Monday, May 11, 2009

Jason Death Cab’s Two Sticks studio turns out one of the best pop records of the year. Ladies and gentlemen – this is Alligators.

Recalls Radiohead, The Beach Boys and The Zombies. Warning: these songs to be in your head from now until forever.

When you think about Kitsap County, Washington and “the other side of Puget sound” (and you MUST think about that a lot!), not much comes to mind but small towns and the naval shipyard. But now, you’ll think of Alligators. This Northwest-based band has recently taken its locally released album Piggy & Cups national, and thank goodness for that. The record is one song after another of expertly played and performed pop songs, written with class and sensitivity.

Check out the ever-awesome tune “Where Does It Hide?” HERE and the “unofficial” video HERE. Fall in further love with Alligators via THIS brief documentary and see below for more MP3s.

Frankly, Piggy & Cups is one of the best pop records to be released this year. It was recorded at Jason McGerr’s (Death Cab For Cutie) Two Sticks Audio in Seattle and in the comfort of Alligators’ own home. And now it can reside in the comfort of yours. Calling themselves Alligators, these five charming gentlemen have already hit it big with their name. Like the animals, these Alligators are large reptiles that have a peculiar mystique surrounding their existence.

Truth be told, Alligators didn’t just stumble upon such fine song craft. All the members, hailing from the greater Bremerton area of Washington state, have had long careers in the local music scene and all played in some of the area’s most widely known and accomplished bands like Rocketstar Recordings band Time To Fly, Map of June, and Arper. Talent is not in question; most of these guys have been professionally trained in music and they all convey their knowledge of songwriting in each piece they compose. With the apathetic and bland music that plagues radio stations and music venues today, it’s only a matter of time before Alligators’ brand of thought-out and innovative music breaks free to reach listeners everywhere.

Alligators take influence from many of the greats and hints of Radiohead, The Beach Boys, and The Zombies can be heard in their songs. While they don’t stick with one narrow style of music, their sound can be described as very creative, high-energy, precise pop laced with beautiful harmonies and clever arrangements. Each element of the band is interesting; from the tight pulses that the bass and drums provide, to the guitar-synthesizer relationship during the always-stylish vocal melodies. Simply put – it’s hard to deny just how wonderful this band really is.

Get hip to Alligators now and if you are on the west coast, look our for the band on tour this summer!

Alligators Live:
05/15 Bellingham, WA @ Boundary Bay
05/26 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
05/30 Seattle, WA @ The Comet

Artist: Alligators
Title: Piggy & Cups
Label: Applehouse Records

01. Where Does It Hide? (MP3 VIDEO)
02. Mama Stop
03. Original Fear
04. If You Want To (MP3)
05. Why Aren’t You Weeping?
06. Conqueror (MP3)
07. Be The Only One
08. Snow Children
09. Three Fort Night
10. Way I
11. Magic Woman

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