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Songwriter, author, painter, tennis & ping-pong player, John Andrew Fredrick to release 15th full-length in 30 years as the black watch tomorrow!

L.A.-based renaissance man’s new novel out now, non-fiction title about Wes Anderson out July 11th. Hear new album at Austin Town Hall.


John Andrew Fredrick of the black watch as photographed by Brendan Holmes.



Hear The Gospel According To John streaming in its entirety via Austin Town Hall or the link below!


the black watch – In The Press

“Should’ve become a household name a long time ago.” — USA Today
“Sounds like the holy union of Guided By Voices, The Wedding Present and any number of New Zealand pop heroes.” —
“A prime example of Fredrick’s knack for clever and extremely catchy songs.” — Popmatters
 “Salutes the great DIY pop canon and trophy hallways of heroes with an illustrious array of pepped up jangle pop.” — Impose


Hear the black watch songs “Satellite” via The Big Takeover and “The All-Right Side of Just OK” at Slicing UpEyeballs!

John Andrew Fredrick, a man that has been making music, writing books, professionally professing about both (that’s what professors do?), and generally being a ceaseless creative entity forever, has threatened to quit releasing music and concentrate on his other careers and hobbies (Dr. Fredrick also holds a Ph.D, plays tennis or ping-pong five days a week, and paints) for years.

But this product of 25 years of Los Angeles living continues to find songs and riffs and lyrics wandering into his head as he’s traversing the city’s traffic to California Lutheran University, forty-five miles north of Los Angeles, where he lectures in the English department.

The latest collection of wandering riffs and lyrics by Fredrick’s band the black watch, the latest in a line so long it’s like the painful reveal of an over-the-hill age (except this number represents an actual accomplishment), is Christened (emphasis on Christ) with a title wholly (holy) befitting Fredrick’s sense of humor and sense of artistic entitlement.

Put the puns away, it’s The Gospel According To John.

The new album, arriving April 21st, 2017, is the band’s 15th in 30 years of music-making (leaving out EPs, singles, wax cylinders), a pretty impressive feat, especially for a band that has “put the frosting,” as Fredrick puts it sweet, on its career more than once. The Gospel According To John follows-up 2015’s Highs & Lows, and was recorded over the course of eleven months with Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre producing.

On the heels of the release of Fredrick’s latest novel Your Caius Aquilla, and The Gospel According To John on April 21st, Fredrick will follow-up four well-received novels with the release of a non-fiction title about Wes Anderson, who Fredrick previously taught a course on at The University of Southern California. Fucking Innocent: The Early Films of Wes Anderson will be released on July 11th, 2017.

“This book makes film criticism fun,” Fredrick says. “It’s very ‘Lester Bangs goes to the movies.’”

The Gospel According To John, the 15th full-length album by the black watch arrives on April 21st, 2017. John Andrew Fredrick is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


the black watch
The Gospel According To John
(The Eskimo Record Label)
April 21st, 2017

Track Listing:

01. Whence (STREAM | MP3)
02. Way Strange World (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. The All-Right Side of Just OK (STREAM | MP3)
04. A Story
05. Jealously
06. Orange Kicks
07. Oscillating Redux
08. Satellite (STREAM | MP3)


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