Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tooth & Nail releases unforgettable video for Neon Horse's “Cuckoo!"

For Immediate Release: Tooth & Nail releases unforgettable video for “Cuckoo!,” the first single from mystery supergroup Neon Horse’s debut album. New Starflyer59-related projects also now available from the label.

“Forgetting the fact that Neon Horse is a faceless entity at this point, the music of Neon Horse is able to be pegged. Entrenched in a nu-garage aesthetic, Neon Horse does an admirable job of mixing the macabre retro tones of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus or maybe Danzig...” – HM Magazine

Tooth & Nail Records has gone public with the video for “Cuckoo!,” from the debut album by mystery supergroup Neon Horse. In the tradition of the band's humble beginnings, the members of Neon Horse prefer to leave their identities a mystery. Now with the release of the “Cuckoo!” video, will the identities of these cloaked horses be revealed? Watch “Cuckoo!” HERE, and decide for yourself. And while you're guessing, check out two new Starflyer59-related Tooth and Nail releases from Joy Electric and The Brothers Martin.

Joy Electric’s latest Tooth & Nail release is The Otherly Opus. Says the band’s Ronnie Martin, “I’m trying to make an anti-dance electronic record. As soon as it’s an electronic thing, dance gets involved.” Aside from his work with Joy Electric, Martin has teamed up with brother, Jason, of the hit indie-guitar-pop band Starflyer59, to release The Brothers Martin. The fittingly named record contains ten flawless tracks – all potential hit singles. Unlike many collaborative albums, The Brothers Martin sound is not a hastily created amalgam of the Joy Electric and Starflyer59 aesthetics.

Says Ronnie Martin, “My main concern with the project was that I didn’t want it to be a B-sides thing.” Upon listening to The Brothers Martin, fans will concur that these two extraordinary songwriters have once again surpassed all expectations.

Neon Horse Track Listing:
01. Cuckoo! (MP3 | VIDEO)
02. Speed Killz
03. I Know (I Just Don't Care)
04. Crazy Daisy
05. Kick Yer Asking For It
06. Go. Stop.
07. The Bathroom Wall
08. Nice For You
09. Little Lamb
10. Pretty Face Divided
11. Horsey
12. Merciless Mother

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