Thursday, February 16, 2012

“Moderately priced” musikal entity Automusik offers new EP to “General Masses.”

“German” trio aims to fulfill the pathetic desires of those who need entertainment.


Automusik (L-R): Female Rock Unit #1, Automusik, Female Rock Unit #2. Photo Credit: Carol He.



“General Masses” is the title track from the new EP by Automusik.


“There isn't a single sensibility, American tradition, or mega-popular pop act Automusik is afraid to insult...” - The Onion

[AUTOMUSIK] is a moderately priced musikal entity, comprised exclusively of ONE superiorly crafted male-sexual, anterior lead unit commonly referred to as [AUTOMUSIK], TWO productive egg-bearing [FEMALE ROCK UNITS], commonly referred to as [FEMALE ROCK UNIT #1] AND [FEMALE ROCK UNIT #2] and ONE singular [VISUAL VIEWING UNIT], commonly referred to as [VISUAL VIEWING UNIT].

[AUTOMUSIK] is a vastly superior musikal celebrity than those who currently aspire to become the object of attention for extravagantly addle broadcast spectators and silly anthropoidal beings who collectively mass before digital components in order to fulfill their pathetic desire to become entertained by those who possess an inferior brand of such.

This current version of [AUTOMUSIK] is currently residing within the territorial limits of [AUSTIN.TEXAS.UNITED STATES OF NORTHERN AMERICA], unfortunately sharing physical space with many who desire to become [FAMOUS PERSONALITIES] such as [AUTOMUSIK] based solely upon the wearing of irony laden clothing articles, breeding with those more famous than themselves, producing musikal tones of an inferior and commonplace arrangement and systematically destroying their reproductive organs by means of bicycle transportation.

[AUTOMUSIK] is currently producing and dispersing physical and digital product through the unfortunately named [CHICKEN RANCH RECORDS] musikal corporation.

You may make contact with [AUTOMUSIK] via Josh Bloom at Fanatic.


“General Masses” EP
(Chicken Ranch Records – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. General Masses (STREAM)
02. The Rap Song
03. The Requisite Love Song
04. The Song For a New and Indeterminate Future
05. General Masses (Das ist nicht Englisch)
06. Beach Party!


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