Thursday, June 2, 2011

Early architects of current Nashville scene, The Clutters bring the hyphen-free rock n’ roll on new CD.

 Band follows-up Record Store Day’s “Under Suspicion” with “Run,” the latest from “Breaking Bones.”


The Clutters (L-R): Jake Rosswog, Doug Lehmann, Stephanie Brush, Andrew Higley.



“Run” is the latest single from Breaking Bones by The Clutters


“Most impressive is the sense one gets that this band is simply doing what it wants to do...” – Paste Magazine

“…a loose notion of place and time -- with a push and punch back-dated to Fifties Memphis and Hamburg’s Star Club…” – Rolling Stone

The Clutters clearly revel in making fun, rebellious and catchy rock songs.” – NPR


Nashville rock n’ roll pioneers, The Clutters, released its third album Breaking Bones last month, led by the limited edition Record Store Day seven-inch, “Under Suspicion.” Now the band offers up another promotional single from the record, this time for the track, “Run” (STREAM | MP3).  The song is another stellar example of The Clutters’ refined and experienced brand of southern garage rock and proves the place the foursome has made in the now cluttered (sorry!) Nashville rock scene.

Ten years ago, when The Clutters first exploded in Nashville, there was a lot of head scratching. So this is rock n’ roll, eh?  When the band’s debut album hit, the record pretty much exploded the “rock free Music City” myth and now, ten years after the genesis of The Clutters, Nashville has become an epicenter for the rawest of rock n’ roll. Coincidence? Probably not. The Clutters might not take credit for the path they blazed, but blazed it none the less.

Breaking Bones finds The Clutters – vocalist/guitarist Doug Lehmann, bass player Jake Rosswog, drummer Stephanie Brush and keyboardist Andrew Higley (who also moonlights as a touring keyboardist with Ben Folds) – raising the bar for rock n’ roll once again with twelve tracks that land somewhere between Vanilla Fudge and The Voidoids, AC/DC and The Animals. The Clutters barrel through the rock pantheon with a punk rock propulsion and the belligerence of Bon Scott on Breaking Bones, leaving no ass un-shook and no fist un-pimped.

Members of The Clutters are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


The Clutters
Breaking Bones
(Chicken Ranch, Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Finer Things
02. Under Suspicion (STREAM | MP3)
03. I’m Bitter
04. Never Know My Name
05. I Wanna Be Known
06. Run (STREAM | MP3)
07. New Wave
08. Not Tonight
09. Our World Is Gone
10. Twice Bitten
11. More
12. There Is No We In I


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