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L.A.'s Exdetectives takes cues from 90's British alt-bands on "Take My Forever" debut.

"I'm paying tribute to the music of my youth" says band mastermind Faris McReynolds.

Faris McReynolds of Exdetectives as photographed by Maya Mercer



“The Lawn” is the first single from Take My Forever by Exdetectives 


Los Angeles-based musician Faris McReynolds, who also makes music as the minimalist avant-garde pop project One Finger Riot, takes a totally different songwriting approach as alter-ego Exdetectives on Take My Forever due January 31st from the Post Planetary record label.
"I’m paying tribute to the music of my youth,” McReynolds says about the record. “Britpop bands like Blur, Ride, and Elastica, first wave indie rock like Dinosaur, Jr. and also The Beatles which I didn’t hear until after I’d gone through punk. This music is about being straightforward and letting the songs do the work. It’s loose, casual and direct. Hopefully something I didn’t plan for comes out of that approach.”

Take My Forever’s first single “The Lawn” is a droning wash of guitars and live -- as in not programmed -- synthesizers. “I wanted it to be this mass of sound that stays in place all the way through the song. No dynamics, just this wide swirl of textures,” McReynolds says. “It’s got loud distorted guitars, yet it manages to come off as mellow. I’m proud of that because guitars can get old really fast.”

Created in a quick two-week fit of low-budget recording (vocals were tracked in a storage closet), McReynolds plays all of the instruments (save for the drums) on Take My Forever. It’s a radical approach to making a record that bears itself out all the way down to the title itself.  As McReynolds states, “The title of the album says, ‘Here, you can fucking have it. Make of it what you will.”

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Take My Forever
(Post Planetary – Feb. 7th, 2012)

Track Listing:

01. Cleaner
02. The Crown
03. Can You Feel It?
04. The Lawn (STREAM | MP3)
05. Careless Hysterics
06. Come on Down
07. Halcyon
08. New History
09. So Long
10. It’s Better
11. Pocket Rainbow
12. Closing Bell


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