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J Hacha de Zola further focuses his “reductive synthesis” method of music-making on upcoming third album “Antipatico.” Translation: “Wicked.”

Rahway-based “urban junkyard” artist joined by Dana Colley of Morphine, Tom Waits collaborator Ralph Carney, Frank London of Klezmatics.


J Hacha de Zola as photographed by Miguel Peralta Jr.



Hear the “mutant blues rock” of “No Situation” from Antipatico via Treble Zine or at the links below!


J Hacha de Zola – In The Press

“The kind of alluring character found in old children’s books.” — UTNE

“The main influence is that of Tom Waits. But if Zola has influences, he also has talent.” — VOIR (Canada)

“To say that De Zola’s creative process and musical style are unique is an understatement.” — SLUG

“Cranks and curdles and clomps around his slithery croon tunes.” — CMJ

“A twisted, dystopian narrative straight from the mind of John Carpenter.” — Elmore

“Visionary.” — BLURT


“I write creepy songs or songs for creeps, but this one is a bit more light-hearted,” muses Rahway, New Jersey’s ​​J Hacha de Zola about “No Situation,” the first single from his upcoming third album Antipatico, arriving ​​October 6th. Hear “No Situation” now via Treble Zine.

​​“No Situation” is one example of the voodoo to be found on the new album, which follows-up ​​Picaro Obscuro, the second of Hacha de Zola’s two “urban junkyard” albums of 2016. At the time of that record’s release, ​​Hacha de Zola insinuated that he might not continue on to make a third, but with Antipatico, he allows listeners the opportunity to hear an artist confidently gaining ground on his own vision and voice. Some artists change immeasurably over the course of three records, whereas Hacha de Zola is actually becoming who he set out to be.

“It has been an interesting exercise making the last two records (Jan., 2016’s ​​Escape From Fat Kat City and Aug., 2016’s ​​Picaro Obscuro),” ​​Hacha de Zola says. “I wasn’t sure what I’d end up with or how I’d feel about what I’d done. It took time for me to become a ‘believer’ in what I’ve been doing, but with this record it’s become something that I feel is truly a reflection of my voice.”

As with his previous albums, ​​Hacha de Zola (and his gaggle of cohorts and underground legends including Dana Colley of Morphine, Tom Waits collaborator Ralph Carney, Frank London of Klezmatics, and “Psycho Mambo” collective, Gato Loco) is practicing Hacha de Zola’s “reductive synthesis” method of, as he elegantly says, “shooting the arrow first and then painting the bullseye around it.”

​​Hacha de Zola explains, “I never go to the studio with songs written. I allow the musicians to be themselves and throw all they’ve got at it. Then I’ll go and peel back the various layers to fashion a song from it all. It’s a pretty risky way of making an album because when it’s all done, you may have something that isn’t agreeable to you. Other times, you arrive at something truly magical and the songs take on a life of their own. There’s a certain kind of voodoo there that could not be planned.”

Antipatico, the latest album from J Hacha de Zola, arrives October 6th, 2017. Hacha de Zola is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


J Hacha de Zola
October 6th, 2017

Track Listing:

01. Antipatico
02. March of the Hollowmen
03. Lightning Rod Salesman
04. No Situation  (YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD | MP3)
05. El Desgraciado
06. On a Sleepless Night
07. Eigengrau
08. That Same Thing
09. Amaranthine
10. A Fanciful Invention


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