Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeniferever’s video for “Green Meadow Island” will haunt you; New single “Lives Apart” will break your damn heart.

Jeniferever’s new album Spring Tides is out now on Monotreme Records. “Four Stars.” – Uncut (UK)

“With a sound that gels ambient indie rock, shoegazer, and post-rock, lyrics about nostalgia, loss and hope and an undeniably epic quality, this quintet really is something special.” – Big Cheese (UK)

Jeniferever is straight out of Upsala, Sweden with a double whammy for your weekend. The band’s NMESingle of The Week” called “Green Meadow Island,” (MP3) now has an accompanying VIDEO and it’s even more fantastic than the song. Watch “Green Meadow Island” in Hi-Def right HERE. See office workers run for their lives while Jeniferever performs the tune in a forest, in a confetti rainstorm and inside your mind!

Doing themselves one better, Jeniferever has now made the latest single from Spring Tides available for promo. “Lives Apart” (MP3) will eat away at that pumping muscle inside your chest. If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, get ready to be reminded of it. The Cure recently took Jeniferever label mates 65daysofstatic on tour. Once Robert hears this song, Jeniferever will be next.

The new Jeniferever album Spring Tides is on your desk and/or in your inbox now. Don’t have it? Just ask. Once you hear it, you’ll find that Spring Tides is as heartfelt and beautiful an album as you are likely to hear all year. It’s also pleasant to say the band’s name. Say it. Jeniferever. See?

Artist: Jeniferever
Title: Spring Tides
Label: Monotreme Records

01. Green Meadow Island (MP3) (VIDEO)
02. Concrete and Glass
03. Ox-Eye
04. St. Gallen
05. Nangijala
06. Sparrow Hills
07. Lives Apart (MP3)
08. The Hourglass
09. Ring Out The Grief
10. Spring Tides

“Green Meadow Island” Hi-Def Video Embed Code:

“Green Meadow Island” Video Credits:
Directed by: Oscar Ljungholm / Mattis Gustavsson, Director of photography: Erik Nordlund, Edited by: Filip Sellberg, Production by: A.C.T. Sweden

Tools & Hi–Res Photos:

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