun, but give way to a darkness that is real.  Born on the kitchen piano of a studio apartment, days after Lambert and keyboardist Paul Shinichi first met at a mutual friend’s party, the two were joined within the year by drummer Sean Paul Duke. Tragically, the friend who brought them together met with an untimely death shortly after she gave the band its name.

“She wanted to be the one to name us,” says Shinichi. “We were struggling with a name for months, and then she came up with Mortar & Pestle. I think honoring her life is one reason why we are together. This album is really about her.”  The band is also now completing a music video for “U.V.” that is as moving as the song itself.  A trailer for the clip is streaming now.

Members of Mortar & Pestle are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Mortar & Pestle Live

05/10 Oakland, CA @ The Uptown Record Release Show
05/12 Portland, OR @ The Lovecraft w/ Not from Brooklyn
05/15 Seattle, WA @ The Redezvous/Jewelbox Theatre w/ Not from Brooklyn


Mortar & Pestle
(Post Primal – May 7th, 2013)

Track Listing:

02. Pristine Dream
03. Lady 7
04. Lighthouse
05. Switchblade Bandita
06. Electric Angel


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