Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Austin’s Future Clouds and Radar follows-up it’s critically lauded double CD debut with Peoria...

... a cinematic narrative about the illusory nature of mortality. Download the lead single “The Epcot View” now.

Austin-based Future Clouds and Radar, the eclectic art-pop ensemble headed by Robert Harrison, released their ambitious self-titled double-disc debut last year. A growing critical consensus says the album ranks among 2007’s best. Harp Magazine named Future Clouds and Radar “Debut Artist of the Year” and called the release fourth best record of overall.

It seems musical vision continues to emanate from the group who is set to release its sophomore recording, Peoria, on November 4th, 2008. Where the first album showed Harrison as the central figure in a large musical cast, Future Clouds and Radar’s latest offering finds the core band focusing their kaleidoscopic vision into a single cinematic narrative about the illusory nature of mortality. Throughout, Harrison stays true to his genre-hopping eclecticism, leading the journey through a maze of fuzz-box vocals and ethereal keys.

Here’s what smart people said about Future Clouds and Radar’s debut release:

“A triumph of schizophrenic musical vision... a beautiful and brilliant mess... magnificent double disc collection of pop gems. 4 stars.” – Paste Magazine

“Whether Future Clouds and Radar is essaying dreamy, electronicaized psychedelia, blue-eyed soul anthemry, Latin-flecked jangle-pop, or full-guns a-blazing, fuzzed-out garage, the material is executed with a jazzlike precision and suffused with a deeply emotional, spontaneous vibe.” – Winner 2007’s “Debut Artist of The Year,” Harp Magazine

Future Clouds and Radar remind you why God made double CD packages: to experiment wildly while creating pop that glistens.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“Audacious? Sure. But undeniably impressive.” – NPR

Future Clouds and Radar have enough bright, catchy pop songs that could easily turn heads one song at a time, but their debut album, two CDs and 27 tracks worth of enchantment, shows that the long-form statement isn’t done yet. Robert Harrison was the singer and songwriter in Cotton Mather, a somewhat more straightforward pop-rock band that released three albums before disappearing in 2001. With a new assortment of collaborators devoted to fulfilling his wildest visions, Harrison is back with a record distilling even more influences than The Beatles/Guided By Voices styles of his previous band. The songs are richly melodic, ranging from short but powerful bare-bones hooks to thickly arranged, fully developed compositions featuring horns, keyboard, and other additions to the basic rock band format.” – No Depression

“Sprawling orchestral art rock.” – New Yorker

“A debut double album in itself is ambitious, but the range of style Future Clouds and Radar tackle on theirs is almost ludicrous. The Austin group’s self-titled release takes a wide-angle approach, it seems there’s nothing these guys won’t try.” – Time Out New York

Future Clouds and Radar Live:
11/06 Austin, TX Saxon Pub
11/12 Chicago, IL The Empty Bottle
11/13 St. Louis, MO Off Broadway
11/14 Louisville, KY Gerstle’s

Peoria Tracklisting:
Release Date: November 4th, 2008

01. The Epcot View (MP3)
02. Old Edmund Ruffin
03. Feet on Grass
04. Mummified
05. 18 Months
06. The Mortal
07. Mortal 926
08. Follow the Crane

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Even more comments from smart people:

“Sprawls like Tolstoy over two CDs...an impressive achievement.” – Austin Chronicle

Harrison’s song writing keeps getting better and better; full of hooks, with beautiful melodies and strong lyrics (that are sometimes cryptic, but always evocative and effective). Best of all, the lengthy gestation time of this album has given them time to add hundreds of brilliant little arrangement flourishes that enhance and reward repeated spins. and unlike many double albums, this one could easily have been at least a triple; there simply aren’t any crap songs. Give it 10 plays, and you’ll likely be a fan for life.” – Pop Culture Press

“Having kept his head low since 2001’s The Big Picture, Robert Harrison was obviously keen to make up for lost time. His latest venture is a whopping 27-track extravaganza of snappy power pop, ‘60’s-soaked psychedelia, ELO-styled orchestrations and more, performed with all the glee of a five-year-old in a sweet shop. Stuffed with proper tunes and vibrantly arranged - check ‘Hurricane Judy’’s chirpy brass or ‘You Will Be Loved’’s pizzicato strings - it seems vociferous supporter Noel Gallagher was right about Harrison all along. 4 stars.” – Q

“The transcendent moments make you glad you have ears.” – Popmatters

“While the utter sprawl of pop smarts, riveting hooks, mesmerizing arrangements, and alluring lyrics bring forth comparisons to Robert Pollard, there’s greater sonic variety (including judiciously deployed horns at crucial junctures) and painstakingly finessed production decisions. The songs call out for attention on first play; subsequent listens yield a world of subtle nuances and surprises. Harrison met his goal: file this next to the White Album.” – amazon.com

“If we needed any additional proof that 2007 is just a silly good year for music, this Future Clouds and Radar disc might be the clinching note. A veritable murderer’s row of songs, sonic mastery and lyrics that break your heart, find this disc and get it!” – 30Music

“Trippy, psychedelic bliss that comes from either Austin or somewhere between the 13th Floor Elevators and ELO.” – USA Today

“It’s personal and powerful, lush and loquacious. The memorable moments intersect with sheer chutzpah to render this an impressive achievement.” – Austin American-Statesman

“A magnificent double-disc collection of Flaming Lips / 13th Floor Elevators / ELO-inspired / psychedelic pop gems. Move over, Robert Pollard.” – WXPN’s Bruce Warren

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