Friday, October 3, 2008

Kinetic Stereokids prepares for new album Kid Moves with the release of the “Have A Nice Day” EP including live performance on Seattle’s KEXP.

“Imagine if DJ Shadow were into noise rock, if the Dead Milkmen rapped, or if My Bloody Valentine composed purely with found sounds.” – KEXP

Kinetic Stereokids cut its teeth in Flint, Michigan-a city of abandoned auto industry, staggering unemployment and one of the nation’s highest crime rates. What started as childhood friends seeking refuge in basement jam sessions has since developed into an inspired, intelligent and innovative brand of modern rock.

With comparisons ranging from Beck to Mogwai, and the cited influence of Can, Elliott Smith and the Beastie Boys, the Kinetic Stereokids’ sound is gritty, beat-heavy, sample-laden, lo-fi sonic alchemy.

Kinetic Stereokids first earned recognition playing warm-up shows in the metro Detroit area for acts such as …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Secret Machines and Explosions In The Sky. The band was consequently signed to Brooklyn-based label Overdraft Recordings.

After the 2007 debut full-length release Basement Kids landed on the CMJ Radio 200 list, Kinetic Stereokids gained national momentum, touring from New York to Los Angeles and from Pop Montreal to South by Southwest.

Basement Kids’ lead single, “Explosions Were Heard” was featured as “Song of The Day” by indie rock heavyweights and web-radio pioneers KEXP-FM Seattle, and was also included on their groundbreaking “Music That Matters” podcast series. The buzz surrounding Kinetic Stereokids spread beyond the U.S., as well, with its “junkyard folktronica” dubbed “insidious and addictive” and “attractive in so many ways” by various UK sources.

In February 2008, Kinetic Stereokids headed into Ghetto Recorders to mix their second release, Kid Moves, with Detroit studio legend Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Mooney Suzuki, The Dirtbombs). The result is a more sophisticated effort than Basement Kids, while still retaining Kinetic Stereokids’ distinctive grit.

Overdraft Recordings has now assembled the first taste of Kid Moves onto the Have A Nice Day EP. “Have A Nice Day” (MP3) is a long-time fan favorite - an organic, beat driven feel-good anthem demonstrating down-home goodness with catchy, pop-influenced refined sound and radio-friendliness. “Blunder,” however, establishes the true dichotomy of the band in epic proportion. “Are you on my side? I know you’re not...” sings front man Justin Ford, while the band lets loose a fury of swirling distortion and cacophony, compounding and then imploding in Kinetic Stereokids’ signature harmonious fashion.

Rounding out the EP is the bonus track “Explosions Were Heard” (Live on KEXP) from Kinetic Stereokids’ remotely broadcast on-air session in Chicago’s Engine Studios. This track encapsulates-as well as any recording can-the raw power and energy of the band’s dynamic live show. Superb mastering by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Wilco) brings the entire experience to another level of speaker-shattering sonic assault.

Kinetic Stereokids Live:
10/31/08 Flint, MI The Loft
11/01/08 Lansing, MI (Scene) Metrospace
11/08/08 Flint, MI The Aloha

Have A Nice Day EP Tracklisting:
Release Date: October 14th, 2008

01. Have A Nice Day (MP3)
02. Blunder
03. Explosions Were Heard (Live On KEXP)

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“Thank God for Kinetic Stereokids…’Sonic alchemy’ would be the clichéd rock critic phrase that comes to mind when trying to describe Kinetic Stereokids but really they defy description … fuzzy swirling guitars, syncopated drums and retro recordings mixed with synthy samples and satisfyingly glitchy effects” – KEXP

“Dynamic and engaging.” – Three Imaginary Girls

“Beautifully melancholy lyrics…” – Kinky Origami

“Okay, forget the Beck references… there’s much more going on with this fresh-faced foursome of post-prog indie-beatbox-rockers.” – Some Velvet Blog

“...these four young men out of Flint, Michigan are prepared for a larger audience.” – Audiversity

“It’s not at all hard to detect when a band’s members know each other so well that the music becomes a completely cohesive creature” – Harmony In My Ears

“An enticing grab bag of found sounds and samples, as well as free-range rap, folk and rock guitar, drowsy ballads, garage beats, cuttin’ and scratchin’, experimental knob noodling, and other random bits. An excellent public transportation soundtrack.” – 3Hive

“Beats collide with delicate guitar solos collide with Dark Side mumbles collide with radio chatter collide with scratches. It’s insidious and addictive” – Leicester Bangs (UK)

“Score: 8/10… attractive in so many ways…” – Americana UK

“…deserve a place much higher than their current humble dwellings” – Leonard’s Lair (UK)

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