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Denver-based rapper, Time teams with producer, Ephelant on new album Vice calls “an anarchist hip-hop rallying cry.”

The “dark, emotional, slithery” full-length “How To Sew Wounds With Words” can be heard streaming via Noisey now.


Time as photographed by Sean Gruno



Hear “World War Me” from the new album How To Sew Wounds With Words by Ephelant & Time


“An anarchist hip-hop rallying cry.” – Vice

How To Sew Wounds With Words, the latest album from Denver-based rapper Chris Steele (aka Time), is a pairing with producer Stephen Vining (aka Ephelant.) The album is available now from Denver’s Dirty Laboratory imprint, co-founded by Steele in the mid-2000s.

As a rapper and lyricist, Steele’s efforts are informed by life-changing personal experiences (he tragically witnessed a murder at the age of ten) and perspective-altering cultural ones (at just 13, he met and became linked with Jeru The Damaja, Main Flow and Dead Prez at a documentary screening about activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.)

Today, Steele brings this world view to his work as a political journalist (he befriended and interviewed philosopher Noam Chomsky for Chomsky’s “Occupy: Reflections on Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity” in 2012), as well as his music as Time, which has seen him issuing several solo albums, and collaborating with artists as diverse as Common, Kool Keith, C-Rayz Walz, Xiu Xiu, and Sole.

Producer and rapper, Stephen Vining (aka Ephelant) can also be seen working as an actor. Slated to appear in the upcoming “Guardians of The Galaxy” sequel, Vining is currently most recognizable in his role on the hit television series “The Walking Dead,” where he plays “The Water Walker.”

Vining’s production style (think Massive Attack) on How To Sew Wounds With Words has been referred to as “dark, emotional,” and “slithery” by Vice, which goes on to call his sounds “light and airy, melodic and bright,” while also noting Steele’s “tales of predatory real estate developers, vampiric banks, poisonous patriarchy, Bolshevik ghosts, and the soul-sucking pursuit of capital.”

Ephelant & Time’s collaborative album How To Sew Wounds With Words, featuring cover art by radical comic and graphic novel artist Seth Tobocman, is available now for “pay what you want” download via the band’s Bandcamp page, and can also be streamed in full via Noisey. An all-new Time full-length is currently in the works.


Ephelant & Time
How To Sew Wounds With Words
(Dirty Laboratory)
Out Now

 Track Listing:

01. Under A Complicated Sky
02. Falling Up
03. Letter to a Hostage (ft. Giuseppe) (STREAM)
04. Foreclosed Ghost Story (ft. Church Fire) (STREAM)
05. How To Sew Wounds With Words
06. My Shadow (ft. Ephelant)
07. The New Scum
08. World War Me (STREAM | MP3)
09. 2:15 am


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