Friday, January 23, 2015

Scorsese-like Manhattan streets star in NYC “electro art rock” foursome Una Lux’s cinematic video for “Somewhere”.

Hear band’s sonic cross-section of Vespertine, Dummy, and Dark Side of The Moon now; Debut release on the way.


Una Lux (L-R): Matteo Liberatore, Chris Connors, Kelso Norris, Jake St. John.

Photo Credit: Kristina Williamson.


Una Lux – In The Press

“Amber-hued synth rock with a grandiose slo-mo attack.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“An altogether hypnotic listening experience.” – WNYC

“Caravaggio meets Portishead” – Entertainment Weekly



 See the music video for the latest Una Lux single “Somewhere” here.


“The band’s third and most powerful single yet.” – Diffuser with the premiere of the “Somewhere” music video by Una Lux.

“Somewhere,” Una Lux’s third single, features all the sonic elements that were praised in the band’s previous singles “Simon” and “Black Carbon,” but on a much larger scale.  Due to its intrinsically cinematic quality, Una Lux decided to release “Somewhere” along with a short movie.

Shot among Scorsese-like Manhattan streets, a ghostly apartment in a state of transitional undress, and a forgotten industrial Brooklyn waterfront, “Somewhere” is a surreal, intense production. It is a conflicted love letter to New York and the particular kind of loneliness the city can inspire, as well as an ambitious artistic statement that goes completely against the concept of New York-as-urban-Disneyland depicted lately in several media outlets and by artists like Taylor Swift and others.

The straining, wraithlike synths and gently thudding drums of the song’s intro accompany our lonely chauffeur as she finishes her night shift and begins to face her painful memories, but the strikingly prismatic voice of Una Lux front woman Kelso Norris quickly finds and guides her through an immense and liberating exploration of her own past, all the while scored by an unbroken crescendo that dives into a glittering, shattering finale.

Never shying away from referencing masterpieces like Drive or 2001: A Space Odyssey in its videos, Una Lux manages to authentically envelop such classic influences in an ethereal, gothic shroud that makes for a stunning parallel with the band’s unique music.

Currently finishing its debut with a release date to be announced soon, this first group of Una Lux songs are being brought to the surface by producer Nick Sansano (Sonic Youth, Le Tigre), who began working with the band in 2013 after recognizing their idiosyncratic style and ability to translate the human condition into something beautiful but troubled, futuristic but immediate, and mysterious but universal.

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