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First solo album in 18 years by Texas music veteran Stephen Doster hailed as “masterpiece” by Austin Chronicle.

“Arizona” released on Nov. 4th as tribute to Doster’s late collaborator, The Pretenders guitarist, James Honeyman-Scott.


Stephen Doster as photographed by Melinda Doster



Hear the title track from “Arizona” by Stephen Doster via Guitar World or at the links below!


“Stephen Doster should get the recognition he deserves, finally, with this masterpiece.” – Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle

“One of the best records our city has produced this year.” – Peter Blackstock, Austin American-Statesman (Nov. 2014)

“My name’s on the back of many more records than on the front,” says Austin-based producer, songwriter and guitarist, Stephen Doster, whose name has appeared on dozens of records, including credits with Willie Nelson, Dr. John, and Double Trouble. “Arizona is only my fourth record as an artist,” he says, “But it’s the record I always hoped I would make.”

Since the late 2014 release of Arizona, Doster’s first solo album in 18 years, the record has established a substantial foothold in his home base of Austin.  The recognition has been a long time coming for this songwriter, producer, and guitarist, whose musical story starts in 1982, when he was a young man on top of the world, recording his debut album with James Honeyman-Scott of The Pretenders producing it.

“During the sessions, Jimmy was called back to London to cut a new Pretenders single,” Doster remembers. “He was coming right back to Texas as soon as he was done.”  The rest of the story is a public and sad event in music history.  For Doster, it was very personal.

“A friend entered my room about 48 hours after Jimmy left,” Doster says. “Jimmy’s wife Peggy Sue sent him over to tell me that Jimmy had died because she didn’t want me to hear about it on the radio first.  He was a great mentor to me and it was a horrific loss for the music world.”

In a funk, Doster put the recordings on hold and headed to Nashville with Nanci Griffith and Lyle Lovett to play guitar on Griffith’s Once In A Very Blue Moon album. It was there that Doster decided to put what he had learned from Honeyman-Scott to use, embarking on a career as a record producer.  Since that time, Doster has helmed over 70 albums by mostly Texas-based acts, while continuing to make a living by writing songs for others and performing hundreds of shows a year.

Doster paid tribute to his friend by releasing Arizona on November 4th, the day that would have been Honeyman-Scott’s 58th birthday.

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Stephen Doster
(Atticus Records – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Arizona (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
02. River From A Dream (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
03. Your Simple Mind
04. I Found You
05. Second Story Balcony
06. Enough For Everyone
07. Baby There’s No One Like You
08. Pistol Pete
09. Throwin’ The Ball
10. Into The Night


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