Friday, July 10, 2015

Athens, Georgia-based band Five Eight reissues its much-loved 1994 album “Weirdo” via Austin’s Chicken Ranch Records today!

Remixed by album’s original producer, David Barbe, new package arrives as 180 gram double-LP plus digital download, bonus tracks.


Five Eight (L-R): Dan Horowitz, Mike Mantione, Patrick Ferguson, Sean Dunn. Photo credit: Courtney McDermott.



Hear the remixed, remastered version of “Behead Myself” from the Weirdo reissue via Brooklyn Vegan or at the links below!


See Five Eight live in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar on September 18th

In 1994, Athens, GA-based band Five Eight released Weirdo, the album that should have been a breakthrough for the relentlessly hard working and touring band that formed in the late 80’s.  Twenty one years later, Weirdo gets the deluxe re-release treatment courtesy of Austin-based label Chicken Ranch Records.

The Weirdo reissue, remixed from the master tapes by original producer David Barbe (Sugar), remastered by Jim Wilson, and featuring new artwork along with five unreleased bonus tracks, is now available as a 180 gram double-LP and digital download.

Barbe comments on how he has returned Weirdo to the way it was originally intended, saying, “When I turned in the finished mixes to the A&R man, he listened, called me and said, ‘You have made a great record.’ His opinion would change.  I believed that the hyped, over-processed records of the early 90’s were going to sound hopelessly dated in time. He wanted Five Eight to give him his own Nevermind, and this was not it.”

At the time, the label pushed and received the record they wanted, but now Five Eight has finally arrived at the sonic version of Weirdo that they imagined from the beginning. The reissue of Weirdo by Five Eight is available now via Chicken Ranch Records here.  Members of Five Eight are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Five Eight
(Chicken Ranch Records)
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. Mystery James
02. Karaoke
03. Behead Myself (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
04. Fall Asleep
05. What They Did
06. You Never Look In My Eyes
07. Stars
08. Tense It Up
09. Hurt You
10. Weirdo
11. Shouldn't Be Here
12. Drummer Divorce (Bonus Track)
13. Nowhere In A Circle (Bonus Track)
14. Strings (Bonus Track)
15. The Only One (Bonus Track)
16. Ghost In This Town (Bonus Track)


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