Friday, March 23, 2012

French duo UNISON added to prestigious Printemps de Bourges festival. “Brothers & Sisters” video out now.

Parisian label Lentonia (also home to Video Love, Phoebe Jean, EDH) scores US distribution deal with Nail.


UNISON (L-R): Melanie Moran, Julien Camarena. Photo Credit: UNISON.



“Brothers & Sisters” is the first single and video from the upcoming US release from UNISON.




The music of French duo UNISON has been described variously as death-gaze, death-trance, ethereal wave, gothic, industrial rock and witch house.  With so many labels being placed on the band, the one thing the European press can agree on is that the band is “good,” with influential publications such as Les Inrockuptibles, Elegy, Standard, Noise, Start Up and Modzik praising UNISON.

The attention has resulted in UNISON being added to this year’s edition of the prestigious Printemps de Bourges festival, which takes place over five days each spring in Bourges, France.  The festival which typically draws over 200,000 people, is now in its 35th year.

In addition to the attention that UNISON is receiving in Europe, the band has also been finding fans in the US, even though it has yet to release an album here. This will change on April 10th, 2012, when UNISON’s self-titled debut is released in America by the Paris-based Lentonia Records label.  Lentonia, also home to like-minded artists Video Love, Phoebe Jean and EDH, recently struck a distribution deal with Portland, Oregon-based Nail Distribution which will bring Lentonia’s artists to the states.

UNISON’s debut is is full of uncompromising, dark, layered sounds. The album’s first single “Brothers & Sisters” is now streaming and available for download.  A video for the song has also been posted.

Of the clip, UNISON’s Julien Camarena says, “I made this video with found family film footage. The idea was to take the existing intimate and personal images and shift the meaning to something more cryptic and open to interpretation.” Camarena continues, “I wanted to illustrate the lyrics about strong bonds that unite members of a family, soul mates, or human beings in general. The departure of the intimate and the arrival of universal thought, all in a kaleidoscopic aesthetic approaching the Hindu and Tibetan mandalas.”

Camarena’s partner in UNISION is Melanie Moran. “We have to make music,” Moran says. “It’s a vital need. We need to create and to find a way to share our feelings, even if no one cares. We want our music to be sensual, dark, noisy, melodic, and plain loud. Very loud.”

The debut self-titled album by France’s UNISON will be released by Lentonia Records in the US on April 10th, 2012.  Julien Camarena and Melanie Moran of UNISON are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


(Lentonia – April 10th, 2012)

 Track Listing:

02. Heartcore
03. Harmless
04: OMER
05. Lost Generation
06. Brothers & Sisters (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
08. Arp Quad Rollerskate
10. Intimacy
11. First Degree
12. Put Your Hands In The Air




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