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Shunda K reveals details of debut solo album, “The Most Wanted,” out January 11th, 2011.

“DANCING” single produced by UK duo Deekline & Pure SX features Sweden’s WeHaveLove.




Shunda K: “DANCING (Deekline & Pure SX Remix) (feat. WeHaveLove)”


Shunda K’s lucky number is 11, so it must be destiny that the upcoming release of her debut solo album The Most Wanted is on 1/11/11. So here it is: 20 tracks and a CD-time-constraint-pushing 76+ minutes of the grande dame at her best. Spanning a multitude of genres and including the work of a couple dozen producers and collaborators from the US, UK, Australia, France, Sweden, and Germany, this collection recorded throughout the world represents the first time Shunda K has officially released a full album of songs to the public outside of her role as the leader of the outspoken hip-hop group, Yo! Majesty (Domino Records).

The Most Wanted arrives on the heels of two Shunda K mixtapes downloaded thousands of times each, US and Australian dates opening for electro superstar Peaches, a collab on the track and video for the Peaches song “Billionaire”, and the NME naming Shunda K to its “Cool List” and earmarking The Most Wanted’s first single “Here I Am To Save The World” as one of “10 Tracks You Need To Hear”.  It’s been a long couple of years since Shunda K ventured out on her own and it’s been worth the wait to get to this stunning album release that brings together Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, Soul, Dance, Rock n’ Roll and you-name-it for a sound and style that is distinctly Shunda K.


Shunda K In The Press

“…a route-one electro bludgeon…” – 10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week – NME (UK)

“Razor sharp drums, old school synth stabs and the Florida rapper's stylish, supercool vocal make this one more essential than a spacesuit on the moon.” – iDJ (UK)

“Go for it Shunda, save us all.” – Blues & Soul (UK)

“The Yo! Majesty goddess is going to make the underground so overground it will just be called 'ground.'“ – Roctober


Shunda K
The Most Wanted
(Fanatic Records – Jan. 11th, 2011)

Track Listing:

01 I Am Yo! Majesty
02 I’m Da Best (feat. Shon B) (MP3)
03 Here I Am To Save The World (feat. Cindy Wonderful) (MP3)
04 Who’s Gona Stop Us Now (feat. Raspberry Cocaine)
05 My Light (feat. Tan)
06 Chasing Dat Sound (feat. Lady Lash)
07 Art and Music
08 Rock & Roll (feat. Raspberry Cocaine)
09 Deep In The Melody (feat. The Real Fiasco)
10 The Most Wanted
11 DANCING (Deekline & Pure SX Remix) (feat. WeHaveLove) (MP3)
12 Feel Da’ Bass (feat. Flyy Git)
14 It’s Time To Get Paid (feat. Snax)
15 Action (feat. Shon B and Flyy Git)
16 Luv Hug (feat. Brittany Coney)
17 CONTACT (feat. Ms. Tedra)
18 Oh Baby Girl (feat. Ms. Tedra)
19 Love Me (feat. Pumpsta and Ms. Tedra)
20 HARD!


More about The Most Wanted

Shunda K’s ability to form personal and artistic connections with burgeoning talent is in full flower on The Most Wanted. Studio and performance collaborators on the record include: Tori Fixx, Shon B (of Yo! Majesty), Bonetrips, Cindy Wonderful (of Scream Club),  Chrissy Murderbot, Electrosexual, Raspberry Cocaine, Brittany Coney aka ConeyGurl, Tan (UK), Lady Lash (Australia), DJ Yung Rome (Germany), DJ B.A.T. (Germany), The Real Fiasco, Flore (France), Deekline (UK), Pure SX (UK), WeHaveLove (Sweden), Flyy Git, Sick Rick, Snax (Germany), Keshkoon (France), Pumpsta, Jamstation, Ms. Tedra, Blac Waldo, Les Gourmets (France), Christian “Duke” Quermalet (France), Nite Club, and Mark Yardley (of Stanton Warriors) (UK).

Shunda K gives some insight into some of the album tracks, explaining that “‘Im Da’ Best’ is a track dat refers to da way da Bible has been used to control women and letting it be known dat we are jus as equal as any man dat exist.” She says that “‘Who’s Gona Stop Us Now’ attempts to inspire people in all walks of life to not give up on themselves, even if other people have.” About “My Light,” Shunda K proclaims the song “100% new gospel -- without a relationship with Christ a person will always feel emptiness -- He’s all the man you need!” and furthers her proclamation of faith with “Art & Music” saying, “This record confirms to the people that you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ to have a happy life. Real freedom is in Christ, not this world!”

Don’t forget politics and sex -- this is Shunda K after all! Elaborating, she explains that “‘Deep In The Melody’ calls for all leaders to come together and do our part to get this Earth back on track,” and that “‘Feel Da Bass’ is guaranteed to make the ladies back dat thang up!” Commerce is on her mind too, be it competition with other rappers -- regarding “STOOPID” she says “Either great minds think alike or Gucci Mane bit my shit, as far as da spelling. Can’t nobody fuck wit it... and I mean noboty!” or simply getting paid: “After all the seeds we have sown on this Earth to make it a better place, its time to reap now,” she says about the lyrical origins of “It’s Time To Get Paid.”

And then there’s always L-O-V-E, something Shunda K knows a lot about.  A trio of songs -- “CONTACT”, “Oh Baby Girl” and “Love Me” -- about and featuring Shunda K’s love interest, Ms. Tedra, help close out the album. “I hope to be an example to all da lovers in da world to stand by da one you love,” Shunda says. Even though destiny has determined that “The Most Wanted” shall be released on what is likely a lucky day for Shunda K, the fact remains that at the end of it, we all need to get what we deserve.  No wonder The Most Wanted’s closing track “HARD!” is actually an acronym for “Honor and respect demanded!”

Shunda K is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic Promotion for more info.


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