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The March Divide announces Aug. 24th release of “Anticipation Pops,” San Antonio-based songwriter Jared Putnam’s fourth full-length.

Informed by non-stop touring – new dates launch today – latest is artist’s most realized work. Non-album “Get In Line” single out now.


Jared Putnam of The March Divide as photographed by Josh Huskin.


The March Divide – In The Press

“Impressively hooky.” — American Songwriter

“Completely clever.” — Performer

“Bittersweet beauty.” —  Impose

“Catchy hooks and memorable lines.” — Innocent Words

“Eloquently simple and concise.” — Atwood



Hear “Get In Line” from “Distractions: Vol. 1.,” the first in an ongoing series of singles releases by The March Divide! All-new album Anticipation Pops arrives Aug. 24th!



You think we’d know Jared Putnam by now. 

Over the course of three albums, five EPs, numerous singles (including the recent two-song “Distractions: Vol. 1”), and a batch of cover songs in a mere half-decade, Putnam’s mostly one-man project The March Divide has delivered a seemingly unending stream of songs that have established the San Antonio-based artist as one of the best rock songwriters working today.

Today, in additional to launching another leg of his nearly non-stop touring schedule (see itinerary below), Putnam’s announces the upcoming release of the fourth The March Divide album. Anticipation Pops (Aug. 24th, Slow Start Records) is his best work to date, mostly because the ten songs here reveal a greater emotional depth, along with performances, and lyrics, that go beyond anything that Putnam has offered up before. Perhaps his near-manic recording and touring schedule was prologue that has led to the relatable sensitivity that is this album.

“This record feels like a new direction,” Putnam says.

Recording at home on the fly, and skipping his usual demo and pre-production process, has allowed Putnam to maintain a spontaneous feeling that informs these songs, and obviously kept him from overthinking lyrics or anything else that stood in the way of a group of tunes that could be called “raw” if Putnam wasn’t so good at producing himself and if the word “raw” didn’t scream “under produced.”

That is to say: These songs sound great.

Putnam claims that the work on Anticipation Pops represent a thematic “consistent inconsistency,” different from his more planned past albums. And while he dials that back when he agrees that the album is cohesive, he’s either being modest, or is far enough outside of his comfort zone now not to notice that Anticipation Pops is actually his most thematic record of all.

Writing ten personal songs from a unique perspective, but relatable to everyone, is an artistic goal most songwriters never achieve. Putnam affirms that he made Anticipation Pops by deciding, “this is what I’m doing, take it or leave it.” Apparently he didn’t know that the result would be the work his fans can care for most of all.

Anticipation Pops, the fourth full-length album by The March Divide is out August 24th, 2018, on the artist’s recently co-founded Slow Start Records label. “Distractions: Vol. 1,” the first in a series of singles releases, including the track “Get In Line,” is available now.


The March Divide – On Tour

5/17/2018: Dallas, TX @ Adair’s Saloon (730PM)
5/18/2018: Wichita Falls, TX @ Gypsy Uncorked
5/19/2018: Amarillo, TX @ The 806
5/20/2018: Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar
5/21/2018: Wichita, KS @ Kirby’s Beer Store
5/22/2018: Kansas City, MO @ Dave's Uptown Ramblers Club
5/23/2018: St. Louis, MO @ Evangeline’s Bistro & Music House
5/24/2018: Chicago, IL @ Elbo Room
5/25/2018: Seymour, IN @ House Show
5/26/2018: Kansas City, MO @ House Show
5/29/2018: Greenville, SC Black Sneaker Souls Recording
5/30/2018: Nashville, TN @ Spring Water
5/31/2018: Memphis, TN @ Sounds Good Memphis
6/01/2018: Houston, TX @ Rudyard’s British Pub
6/02/2018: Seabrook, TX @ Midnite Slice
6/06/2018: Amarillo, TX @ Red Door Brewing
6/07/2018: Albuquerque, NM @ The 806 (w/ Jonah Matranga, The Pauses)
6/08/2018: Fort Stockton, TX @ The Garage


The March Divide
Anticipation Pops
(Slow Start Records)
Aug, 24th, 2018

Track Listing:

01. I Don’t Care
02. Spinning
03. Overexposure
04. We’ve Got Time
05. Stevie Doesn’t Know
06. I’ve Got Mine
07. Tie One On
08. To All My Friends
09. I Will Run To You
10. Lucky


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