Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tree Machines counters mid-western malaise, Los Angeles loneliness with “an extended vocal-synth crescendo of hope and illumination.”

L.A. by way of Lawrence, Kansas-based band drops high-flying lyric video, :DFACE remix of anthemic “Waiting On The Sun” single.


Tree Machines (L-R): Douglas Wooldridge, Patrick Aubry. Photo by Kasia Nawrocka.



Listen to “Waiting On The Sun” via Popdust and see the lyric video at The Vinyl District or the links below!


Hear the :DFACE remix of “Waiting On The Sun” via Last Day Deaf or the link below!


Tree Machines – In The Press

“It’s some LA soul that indie pop needs.” — Popdust

“An extended vocal-synth crescendo of hope and illumination.” — The Vinyl District

“Immediately aiming for the anthemic.” — The Wild

“Emotionally staggering.” — Diffuser

“Best new rock song of the year so far.” — BULLETT

“I’ve been unable to stop listening.” — Gold Flake Paint (UK)

“Grips you in such a beautifully brutal way.” — Innocent Words

“Gleaming placidity.” — BlackBook


“Los Angeles is a lonely city,” says Doug Wooldridge of Tree Machines.

After releasing a debut EP that contained the band’s hard-to-ignore, first-ever single “Fucking Off Today,” Wooldridge left Lawrence, Kansas behind in 2015 to move into a house in the tiny L.A. neighborhood of Canoga Park. There, with bandmate Patrick Aubry, and producer, engineer, and drummer, Mike Giffin (all three contribute to the various instrumentation and music of Tree Machines), Wooldridge turned the garage into a tracking room, and began creating the first full-length Tree Machines album Up For Air, scheduled for release in late 2017.

“We went down the rabbit hole building a studio here,” says Giffin. “We thought it would be quick, but it quickly became eight months.”

Regardless, the group was determined to create a room where they could make music that moved, was moving, and was much bigger than the space in which it was created. The initial result is the powerful single “Waiting On The Sun,” released last month, and now followed up by a manic lyric video which spotlights Wooldridge’s words about “naked cynicism mixed with a hint of hope and understanding.”

When the band visited L.A. before deciding to move there, Aubry says that the city “had a golden aura around it. This was the place dreams happened. This was the place where opportunity is just around the corner, waiting to jump out and surprise you.” But, like Wooldridge, Aubry eventually sensed a certain kind of loneliness that only comes with being ignored. “Los Angeles doesn’t care how much time or energy or effort or blood or sweat or anger you’ve spent to make your shitty music. It doesn’t care that you put together a band. It only cares about the result.”

Up For Air, the debut album by Los Angeles-based band Tree Machines, arrives in 2017, preceded by the singles “Waiting On The Sun,” “Weights and Stones,” and “Don’t Give Up.” Members of Tree Machines are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


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