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Back alley struts, dizzying waltzes, and surf-raga-samba-freakouts populate J Hacha De Zola’s “urban junkyard.”

Recorded in shadow of a maximum security prison, Escape From Fat Kat City arrives Jan. 8th. Check out “Strange” now.


J Hacha De Zola as photographed by Miguel Peralta



Check out the premiere of “Strange” by J Hacha De Zola via Stereo Embers or at the links below!

[STREAM]: https://soundcloud.com/fanaticpro/j-hacha-de-zola-strange

[MP3]: https://www.fanaticpromotion.com/projects/jhachadezola/mp3/jhachadezola-strange.mp3


[VIDEO]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9OSRmE8GEo


“Delightful theatrics.” – MAGNET

“A wobbly and battered desolation that brings to mind Mark Lanegan fronting The Doors. It’s stunning stuff.” – Stereo Embers

J Hacha De Zola’s Escape From Fat Kat City was recorded in Rahway, New Jersey in the shadow of a maximum security correctional facility and an oil refinery, a setting that perfectly contributes to the slinky back alley strut, dizzying waltzes, and surf-raga-samba-freakouts that populate the record.

“I don’t write happy songs,” says the Jersey City native. “Maybe one day I will, but not today.” Indeed, themes of alienation, paranoia and isolation can be found on “Strange,” taken from Hacha De Zola’s upcoming new album, out Jan. 8th, 2016.  Listen to “Strange” now via Stereo Embers and check out the video courtesy of Groundsounds.  “Our protagonist has a hard time discerning reality from dream, truth from delusion. This is what it is be ‘strange,” Hacha De Zola explains of the tune. “He doesn’t know where he’s headed. He’s all in and he’s willing to go down with the ship.”

Hacha De Zola goes on to say, “I realize these subjects are quite recurrent in my songs, but I can’t help it. Growing up in ‘Fat Kat City,’ you see a lot of things that leave you numb.” He takes away something positive from these experiences, however. “I am grateful for my experiences here. They have roused the fighter in me. When you don’t have much to lose, you learn to be fearless.”

With its abandoned industrial parks, rail road tracks, and refinery flares, Rahway was the perfect setting in which to create the album, which composites various musical styles ranging from Blues, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Funk, and Psychedelia and influences such as Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Syd Barrett, Cesar Romero, and Tom Waits. A salvaged toy piano, noise makers, 25-cent whistles, rattles, plastic flutes, and cheap candy ocarinas also help to color what has become Hacha De Zola’s unique “urban junkyard” sound.

Escape From Fat Kat City by J Hacha De Zola is scheduled for release on January 8th, 2016.  Hacha De Zola is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


J Hacha De Zola
Escape From Fat Kat City
Jan. 8th, 2016

Track Listing:

01. Welcome to Fat Kat City (Instrumental) (VIDEO)
02. Strange (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Better Run (STREAM | MP3)
04. Black Sparrow (STREAM | MP3)
05. Death Rant #1 (Rant)
06. Let It Go
07. Poison Wine
08. Hold Tight
09. Down
10. Ice Cream and Cigarettes
11. City Girls
12. Moonpies and Penny Whistles
13. 7 League Boots
14. Blue Sky
15. Next Exit (Instrumental)


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