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Chattanooga-based songwriter Nick Lutsko comes off decidedly folk debut album with a new record that is decidedly not.

Ambitious, eclectic sophomore release “Etc.” arrives March 17th; Hear “Predator” single streaming now via Popmatters.


Nick Lutsko as photographed by Harris Oates



 “Predator” is the first single from “Etc.” from Nick Lutsko. Hear it via Popmatters or at the links below!


“With Etc., Lutsko breaks out of the largely folksy trappings of his first record and dives headfirst into a colorful mélange of noise.” – Popmatters

Chattanooga-based songwriter Nick Lutsko comes off of his decidedly folk debut album with a new record that is decidedly not.

“I wrote the bass riff for ‘Predator’ while I was finishing my debut album,” Lutsko says of the first single from his sophomore effort Etc., due March 17th, 2015. The track was recently premiered via Popmatters here. “Heart of Mold was a folk record,” he explains of his previous full-length, “and this was a major departure from that.”

The song took shape on the bass, which Lutsko then added a distorted Nine Inch Nails-esque drum loop to.  The proof of concept came when he presented the track to his band. “Their enthusiastic reaction was the catalyst for this new record,” he says.  “I’ve learned that a lot of people who are overly self-righteous often have the dirtiest skeletons in their closets,” Lutsko says of the single.

The song takes a more personal turn when he goes on to explain that “You can turn on the news any day of the week and see this, but this song was directly inspired by two individuals who inhabit my day-to-day life.”

The shift in sonic style on Etc. actually represents Lutsko’s newfound ability to realize a sound that he was logistically unable to record during his initial dip in the waters of record-making. This time around, Lutsko has captured a sound that curiously, but accurately, designates him one of the few musicians on Facebook listing their genre as “Folk/Funk/Blues.”

Loud drums, crazy bass, and dirty guitar solos are all in the mix on Etc., an ambitious album that never sacrifices a hummable melody or clever turn of phrase to simply stand out as eclectic.

Etc., the new album from Nick Lutsko, arrives on March 17th, 2015Lutsko is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Nick Lutsko – Live

01/29 Chattanooga, TN @ World of Beer 9PM
02/01 Chattanooga, TN @ Flying Squirrel 11AM
02/05 Chattanooga, TN @ The Honest Pint 9PM, w/ David Bronson


Nick Lutsko
(S/R – March 17th, 2015)

Track Listing:

01. Cherry Red Medicine
02. Okay
03. Predator (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
05. Dreaming of Medusa
06. Geranium Thief
07. By & By
08. (You Aren’t So) Beautiful
09. Thanks to Uncle Stacy
10. Remember Me
11. Morning Star


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