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Cotton Mather’s long out-of-print power pop classic “Kontiki” to receive deluxe re-issue on Valentine’s Day.

Original album issued in 1997 to be packaged with second CD of demos, acoustic versions and B-sides.


Cotton Mather (L-R): Whit Williams, Robert Harrison, Dana Myzer. Photo by: Bruce Dye.



“My Before and After” is one of many favorites to be re-discovered on Cotton Mather’s 1997 album “Kontiki.”



Kontiki gave me something to shoot for.” – Britt Daniel of Spoon

“I fucking wish it was ours! I play it all day at home.” – Liam Gallager of Oasis

Austin, Texas band Cotton Mather is preparing to reissue its long out-of-print landmark power pop album Kontiki on Valentine's Day, 2012.  The album was originally released in the US in 1997 with little fanfare.  In the UK, however, Kontiki was a smash with Uncut Magazine giving the album five stars and calling it “music to smile yourself to death to.” Mojo said the songs were “brought to life with daring vitality” and in its own five-star review, The Guardian called Kontiki “a bewildering, dizzy thrill.”

With the spotlight shining on the album in their homeland, Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher discovered and fell in love with Kontiki.  The Gallaghers started talking about the record in the press themselves, helping to spur on a cult following for the album among musicians all over the globe. A fellow Austin-ite and fan from the beginning, Spoon’s Britt Daniel also began to spread the word, and over the years, the adoration of Kontiki continued to grow, leading band leader Robert Harrison to prepare Kontiki (Deluxe Edition).

Scheduled for release on February 14th, 2012 on Harrison’s own Star Apple Kingdom label, the two-CD deluxe format will include the original album along with four-track demos, acoustic versions and songs that didn't make the final cut. Harrision funded the reissue via a Kickstarter campaign made successful by the many fans that Kontiki created since 1997. The campaign was undoubtedly also helped by the profound endorsements and damn funny presentation captured in this promo film seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83CKa5YXejQ.

Robert Harrison of Cotton Mather is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.

Cotton Mather
Kontiki (Deluxe Edition)
(The Star Apple Kingdom – Feb. 14th, 2012)

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. Camp Hill Rail Operator
02. Homefront Cameo
03. Spin My Wheels
04. My Before and After (STREAM | MP3)
05. Private Ruth
06. Vegetable Row
07. Aurora Bori Alice
08. Church of Wilson
09. Lily Dreams On
10. Password
11. Animal Show Drinking Song
12. Prophecy For the Golden Age
13. She's Only Cool
14. Autumn's Birds

Disc 2:

01. Homefront Cameo (4-Track)
02. Pine Box Builder #1
03. Camp Hill Rail Operator (Acoustic)
04. Little Star
05. Baby Freeze Queen #1
06. Altar Boy (Live at The Hit Shack)
07. Flying Annie's Kite
08. Innocent Street (Acoustic)
09. Spin My Wheels (Electric)
10. Church of Wilson (4-Track)
11. Private Ruth (Acoustic)
12. The Gold Gone Days


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