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Austin-based rock foursome Moonlight Towers follow up tune named one of the “Coolest Songs In The World” by Little Steven.

New single “Out Of The Gray” is taken from the band’s upcoming new album “Heartbeat Overdrive,” arriving November 11th.


Moonlight Towers (L-R): Jason Daniels, James Stevens, Jacob Schulze, Richard Galloway.

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“Out Of The Gray” is the lead single from the upcoming album Heartbeat Overdrive by Moonlight Towers 



Moonlight Towers In The Press

“Not a hair out of place. Pop salvation songs that bypass the moment in favor of something that will never go completely out of style.” – Austin Chronicle

“These tunes raise hairs on the back of my neck. Music this good makes me downright selfish: I just want Moonlight Towers to be fed enough to keep feeding me.” – BLURT

“Perfect pop songs are few and far between, but Austin-based Moonlight Towers has definitely picked up the scent if ‘Heat Lightning’ is any indication.” – My Old Kentucky Blog


Check out the premiere of the “Out Of The Gray” by Moonlight Towers now via ArtistDirect!

Austin-based rock & roll foursome Moonlight Towers distinguished itself 2011 when revered musician-actor-legend Little Steven Van Zandt named the tune “Heat Lightning” from the Moonlight Towers album Day Is The New Night one of the “coolest songs in the world.”  Now Moonlight Towers will follow-up on the promise of that collection with an all-new album, Heartbeat Overdrive arriving November 11th from Chicken Ranch Records.

In 2011, Moonlight Towers band leader James Stevens said “We just want to make people dance,” and while he states that Heartbeat Overdrive “will not totally overwhelm the listener with heavy ‘me, me, me’ deep thought,” it’s a claim that still sounds very much like “We just want to make people dance.”

Regardless, Heartbeat Overdrive is, as its title suggests, passionate and strong.  So much so that “recommended if you like Springsteen, Petty, and 70’s-era Dylan” is kind of putting it mildly.  This last bit is clear on the album’s first single “Out Of The Gray,” which Stevens explains “was written to chronicle that shitty feeling of watching someone you love go away forever, yet doing your best to pick it all up.” 

“It’s basically a play on the physical feeling of one’s heart racing,” he goes on to explain of the album’s overall theme.  “The feeling brought on by not knowing what the future holds. It’s also about the hope that gets us out of bed.”  Like the American songwriters we can relate to most, Stevens taps into the realities of what he knows, and what he sees going on around him, for inspiration.  Those realities are often difficult to look at, but can bring about music that is incredibly personal and universal at the same time.

With all of this “not heaviness,” one might think Stevens is perhaps putting on a brave face rather than be thought of as a purveyor of sadness when he says Heartbeat Overdrive isn’t a heavy album.  But, to his credit, when you get to the grooves themselves, this album is a real jam.  “I think we thrived on that energy,” he says.  “It was an emotional roller coaster, but I just wanted to get the rawest performances I could.”

Heartbeat Overdrive by Moonlight Towers arrives on November 11th from Chicken Ranch Records.  The album’s first single “Out Of The Gray” is streaming now. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Moonlight Towers
Heartbeat Overdrive
(Chicken Ranch Records – Nov. 11th, 2014)

Track Listing:

01.  Out Of The Gray (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
02. Come Back To Tara
03. Fool’s Highway
04. Windowpane
05. Day In Day Out
06. Wrong Enough To Be Right
07. Exit My Mind
08. Heartbeat Overdrive
09. Crawling Back


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