Wednesday, November 18, 2015

San Francisco-based band Scary Little Friends to bring in new year with addictive “Silent Revolution” EP.

Bay area trio’s brisk take on power pop arrives Jan. 29th via Randm Records. Hear “In This Lifetime” now. 


Scary Little Friends (L-R): Charlie Knote, Chris Jones, Jon Payne. Photo Credit: Scary Little Friends.


See Scary Little Friends live!

San Francisco!  Be sure to show up early to the – SOLD OUTBoy & Bear show at Brick & Mortar tomorrow, Nov. 18th to see Scary Little Friends live!  DJ Aaron Axelsen opens at 9PM.



Check out the premiere of “In This Lifetime” by Scary Little Friends via BLURT or listen at the links below!


A musical powerhouse.” – The Bay Bridged

“There’s nothing random about their aggressive yet tuneful brand of power pop.” – BLURT

At just seven songs, the instant sing-along qualities of the upcoming “Silent Revolution” EP (Jan. 29th, Randm Records) by San Francisco-based trio Scary Little Friends fills the “leaves you wanting more” edict perfectly.  The record’s lyrics, addressing alienation with less of a generic, transient fist-in-the-air, and more of an impression-leaving palm-to-the-forehead, make the band one to watch in 2016.

“The internet is the modern battlefield. It is inevitable that that world comes crashing down upon us,” says the group’s leader Chris Jones of the record’s concept. “Perhaps there is hope in the aftermath. Perhaps we will be born anew into a world without technology.”

It’s this idea that takes the “Silent Revolution” EP away from simple contemplation and complaining about the way things are and into the timeless quality of a record about the way things could be. This is best heard on the single “In This Lifetime,” which Jones refers to as his “revolution song.” Hear it now via BLURT.

“You’re young, you’re crazy, but you’re not alone,” Jones reminds us when discussing the tune, and in the song itself when he sings, “There’s a season when we reach for higher ground, shatter the lies we believe in. In this lifetime, we all lose our minds, and sometimes love is all we’re searching for.”

The “Silent Revolution” EP by Scary Little Friends arrives on January 29th, 2016 from Randm Records.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Scary Little Friends
“Silent Revolution” EP
(Randm Records)
Jan. 29th, 2016

Track Listing:

01. Everything At Once
02. Silent Revolution
03. Renegade Lover
04. Unstoppable
05. In This Lifetime (STREAM | MP3)
06. Made Up My Mind
07. Rabbit Hole


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