Wednesday, May 30, 2007

J. DiMenna Exclusive Track - "A Lizard's Tongue."

"DiMenna's made a CD that's infectious. Its the kind of infectious music that took time to grab me, the kind of infectious music that I find myself singing and not realizing what it is or how it even crept into my subconscious." - Bob Boilen of NPR's "All Songs Considered"

Fanatic is proud to present an as-yet-unreleased track from J. DiMenna. "A Lizard's Tongue" (MP3) features J. along with other members of the Exotic label roster including bilingual, multi-instrumentalist jar-e and DiMenna's sister Meredith of Saint Bernadette on backing vocals. The track predates DiMenna's album Awkward Buildings, which recently spawned the digital-only live EP If He Could Speak Now (STREAM).

As Meredith DiMenna explains, "This is one of J’s oldest songs that he wrote when he and jar-e were in a band together in Asheville. J. had moved beyond it when he went in the studio to do Awkward Buildings. But I always really, really loved it and thought it was a classic song. I asked if they would record it so we could use it at some point in the future to promote both their albums. So jar-e and J. came into the Exotic studio with Keith Saunders, who produced jar-e’s record, and came up with this version. I think J. might feel like this is his version of “Cherry Pie” - like the song that’s not really like the rest of your music, but so catchy that no one will ever let you perform without asking for it!"

J. DiMenna's new six-track digital-only EP If He Could Speak Now has hit the blogosphere and the radio stations at America's institutions of higher learning. The EP features live versions of songs from DiMenna's critically acclaimed album Awkward Buildings. The video for one of Awkward Buildings' featured tracks, "Preacher," (MP3 | VIDEO), which appears in live form on If He Could Speak Now, was directed by Roland Becerra. Becerra recently won the Moving Pictures Magazine Short Film contest and screened his winning film Dear Beautiful at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

Read more about J. DiMenna at the Fanatic website (LINK), and visit him at MySpace too (LINK).

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