Monday, November 15, 2010

The Superions debut video for “Crummy Christmas Tree” starring Douglas Fir

Fred Schneider to appear at Hollywood Amoeba Records today for DJ set and signing!


The Superions (L-R Noah Brodie, Fred Schneider, Dan Marshall)


“Crummy Christmas Tree” is the latest video from Destination… Christmas! by The Superions


Destination... Christmas!, the hilarious holiday album by The Superions (featuring the unmistakable lyrics and vocals of The B-52s front man, Fred Schneider), is already becoming a world wide sensation (or curiosity, at least!) The album defines the modern Christmas classic with a traditional twist. “It’s hard to say who our musical influences for this project were, because we don’t want to get sued,” says Fred.

If you loved the band’s video for the single “Fruitcake” and the follow-up clip for the album’s lead track, “Santa’s Disco,” you’ll absolutely adore the story of poor Douglas Fir, the “Crummy Christmas Tree” in the latest video from Destination... Christmas!

And if you just can’t get enough of The Superions’ holiday spirit, Fred Schneider himself will be signing copies of Destination... Christmas! TODAY, November 15th at Amoeba Records in Hollywood (6400 Sunset Blvd.) to be followed by a DJ set of Fred’s picks from the store’s shelves! More info about the event can be found HERE.

Fred Schneider, Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall are available for interviews.  Contact Josh at Fanatic for more info!


The Superions
Destination… Christmas!
(Fanatic Records, 10/25/10)

Track Listing:

01. Santa’s Disco (VIDEO)
02. Fruitcake (MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Chillin’ at Christmas
04. Teddy and Betty Yeti
05. Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells)
06. Jingle Those Bells
07. Under The Tree
08. Crummy Christmas Tree (VIDEO)
09. Laughter At Christmas
10. Christmas Tears
11. Santa Je t’aime


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