Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Austin band Boy + Kite emerges with one of the catchiest debut singles this side of the Red River.

 “Think In Stereo” is an easy love affair for all fans of “Goo”-y Sonic Youth and sweet harmonies.


Boy + Kite: (L-R) Giuseppe Ponti, Darvin Jones, Beth Puorro, Chris Mietus. Photo Credit: Jesse Knish.



“Think In Stereo” is the first single from Go Fly, the debut album by Boy + Kite


Darvin Jones is a studio wizard who maintains long hours and a meticulous attention to detail.  “I spent so much time tinkering... I’ve done a lot of studio recording, but with this record I got to totally geek out and be my complete perfectionist self!”

Jones’ hard work is evident on the debut album Go Fly by his new band Boy + Kite. Following years of performing dreamy electronic music under the solo pseudonym Postscripts, Jones and band mates Beth Puorro (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Mietus (Drums) and Giuseppe Ponti (Bass), have combined Jones’ love of all things experimental with the pop songwriting sensibilities (and sweet contrasting vocals) of Purro for a combination that harkens back to the era when Sonic Youth was making its most approachable music.

This is easy to hear on “Think In Stereo,” (STREAM | MP3) the first single from Go Fly.  Recorded when the foursome was still just the duo of Jones and Puorro (the two literally met in the hot tub of an outside-Austin spa they both used to sneak into), the song radiates that summer sound of sweat and showers that makes you want to drive fast and live a little. Since evolving into a full-fledged four piece, Boy + Kite now has plans to start performing live regularly. That’s if the rest of the group can lure Jones from his studio, of course.

Members of Boy + Kite are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Boy + Kite
Go Fly
(S/R, July 26th, 2011)

Track Listing:

01. Neighbors
02. Ohio
03. Deciphering Static
04. Think In Stereo (STREAM | MP3)
05. One
06. Skipping Backwards
07. Dear Lovely
08. Isometrics
09. Alone With A Microphone
10. Satellite


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