Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Former members of La Makita Soma regroup as Lee & Willbee. Releases debut album today.

Recorded between Chicago, Seattle and Salt Lake City, acoustics and synths make a happy marriage in (on) North Carolina.
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[MP3] “Love’s Not Worth It”: http://tinyurl.com/leeandwillbee-lovesnotworthit

[MP3] “Day of Sunshine”: http://tinyurl.com/leeandwillbee-dayofsunshine

“There is real sorrow here. Beautiful, catchy and sad. Lee’s glassy voice is sincere beyond most, and the songwriting is near perfect. I’ve spent days of my life listening to this on repeat.” - Chris Eichenseer (Some Odd Pilot)

Lee & Willbee began as a collaboration between Lee Chameleon and Markus Willbee. In the beginning they formed a strong bond as the rhythm section for La Makita Soma, criss-crossing the country playing rock clubs, raves and music festivals showcasing their energetic blend of psychedelic rock and electronic dance music. La Makita Soma made multiple appearances at SXSW and after both of their releases charted in the CMJ Top 100, the band also played the annual CMJ festival. After La Makita Soma, the musical bond and friendship formed by years of forging rhythms together continued.

Both were eager to venture outside their previous musical roles and decided to start a new project, hiding away with their instruments and recording songs that had thematic and melodic integrity and sounded sweet like candy. A tonic for troubled souls who are not afraid of a catchy melody. The two spent many hours their Chicago studio crafting the songs until one fateful day Markus was called away to the mountains of Utah.

Lee & Willbee continued their endeavor via the web and during these long months of isolation an able bodied soul came to the aid and assistance of the hermits. Seattle’s Patrick Roche joined the boys and delivered a breath of fresh air to the project. Manning his guitar and savvy attention to detail he coaxed the two young men from their solitary existences and encouraged them to reassert themselves and peddle their musical elixir. It didn’t take long till the three were thick as thieves. North Carolina is the threesome’s debut album on its own Lost In The Woods label.

Artist: Lee & Willbee
Title: North Carolina
Label: Lost In The Woods
Release: October 13, 2009

“Love’s Not Worth It”: mp3
“Day of Sunshine”: mp3

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