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Singer-songwriter Walter Rose teams with Lucinda Williams’s band, producer for dusty debut.

American Songwriter Magazine says “Cast Your Stone” songs could have been released in 1975.


Walter Rose as photographed by Gabriel Gandzjuk



“Head For The Hills” is the first single from the debut album by Walter Rose


“It’s not every day you open a door and see someone like Lucinda Williams on the other side,” exclaims Carmel, California-based Walter Rose about the final day of recording for his debut album Cast Your Stone. Williams, along with her band and long-time producer Eric Liljestrand, back up Rose on the record; a dusty, worn-in collection of songs that American Songwriter Magazine says sound as if they “could have been released in 1975.”

The cathartic qualities of Rose’s songs come hard fought, colored by personal tragedies in his late teens and early twenties that ultimately led him to songwriting. “It was a dreadful time in my life,” Rose says. “I used songwriting as an outlet. I wouldn’t say that it is the subject of my songs but it was somehow a catalyst to start writing seriously.”

Of the demo EP that came out of that time and eventually made its way to American Songwriter, Rose remembers, “The recording was rough, but the songs came through.” Realizing he needed to re-record the material with higher production values, Rose set about tracking down Liljestrand.

Signing on, Liljestrand then suggested that Williams’s band join Rose in the studio. Williams herself appears on the album track “Driving South” to duet with Rose.  Of the cast of the album, Rose simple states, “This is my dream band.”

Walter Rose’s debut album Cast Your Stone will be released on January 17th, 2012. Rose is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Walter Rose
Cast Your Stone
(S/R – Jan. 17th, 2012)

Track Listing:

01. When You Were Mine
02. Dusty Road
03. Head For The Hills (STREAM | MP3)
04. On My Mind
05. Times Are Hard
06. Driving South
07. Black Crow
08. Better Days
09. Wrecking Ball
10. Long Winter
11. Cast Your Stone (Bonus Track)


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