Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do Perez Hilton, his Levi’s, and The Hills girls all have in common? An addiction to NY’s The Orion Experience. Listen to the Heartbreaker EP!

"The song is named ’Obsessed With You’ and we’re obsessed with it," writes celebrity blogger Perez Hilton HERE when describing The Orion Experience and this track from the band’s 2007 debut album Cosmicandy. Now, in 2008, The Orion Experience gives us its new EP, Heartbreaker, and Perez is at it again, including the group’s new tune “Sugar” (MP3) in his part of the new “Unbuttoned” campaign for Levis Jeans HERE. Obsession is a sentiment shared by many who have crossed the band’s path. The girls of The Hills are feeling it, too, blogging about The Orion Experience recently HERE.

Obviously, front-man Orion Simprini has been diligent in his quest to expose the world to his music. It all began in 2005 when he began collaborating with longtime vocalist, friend and schoolmate Linda Horwatt. The two spent several years on both coasts honing their craft, recording music and formulating a vision. And with the recent additions of guitarist Reef, drummer Jon Weber and bassist Chris Lucas, that vision has been fully realized.

"What we try to create," Orion says, "are very positive, high energy musical experiences." And with the band’s debut, it delivered exactly that. "The songs from Cosmicandy really drove us to where we are today," explains Orion. The rock quintet boasts a collection of musical resumes that aim to revive a bit of the past with the modern, resulting in infectiously catchy, danceable tunes. Now, heading into the fall 2008 season, The Orion Experience brings four new songs with producer Jon Kaplan (Maroon 5) that comprise the Heartbreaker EP.

”NYC’s best kept secret.” – The Deli Magazine

Cosmicandy is jaw-droppingly great, buy it. Trust me.” – SPIN

The Orion Experience has staked an interesting claim with their debut CD, Cosmicandy, combining elements of ’60s bubblegum, ’70s funk pop-a-roll, ’80s new wave and ’90s power pop with a brave –new-millennium edginess and luster.” – Amplifier Magazine

Orion Simprini leads a dream team of lite modern popsters.” – New York Press

”Their delightful self-titled, self-released EP was one of my little gems...” – LA Weekly

“It’s unashamedly upbeat, crackling from start to finish with incendiary wit, and some of the catchiest hooks this side of disco. Cosmicandy is bewitching in its fervor, and seamless from beginning to end.” – PopMatters

The Orion Experience Live:
10/17/08 Tulsa, OK Tulsa Convention Center
10/25/08 Lancaster, PA Lancaster Convention Center

Heartbreaker Tracklisting:
Release Date: Sept. 30th, 2008

01. Nice Guys Finish Last
02. Heartbreaker
03. Sugar (MP3)
04. You’re So Cool

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