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Early Morning Rebel travels to motorcycle junkyard with ritualistic youth in self-produced “Howl At The Moon” video.

Stylish Los Angeles-based band takes its evocative music, visuals to fashion world with label launch in UK next month.


Early Morning Rebel (L-R): Dustin Bath, Nathan Blumenfeld-James | Photo Credit: Jonathan Belda


See and hear “Shallow Breath” courtesy of Esquire and Nylon Guys

See and hear “War On Love” courtesy of and Buzzbands.LA

See and hear “Howl At The Moon” courtesy of Crave and The 405





“Howl At The Moon” is taken from the “Life Boat EP” by Early Morning Rebel



“The melodies are infectious.” – Nylon Guys

“Solemn, evocative pop.” –

“Growing up is hard, and the video for ‘Howl At The Moon’ was intended to show a day in the life of kids who were having that experience,” says Nathan Blumenfeld-James of the Los Angeles-based band Early Morning Rebel.  The video is for the latest track from the band’s just-released EP “Life Boat.”  The title tune (called “a track of hopeless beauty” by USA Today) brought Early Morning Rebel attention throughout 2013 after it was featured prominently on the hit television show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“When we were younger, we’d do weird, ritualistic stuff to give our experiences power,” Blumenfeld-James continues. “Dropping acid or taking mushrooms and burning each other with cigarettes - we were always looking to some sort of relief to alleviate some of the pain and frustration of life.”

Some of these depictions seen in “Howl At The Moon” seem very real.

“We wanted to shoot it documentary style,” Blumenfeld-James says. “On the day, it wasn’t hard to shoot in that way, 'cause all that stuff actually happened, minus the blood.”

Most of the clip was shot at a motorcycle junkyard in Lancaster, California, that Blumenfeld-James describes as “The type of place that if you lived there growing up, you would be doing the things our actors were doing: surfing a moving car, lighting bonfires, and getting high.”

Immersed in fashion, art, and music in L.A., producers and musicians Nathan Blumenfeld-James, Dustin Bath and Joshua Mervin of Early Morning Rebel are also filmmakers who produced, directed, and edited “Howl At The Moon,” as well as the band’s other music videos, themselves.

Dustin and I have been working in TV, film, photography, fashion, and music simultaneously for our entire career,” explains Blumenfeld-James.  “Growing up in L.A., we began making short films and shooting videos in high school.”

Following the recognition for their musical and visual endeavors, Early Morning Rebel became a go-to band in the fashion world when it was discovered that their style extended beyond their sound.  Press from the likes of Details, BlackBook, Nylon, and Vogue Italia followed, and now the band will launch its own fashion label at an event in the UK next month.  Read more about it courtesy of MWB here.

The “Life Boat” EP by Early Morning Rebel is out now.  Members of Early Morning Rebel are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Early Morning Rebel
“Life Boat” EP
(Baby Bird Records, Out Now)

01. Life Boat
02. Shallow Breath (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Howl At The Moon (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
04. War On Love (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
05. Burn Us Down
06. Four Letter Word
07. Life Boat (TC Spitfire Remix)


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