Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Songwriter Jeremy Bass emerges from an icy isolation in Brooklyn with Haggard, Waits-influenced “Winter Bare” album, out today.

Album is first in two-LP cycle, with Bossa nova-inspired “New York In Spring” arriving June 9th. Bass performs live in NYC tonight.


Jeremy Bass as photographed by Robyn Hasty


Jeremy Bass – In The Press

“Hope can be heard shining through.” – Exclaim!

“Daring and simple all at the same time.” – Guitar World



“Winter Bare” is the title track from the new album by Jeremy Bass.  Hear it via Exclaim! or at the links below!


See Jeremy Bass performing songs from Winter Bare tonight at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC at 10PM!

Winter Bare is an album of love songs,” explains Brooklyn’s Jeremy Bass of his new album out today, the first of a pair of records to be released in the first half of 2015. “But, its lyrical center tends to hover around love’s fragility and the potential for loss, rather than committing wholly to the joy of falling in love or the devastation of losing it.”

The title track (recently premiered via Canada’s essential music discovery website Exclaim!) was the first one that Bass wrote after falling in love again following a devastating divorce that left him physically isolated from the world.  “I thought that feeling was dead in me for a long time,” he says, “But then suddenly, without looking for it, it reappeared when I least expected it.”

Just prior, Bass was splitting up with his wife, and selling the house they shared together. Returning to single living in Brooklyn during the intense New York winter of 2013, he found himself secluded in an empty house, sifting through his memories.

“I was drinking, I had run out of money, I was nearly unemployed, and certainly unemployable,” he confesses. “But, I had a fireplace and my guitars.”  By the end of the winter, he had a set of songs that wove their way through loneliness, despair and near-insanity, to love and longing, and ultimately hope.

Musically, Winter Bare shows the influence of musical outlaws such as Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Tom Waits, artists Bass was listening to as he taught himself to play mandolin and banjo, his “divorce gifts” to himself.

When not recording his solo material, Jeremy Bass is the Musical Director of The Secret City, the OBIE Award-winning ongoing performance gathering based in New York City.  Bass was already a widely published poet and classical guitarist trained in the academies of Italy and the flamenco bars of Spain when he joined the collective.  At the time, its membership numbered in the single digits, and has since, under Bass’ musical direction, seen its membership grow to the thousands.

Winter Bare is out now and will be followed-up by New York in Spring, an album of Bossa nova-inspired tunes on June 9th. Jeremy Bass is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Jeremy Bass
Winter Bare
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. Introduction (Shoreline)
02. Lift Me Up (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
03. Winter Bare (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
04. One More Cigarette
05. Coming Back Home
06. Red Tailed Hawk
07. Winterlude (Banjo for Annie)
08. Counting
9. (Lookin’ For) The Heart of Saturday Night (Vinyl-Only Bonus Track)


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