Monday, June 17, 2013

One man, one band: Faris McReynolds shutters ExDetectives to focus exclusively on One Finger Riot.

Under The Gun premieres “Freedom Song,” described as “an anthem that’s saying something ...else.”


Faris McReynolds of One Finger Riot as photographed by Max Chapman Sweeney



Check out “Freedom Song,” the latest single by One Finger Riot


“Like Air? Yah, me too. Cool. So you'll probably love One Finger Riot’s ‘Freedom Song’” – MTV Buzzworthy

Los Angeles-based visual artist Faris McReynolds (see here for some of his gallery work) is also a prolific songwriter and musician, touring in a punk band in his mid-teens and releasing a total of four albums in 2012; two under his One Finger Riot moniker, and two as ExDetectives (the latter was the subject of a profile by Performer Magazine in early 2013.)  Recently, McReynolds decided to focus his musical energies on One Finger Riot exclusively.

ExDetectives was originally a four-piece band that I started in 2007 and disbanded in 2011,” McReynolds explains. “The songs on Take My Forever (released in early 2012) were written to be played live by the band, and Farthest Star (released late 2012) was made up of songs the band never learned.”

McReynolds recorded these songs posthumously just to clear the decks, but admits that “it was always an old way of working.”  He says, “I started One Finger Riot in 2009 as a solo project, just me being me, and working however I wanted. As I started work on the third One Finger Riot record, I didn't know which songs should be used for which project.”

Faced with putting limits on new ideas to make form fit function, McReynolds decided to end the ExDetectives project, or face redundancy, explaining that “The me of now just sounds like both put together.”

McReynolds is celebrating this consolidation by offering up a brand-new One Finger Riot song, the aptly titled “Freedom Song,” for free download.  The track has premiered exclusively via Under The Gun and is also available now from

“The lyrics are about letting go of expectations,” McReynolds says of the tune. “I always loved the title of Dinosaur, Jr.’s ‘Whatever's Cool With Me’ because it wasn’t really clear what the statement really was. I really like the idea of an anthem that’s saying something... else.”

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