Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mingle With Singles

Hi – this is Josh Bloom, president of Fanatic Promotion writing. With the proliferation of the MP3 culture, the era of the album is giving way to the single again. While I love to linger with a singer, I also love to mingle with a single.

And thus, this post entitled MINGLE WITH SINGLES. With this, I intend to give you a peek into new bands on the Fanatic roster that are getting a lot of spin time on my personal iPod.

These include: ahead-of-time tunes (a track from a record that we’ll be talking about more extensively in the near future), exclusive tracks (remixes and hot-off-of-the-boards new songs), and otherwise unavailable cuts (like vinyl-only tunes and even MP3's of 7"s – the original single – bringing it all back home!)

There are many ways to listen: you can download individual tracks via the links below, download a fully mixed 30-minute MP3 version here, subscribe to the Fanatic podcast via iTunes or another podcast service via our newsfeed.

Any way you choose it, please MINGLE & ENJOY.

This edition of MINGLE WITH SINGLES includes tracks by:
01. People Noise (new band featuring Zeke Buck, formerly of VHS or Beta.)
02. The Lodger (catchy new UK band on the revitalized Slumberland label.)
03. Adam Franklin (Swervedriver frontman with a great new solo album.)
04. Chris Bathgate (Michigan singer-songwriter giving Sufjan a run for it.)
05. Meowskers (Kick-ass pop band from Brooklyn that I know you'll love.)
06. Black Moth Super Rainbow (A remix by The Octopus Project.)
07. Copperpot (Chicago hip-hop artist with collaborator KRS One.)
08. The Loose Salute (Straight outta 1968, a new band from members of Mojave 3.)
09. Herman Jolly (One of the Bedroom Trio of songwriters from Cali.)
10. Wooden Wand (Featuring members of Sonic Youth. A lyrical gem.)

Thanks for listening!

Josh Bloom
Fanatic Promotion, Inc.