Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Finger Riot debuts Maya Mercer-directed video for “Fever” single.

“Come Drag Me Down” album all about Los Angeles loneliness out now.


Faris McReynolds of One Finger Riot as photographed by Maya Mercer



“Fever” is the latest single and video from Come Drag Me Down by One Finger Riot



“...if you think all one man bands sound alike, think again. ...groovy melodic pop that is driven by technology... Rather magical...” – Babysue

‘Fever’ is about going back and forth between apathy and obsession. It’s meant to be a mellow, hypnotic allusion to inebriation,” says Faris McReynolds of the latest track from Come Drag Me Down, his debut album as One Finger Riot.

McReynolds, the man behind this minimalist avant-garde pop project (named for his concept of “pushing buttons with one finger to arrive at something musical”), has also now issued a perplexing video for the song.

“Shooting it was intense,” says McReynolds of the clip directed by Maya Mercer. The video stars McReynolds himself as a mysterious Tarantino-esque character and co-stars famed art critic Peter Frank. Director Mercer explains that the piece is “the short story of one man's odyssey and his search for self-revival.”

“Fever” handily represents the mood of Come Drag Me Down, an album that McReynolds describes being about “the desolation and loneliness of Los Angeles at 3AM.”

One Finger Riot’s debut album Come Drag Me Down is out now via Post Planetary Records. Faris McReynolds is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


One Finger Riot
Come Drag Me Down
(Post Planetary – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Dressed Up
02. Fever (STREAM | VIDEO)
03. Easy Answers
04. Try Me
05. It Never Comes
06. Work/Drink/Sleep (STREAM | VIDEO)
07. Last Up
08. Columbo


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