Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kanye West might not like books, but might read the new video by Nite Club – a cover of his “Good Life.”

“Imagine Tangerine Dream’s younger, more rambunctious sibling… a lullaby we keep playing over and over again.” – Wired Nite Club’s My Tronic is much funkier than a bedroom indietronica album has any right to be. …a surprisingly cohesive collection of tunes… free of the musical monotony that drags down most electronic records.” - URB

When Kanye West recently proclaimed that he didn’t like books much, he didn’t know that big time design firm Poolsidesign (clients include Garnier and Maybelline) and director Yuichi Uchida were busy finishing up a text-heavy video for Nite Club’s cover of his tune “Good Life.” The clip, from the point of view of Nite Clubber Richard Spitzer’s cat named Techno, also stars the feline.

Watch the video for Nite Club’s cover of Kanye West’s “Good LifeHERE.

“We came up with this vision of dream chasing through the eyes of a cat,” says Spitzer. “We follow his journey to create music that communicates with the universe. Like this video, remaking ‘Good Life’ took me on a path that starts out on the street corner then ends up high in the cosmos.” - Richard Spitzer.

Good Life” is the latest track sprung from Nite Club’s ultra-popular debut album My Tronic which recently spent a couple months on the CMJ college radio charts and earned high marks from high profile publications such as Wired and URB.

Grab the MP3 of Nite Club’s cover of Kanye West’s “Good LifeHERE.

In other Nite Club news, the My Tronic track “Cape Navril” recently received a remix IDM-style by up-n’-coming Japanese duo, Mold. Nite Club’s Richard Spitzer also recently remixed the new single from UltraChorus, the duo formerly known as Sukpatch.

Check out the Mold’s remix of Nite Club’s “Cape NavrilHERE.
Also, Nite Club’s remix of the UltraChorus track “Words Kept Talking” right HERE.

Nite Club’s latest My Tronic is out now on Tape Theory Music.

Artist: Nite Club
Title: My Tronic
Label: Tape Theory

01. Compose
02. Left Right (MP3)
03. National
04. Good Life (Kanye West Cover) (MP3 VIDEO)
05. Time Fighter
06. No Matter Which Way (MP3 VIDEO)
07. Collection Agency (Reebok Pump Mix)
08. License Control
09. BK Nights
10. Electric Cycle
11. Cape Navril (Frost Mix) (MP3 [Mold Remix])
12. Change Your Love
13. Down Days
14. Aquarell
15. Eff$
16. Burma

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