Thursday, September 15, 2016

Brother-sister duo, Phil and Lu, playing music together in their family band since childhood, to release debut album “Mood Rock” on Sept. 30th.

Venice, California-based siblings’ single “Oh, My My” is “testament to the true emotion and reminiscence that goes into their songwriting.”


Phil and Lu (L-R): Phil Stancil, Laura Stancil. Photo by Greer K. Bratschie.



Hear "Oh, My My" from Mood Rock by Phil and Lu via The Line of Best Fit or at the links below!


“Impeccably layered in such a way that allows the listener to hear a different element of the track with every play.” – The Line of Best Fit

Phil and Lu is Phil and Laura Stancil, siblings based in Venice Beach, California who have been playing music together their entire lives.  The duo will release its debut album Mood Rock on Sept. 30th, 2016, preceded by the single “Oh, My My,” the album’s opener and first glimpse into a sound well-defined by the album’s title. Hear “Oh, My My” now via The Line of Best Fit.

“We grew up in a family band, playing roots-rock and folk music at festivals and local watering holes throughout Michigan, where we’re originally from,” Phil explains. “Our Dad taught us everything we know about music, and we fell in love with Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jose Feliciano, and Sergio Mendes by digging through his record collection.”

Phil and Laura also idolized The Beach Boys and pretty much everything “California” growing up, and Mood Rock listeners will hear those influences immediately, as well as the Stancil’s passion for Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, set to more modern instrumentation and production techniques. All of this combines to make Mood Rock a stand-out first record.

Speaking of California, there’s a distinct Sea Change-era Beck tone to Phil’s reedy, mournful vocal on “Oh, My My” that helps the track feel instantly familiar.

‘Oh, My My’ was one of the first songs we finished, and it set the tone for the entire record,” he explains. “It’s our personal favorite, and illustrates the vibe we have here in Venice Beach. It’s haunting, sad, and nostalgic.”

Mood Rock was written and recorded in a one-month period, and because Phil and Laura play all of the instruments on the record, in addition to writing and recording together, they were able to create on-the-fly, an essential part of what makes these songs feel so easy. 

“We write in a quick, free-flowing setting, and the songs constantly change until we find the right recipe,” Phil explains. Indeed, every track on Mood Rock reaches in a different direction, but ultimately arrives at a satisfying destination.

Mood Rock, the debut album by Phil and Lu is scheduled for release on Sept. 30th, 2016. The album’s first single “Oh, My My” is streaming now. The brother-sister duo is currently working its second album, and will be performing live in around Los Angeles throughout the rest of 2016.​ See below for full itinerary.


Phil and Lu – Live

09/22 Los Angeles, CA @ The Mint 8PM
10/21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Escondite (Hideout) 9PM
10/27 Los Angeles, CA @ TRiP 930PM
11/05 Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe 7PM
11/18 Los Angeles, CA @ The Escondite (Hideout) 9PM
12/09 Los Angeles, CA @ The Escondite (Hideout) 9PM


Phil and Lu
Mood Rock
Sept. 30th, 2016

Track Listing:

01. Oh, My My (STREAM | MP3)
02. Stranger
03. Until You’re Mine
04. Believe Me
05. Behave
06. Run Away
07. Sad Eyed Boy
08. Sea Lies
09. Follow Me Into The Sun
10. I’m Already Gone
11. Brother


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