Monday, November 1, 2010

Norman, Oklahoma’s grunge-psych-goth-dance band Depth & Current to release new single.

Band’s own Nice People label is helping to put the Oklahoma City suburb on the musical map.




“Don’t Go Away / Calm To The Sea” is the new 7-Inch by Depth & Current


More About Depth & Current

“Take a foundation of ‘80s alternative dance music and ‘90s grunge, add some psychedelic and gothic influences and you’ve got Norman band Depth & Current.” – Annika Larson,  The Oklahoma Daily

Chris Harris, Scott Twitchell, and Colin Ingersol were all playing in a psychedelic pop band that had lost its momentum when they decided to take a short break and regroup as Depth & Current.  This was a new band with a renewed enthusiasm and a refusal to be boxed in.  The three decided that nothing was off limits except for the ridiculous notion of trying to force a sound that doesn’t come naturally.

As this new sound grew, it become apparent that some of what they were achieving with a sampler could be better achieved with a human. Harris discovered that a fixture on the local music scene, Derek Lemke, actually lived right across the street. A master of textures and noises, Lemke became the perfect fourth member of Depth & Current.

When it came to live performance, Depth & Current’s show augmented the intensity of the music with an equally intense visual experience.  The band’s low tech (but still effective) light and fog show was always part of the mix up until the time that hundreds of feet of extension cords were littering the stage, creating a liability for venues and their sensitive breaker boxes.

Enter the fifth and final member of Depth & Current, Joey Powell, who now runs the more streamlined, but still pretty low tech (but still pretty effective), LED based system for the band. Powell is even able to control lights while contributing synth parts!

Recently Depth & Current opened a sold-out Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti show.  Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips was there and later posted on Twitter about Depth & Current.  Maybe he still heard a little bit of the psychedelic pop band coming through?  Depth & Current’s new seven-inch Don’t Go Away / Calm To The Sea is released this week on band member Chris Harris’s Nice People label.

Depth & Current is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Depth & Current
Don’t Go Away / Calm To The Sea 7-Inch
(Nice People – 11/2/2010)

Track Listing

01. Don’t Go Away (MP3)
02. Calm To The Sea (MP3)


Depth & Current Live

12/17 Norman, OK @ The Opolis
12/18 Denton, TX
@ Dan’s Silverleaf


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