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Latest album of addictive pop songs from Lexington's Big Fresh doubles as absurdist board game.

Group led by Apples keyboardist John Ferguson for fans of The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, Elephant 6.


Big Fresh (L-R): Nick Coleman, Ben Fulton, Matt Clarke, Dave Farris Jeremy Midkiff, Ryan Moore, Brian Conners Manke, Ben Phelan, John Ferguson, Chip Chop, Kate Drof. Photo Credit: Chad Stockfleth.



“Rumours” is the first single from the sophomore album by Lexington, Kentucky band Big Fresh.



Moneychasers, the sophomore album by Lexington, Kentucky’s 10-member band Big Fresh is not only an addictive pop record, it’s also a satirical, absurdist board game.

Big Fresh leader John Ferguson (who also plays keyboards in The Apples in stereo) explains, “You have to play the game to realize that you can never actually win. The design of the game was meant to parody Milton-Bradley games from our childhood, but the concept was created to shine a light on class issues and the inhumanity of American capitalism.”

The setbacks that players encounter as they play the Moneychasers game are obvious critiques of the modern capitalist trap and are meant to be as funny as they are sad. See here for the game board and here for the rules of play. Players can participate in the game as a “wage slave”, “bourgeoisie,” or “overclass,” with the goal of chasing money around the board to “reach your dreams.”

As for the addictive pop record part of Moneychasers, listeners will find sleek waves of swirling harmonies, horns and electronic bliss. Produced by Big Fresh and engineered by electro-wizard Craig Morris in his hand-built Garden Gate Studio (The Apples in stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Thee American Revolution), the album is packed with production details including guitar contributions from lo-fi pioneer R. Stevie Moore who has been a mentor to Ferguson since childhood.

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Big Fresh
(Garden Gate Records – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. We’re All Rock Stars On the Internet
02. Lonely Hearts Of Rome
03. Sophia
04. Sakka
05. Pretend I’m A Computer
06. Here Is the Deal
07. Theme from “Moneychasers”
08. Electric City
09. Rumours (STREAM | MP3)
10. You Are My Sea
11. Right From the Start
12. Church Camp


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