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Tree Machines debut EP out now! Hear “Late Snow” via BlackBook, check out Lawrence, Kansas duo’s debut Daytrotter session.

 “I knew we had finally made the music we had been working towards,” says duo’s Patrick Aubry of first time hearing latest single.


Tree Machines (L-R): Douglas Wooldridge & Patrick Aubry. Photo by Phil Peterson.


Tree Machines – In The Press

“Emotionally staggering.” – Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser

“Best new rock song of the year so far.” – Luke O’ Neil, BULLETT

“This is the best thing I’ve heard all week. So amazing.” – Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

“I’ve been unable to stop listening.” – Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint (UK)

“Grips you in such a beautifully brutal way.” Innocent Words



“Late Snow” is the latest single from Tree Machines. Hear it now via BlackBook or at the links below!


Hear the debut Daytrotter session by Tree Machines now!

“‘Late Snow’ is a song about the fading love for a town that once felt like home,” says Doug Wooldridge of Lawrence, Kansas-based duo, Tree Machines. “Where all the once familiar faces seem like strangers. To us, it’s more like a movement than a pop song,” he continues about the track which appears on the just-released debut Tree Machines EP and was recently premiered by BlackBook. “It really was the magic track that came together once we got into the studio.”

Wooldridge’s musical partner Patrick Aubry elaborates about the concept saying, “Anyone who’s lived in the Midwest knows the feeling of a late snow while waiting for the warm weather to break through the winter. There’s always one more snowfall to prolong the salvation, but the wait always seems to make those first days of spring that much more enjoyable.”

Aubry goes on to say that the track is his favorite on the band’s new record.  “When I heard it finished for the first time, I had a hard time keeping the tears back. I knew we had finally made the music we had been working towards for years.”

The previous single from Tree Machines, the provocatively titled single “F***ing Off Today” (only censored to avoid your spam filter!), may have been a risky choice for a new bands very first single. The tune is an ode to apathy of epic proportions, lyrically capturing the idea of not caring in a way no artist has before, and frankly couldn’t exist with any other name.  Scroll down to check out the video for the song via The Wild.

“With open mouths to feed, we’re f***ing off today,” Wooldridge sings with ultimate conviction, adding an ironic touch that gives the song even more potency.  The anthemic aspects of this message were borne of Wooldridge and Aubry’s observations of the on-off, blissed-out-but-strung-out club kids they’d see during their gigs as lighting designers.

The ability to grasp the confusing feelings of youth, and longing for something so much bigger than what they refer to as “the Midwest lifestyle,” is in Tree Machines’ DNA.  It explains why we haven’t heard a song about apathy delivered in such blunt terms until now. 

The self-titled debut EP by Tree Machines is out now.  Patrick Aubry and Douglas Wooldridge of Tree Machines are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.



 “F***ing Off Today” is the first video from Tree Machines. See it via The Wild or at the links below! NSFW and CLEAN versions available.


Tree Machines
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. F***ing Off Today (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. Late Snow (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
03. Misunderstood
04. At the Wheel
05. The Fire
06. Black and Blue
07. Man at the Door


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